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    Discussion Thread

    Discussion Thread

    All right, since there was some interest, I figured I'd get this set up. Feel free to direct any questions you may have here.

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    No rush, by the way, on posting characters. Jen and I have been playing with this idea for a little while and already got at least two plots and some characters in mind.

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    Also, starting out, there will be two worlds: Elysia and the Saber Vortex. The Saber Vortex has a magical protection spell on it to prevent outside supernatural beings from visiting it.

    Olympus will also be a world but that's a story set in the past.

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    This may sound weird, but I'm thinking of rebooting Gossamer and Nicolai from Hunger Games in this story. I had more of their story that I wanted to tell that didn't happen in that storyline, and I think I could actually fit their broad outlines into CrossGen quite well. Obviously there would be no direct connection to their Panem versions, more like just what those two characters would be like if they had been born into a different story universe instead.

    I still have a lot of nostalgia for Gwynn, but the more I think about it the more sure I am that she's not going to get a reboot. I don't really want to do anything different with her, and there's no point to telling the exact same story all over again. So I think I'll just stick to fond memories of her and Geoffers and Lizard Dog, and all the rest.
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    I don't think it's weird at all. I think they were both good characters and I'm sure you could retool them for here.

    In my original telling for Sojourn. She got adopted out and had a huge biological family. Ask Lairston or Kulit, and they can tell you about the Family "Bush". Everyone was related to everyone else.

    This time, I was like...Well, what if she didn't get adopted? Optimus Prime is her soul mate but how did she find him this time? It seemed fun to explore.
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    I say go for it, MK. They are good characters who deserve their stories told. If you want your world for them, they could have a Panem world.

    I enjoyed Nero and the characters we had for it. But I also agree, I feel their stories were told. I can't think of much to change.

    Although getting a second try at Optimus Prime, with no huge backstories and as a better writer, sounded fun. I didn't change as much for him, other then he and Sojourn have no Meteoro relation.

    Also, the Family "Bush" got bad...I think somehow Optimus ended up being his own so many greats grandfather. It was messed up and everyone blamed M for it.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing where the story takes Sojourn and Optimus this time around.

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    We are too.

    Small spoiler (probably not given the bios): Hera is the first villain.

    Olympus will be a story set in the past about how Hera's coup went and how she got rid of Cid/Zeus.

    Elysia and the Saber Vortex will be set in the present. Others worlds can be created, or you could have Goss and Nicolai be on one of those. Whatever works for you.

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    I'm still fleshing out some ideas so this is subject to change, but I'm leaning toward having Goss and Nicolai visiting Elysia at the start of their story.
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    Goss and Nicolai I think would be great choices.

    And that's cool to pick Elysia to start them out. Sojourn will start out there. While Cid and Optimus are at the Saber Vortex. As for Hera, she'll be causing trouble right away. Too bad, Hebe's stuck with her. She's not a good mom.

    Corey and I will try to get the actual RP threads up tomorrow.

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