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    Just FYI, the Family of War are intended to be side characters/villains rather than primary characters. Gossamer sure hates them. You'll see why once I get her bio done.
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    I really think Gossamer and Sojourn have the potential to be good friends. Assuming Sojourn can tolerate some of Goss's rough edges, of course.

    Needless to say, Goss and Nicolai are soulmates in any universe.
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    MK, I love your ideas. This is going to be so much fun.

    I think Goss and Sojourn could be good friends too. I think she could handle the rough edges, Sojourn has some too.

    I see you used Ares and two of his sisters. Did you want them to be the children of Zeus and Hera? Because that could be interesting. Especially since Hera would think of them as a "good" children with that planet.

    I'm going to start the Olympus prequel thread after work today. Your Ancient Gods are welcome to join it.
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    Yeah, I think it would be good to have Ares and his sisters be children of Zeus and Hera like in the original mythology. There is a little bit of debate about where the ladies fit in (some stories have Enyo and Eris being the same person, and others have one of them as Ares' lover instead of his sister) but I decided for the sake of simplicity just to go with them being three separate gods and all being siblings. It would make sense for them to come from that large family of goods.

    The main plans I had for them were for the present era, but they may put in a cameo in the prequel too.

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    I agree, your characters and the ideas are great, MK. Looking forward what you do with Goss, Nicolai, and the Family at War.

    I'm going to add two more Ancient Gods. First one is Athena. One of Zeus' favorite children. Which means Hera, and probably Ares, Enyo, and Eris too, don't like her.

    The other is Hades and he's going to take part in Hera's coup.

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    All right, getting the IC threads set up.

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    After some plotting with Jen, Hera will have been responsible for the attack on the Saber Vortex that cost Rory's her life. Because we want Hera and her buddies to be all out bad guys.

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    I think that Athena and Ares will definitely have a lot of conflict here like they do in mythology.

    The Olympus thread is interesting so far! I look forward to reading more.

    I'll work on my first post for Goss tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to go to bed early tonight because I have to get up early. I hate early mornings!

    By the way, you may recall that in Hunger Games, Goss was pregnant. She is in this storyline as well.

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    Thanks, we have changed a few things with the Olympians. I know in actual mythology Hera was Zeus and Hades' sister as well but I really don't want to do an incest angle. Thus, why Hera and Hades refer to each other as in-laws. We also decided that Persephone won't be Zeus' daughter, because that would be another incest story with Hades and her. I'd rather avoid incest as much as we can.

    Looking forward to what you have planned for Goss.

    The next scene in Olympus will be Zeus' judgment about Persephone. All the gods are invited, in case you want Ares and his sisters to do a cameo.

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    I was listening to a podcast about the Greek gods while I was at the gym today (I figured it would help with story background) and... holy cow, there is so much crazy incest! Everyone is related to everyone else and having kids with them! Such a tangled family tree.

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