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    About the CrossGen: Alternate Universe Story

    About the CrossGen: Alternate Universe Story

    This idea came to me and Corey when we were looking at the archives and us wanting to write a new story about our original characters. With "CrossGen: Alternate Universe", we are trying to give CrossGen a fresh start. Similar to what Reborn did but also make it that the characters can travel to other worlds like they did in the original CrossGen Campaign.

    New and old characters are welcome here. All we ask if that if you are using an old character, to remember it is a reboot. What they did in another story does not that matter here. These are new stories and new adventures.

    I will be using Sojourn here, but she's starting fresh. She's an orphan again. No family and not married to Optimus, not yet anyway. I did this so she wasn't tied to the past stories and connected to characters whose writers are no longer here.
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    So what can of characters can you play?

    Any that you want. You can be a god, a mortal, a dragon, anything you want. It's all up to you. You can also have as many characters as you feel you can handle.

    Some basic characters types you can choose from are:

    -First: Gods of the universe.

    Firsts are very powerful beings. Most have their powers tied to whatever their title is. For example: A God of Ice would most likely have ice based powers.

    Firsts are immortal and very difficult to kill, but it is possible. However, they do have weaknesses and are not all powerful.

    -Secundae: Children of the First. They are demi-gods.

    They are powerful but not as powerful as a First. They are still learning their powers and don't have as much control over them.

    Like the First, they are immortal and difficult to kill.

    A point in all Secundaes lives, they "ascend". Ascension is when a Secundae becomes a First. There is not set timeline for it to happen. Although it seems to happen as the Secundae matures and has better control of their powers.

    -Ancient God: Older then the First, these gods have been around for millenniums.

    Ancient God is any god from known mythology. Such as Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology.

    These Gods are more usually more powerful then the First. If people are not worshiping them, then they become dormant.
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    So what kind of worlds can there be?

    Any that you want. The CrossGen Universe is a huge one. There are hundreds of worlds. Some will be more technologically advanced then others.

    The characters, especially the First and Secundae, will be able to visit other worlds by the use of portals or teleportation.
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