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    There is! It's not a family tree, it's a bush. I think Zeus got with just about every one of the female goddesses there was.
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    Haha it sounds like it! He definitely got around - but so did everyone else.
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    I love the stories about them, though. They definitely weren't perfect. I'd rather just downplay all the incest.

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    So, Doviana has been the caretaker of the orphanage a very long time. She wouldn't let Sojourn get adopted out, but never told Sojourn that.

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    Well, Doviana really thought the mom was coming back.

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    Leaving Goss at the orphanage was not originally Allasayne's plan, but Gossamer feels this is a very good idea!

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    What Allasayne wants doesn't matter. I say the orphanage for Goss is a good idea too.

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    Gossamer's "betrothed" is - of course - not the baby's father, thus the huge issue with the secrecy.

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