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    I think they will, though Phobos would rather hunt them. I'm going to assume the bad guys don't know what the talisman does, because if they did, they would be abusing the power constantly.
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    I see Phobos as a hunter, acting on impulses. While Deimos would be the one to see the logic in a trap and more patient.

    And I could see them not knowing what it did. Maybe they were like, really? It grants wishes. Damn...we shouldn't have just had it sitting in a box all these years. LOL Or the First competitor's last wish was for the Family of War to not be able to use it at all. Since the Mystic talisman can grant any wish.

    Also, eventually I think the Solus talisman will someday come into play.

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    I like that idea. Maybe that's why they never learned to use it.

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    Yeah, I agree. They couldn't use it because the wish prevented it. Not that they'd want Cid to get it, though.

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    You guys can feel free to add in anything they find on the planet or any extra obstacles, etc. Obviously you know the general idea of the planet, and I don't need to control all the specifics.

    I figure they should probably get in at least one seriously dangerous situation before they reach their goal. Or more.

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    Can't be a real adventure without an obstacle or two along the way.

    I just thought for the talisman, there are few things you can't wish for:

    -To kill anyone (if that was possible, I'd think the First would have used it to kill the Family of War). Of course, you can wish it to bring some horrible things that might kill that person. But outright killling is not possible.
    -To bring back the dead.
    -To make force some one to love someone else.

    Hera will definitely want to see the talisman and her wish would be to kill Cid, which she'll be pissed to find out she can't have. But she can wish it to bring some horrible things in the world to him and his friends.

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    I like those limits. It makes a lot of sense.

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    Gotta have some limits on all powerful stuff.

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    I added a T-Rex, because why not? Can't have them getting to every portal easily.

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