Name: Hades
Gender: Male
Age or Apparent Age:
Hades appears to be in his late 40's
Ancient God
Title, applicable:
God of the Underworld
Home World:
Appearance (pictures are welcome):

Hades is 6'2 with a muscular build. He has short brown hair and blue eyes. He dresses in dark colors.

Hades is more powerful then in his kingdom, the Underworld, then in the world of the living. He creates blue fire.
Weapon of choice:
A Sword
Older brother of Zeus and uncle to all of Zeus' offspring.
Hades is a very angry god. A lot of his anger is directed to Zeus. In his own kingdom, he can either be quite kind or cruel, depending on his mood. He enjoys punishing the wicked but also rewards heroes with a nice afterlife.
Brief History:
Hades helped his brother Zeus create Olympus, along with their other brother Poseidon. However, when it came to dividing up the world into kingdoms for the brothers, he got screwed over. Zeus got the sky and became the king over all. Poseidon was pleased with the sea. They agreed that the islands should belong to the weaker gods and the humans. Which only left the Underworld, the kingdom of the dead. Over the years, Hades grew to hate where he was and was jealous of Zeus for having it all.