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    Persephone gasped when she heard what Poseidon said about her. Hades and Demeter both turned angry eyes towards the God of the Sea. For a brief moment they weren't at each other's throats. Persephone was surprised when Zeus offered to let her decide. She sighed.

    "Yes, I have heard what has happened...It pains me that you did that, Mother."

    Persephone told Demeter, who looked slightly ashamed.

    "I'm sorry, my daughter, but...Without you I....I just can't."

    Her life was dedicated to her daughter and she couldn't focus on anything else, even her duties, without her by her side. To think she was with one of the most feared and hated gods of Olympus was even worse. Persephone looked to Hades and took his hand.

    "Our time together surprised me. You aren't the God that people claimed and I started to enjoy myself."

    At least the side of him that she saw wasn't like the stories. Hades squeezed her hand and smiled back. For a brief moment, he thought he was going to win. She'd come back with him. Then she let go of his hand and moved closer to Demeter.

    "But...The people are suffering. I can't put my growing feelings for you above them. I'm sorry, but I have to go back to Mother."

    Demeter grinned and Hades felt like he had been punched in the gut. Then he remembered the pomegranate.

    "I was afraid you'd stay something like that. Sadly, my dear, the choice is out of your hands."

    "What do you mean?"

    Persephone asked, confused. Hades reached into his pocket and pulled out the pomegranate.

    "You remember this?"

    She nodded her head and Demeter frowned.

    "What are-"

    Hades cut her off.

    "This pomegranate is from my kingdom. As you all know if you eat food from my world it bonds you to the Underworld. Forever."

    Hades tossed the fruit to Zeus to look at. Demeter looked at her child in shock.

    "Did you eat it?"

    Persephone sadly nodded her head.

    "Yes....I was hungry."

    She replied and Demeter collapsed to her knees on the ground. She kept muttering no over and over again.
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    Zeus could tell that Persephone was torn. As surprising as it was, the young goddess appeared to actually have feelings for Hades. He was about to decree that Persephone had made her choice, though, and order Demeter to begin her duties again, when Hades spoke. Zeus grabbed the fruit, not appreciating the disrespectful way it was given to him. He studied the pomegranate closely as Hades seemed to think he got his way and Demeter cried.

    "Actually...She only ate half this pomegranate."

    Hermes had appeared before she could finish it.

    "Since she only ate half of it, Persephone will spend half the year with Hades as his queen and the other half of the year with her mother. I hope that is considered fair to both of you."
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    Hades was sure he had won. Even the great Zeus couldn't change that law about eating the food from the Underworld. He was about to take Persephone's hand and tell her to kiss her mother goodbye when his little brother spoke.


    He had not expected that to be Zeus' decision. In the past, a simple bite of Underworld food had forced someone to join his kingdom. Damn Zeus for creating his own loop hole! Demeter looked up when she heard that.

    "I'd rather she not be with him at all but...Yes, I agree it is acceptable. Although, while she is with him, nothing will grow."

    All eyes in the room turned to him and Hades realized he had no choice. He looked down.

    "Yes, it is."

    Not really...Only having her half a year was not enough for him. But once again he was not given a choice. Persephone was actually pleased with the decision. She had not wanted to truly choose between them. Half a year with each was perfect to her.

    "Who will I be with first?"

    Persephone asked, of course, both Hades and Demeter would want her first. Thankfully, a female voice spoke up before they could argue over that.

    "Father, may I give you a suggestion?"

    It was Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, and the daughter of Zeus. Although Hera was not her mother and Hera did not like her very much. Not that Athena cared. She did not care for her stepmother and her schemes. She had been listening carefully to the whole ordeal. Although she had helped Hebe discreetly clean up the mess she had made. She liked Hebe, she was a nice girl. Even if she had Hera for a mother.
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    "I understand that."

    Zeus replied to Demeter. She had refused to let things grow since she had been separated from her child. He was certain that any time apart from Persephone would be the same. Persephone was the only who seemed truly happy with his decision. Hades and Demeter would rather keep her all to themselves. When Athena spoke, Zeus nodded his head.

    "Of course, my daughter."

    He replied. He loved Athena dearly. He loved all his children but some made him prouder then others. Athena was definitely at the top of the list of his favorite children. Although he knew it was wrong to play favorites. Especially when he had fathered so many. He ignored Hera's reaction to Athena speaking. She hated when any of her stepchildren were in the palace. Not that he thought her opinion mattered for that. They were his kids and all were welcome here.
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    Athena ignored the evil look she got from Hera. She was more then used it by now. Instead, she directed her attention to her father.

    "Persephone's sudden departure left the world unprepared. Our people suffered because they had no idea what would happen."

    She looked to Demeter.

    "Am I correct to assume that once you and Persephone are together, you will let the plants grow again?"

    "Yes, of course."

    Demeter replied with a nod. Athena nodded back. That was what she had thought.

    "I think Persephone should start the first six months with Demeter. Allow the world to grow again. During that time I am willing to go from island to island and tell the people what has happened. Help them get prepared. So when Persephone joins Hades in the Underworld, there won't be such a mass chaos. I believe there will be less suffering the next time around because the people will know what to expect and how to handle it."
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    Zeus & Hera

    When Athena talked, many would pay attention. She was wise beyond her years. Everything she spoke of was true. Zeus nodded his head in agreement.

    "I agree, Athena. And yes, I would like you to carry out that campaign."

    They didn't need a repeat of the last few days. The people adored Athena. If anyone could help them understand what had happened, it would be her.

    "So it is decided. Persephone will return with Demeter so the plants grow again. In six months, she shall head to the Underworld."

    Hera looked over at Hades, she was sure he would hate that decision. She told him telepathically.

    ~I told you so.~
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    Hades listened to what Athena said and hated it. Why couldn't he be first? He had just found Persephone and he had to give her back. Six months would feel like an eternity! Of course, Athena was one of Zeus' favorites and it made him dislike her more. Demeter and Persephone agreed with the deal and Persephone told him.

    "It'll be okay. Six months isn't that long."


    Hades replied, not feeling as optimistic as she was. Still, he didn't want to upset her. Upsetting Persephone was the last thing he ever wanted to do. He took a hold of her hand and kissed the back of it.

    "Until we meet again."

    He said. Wishing he could just steal her back from her mother right now. He wasn't thrilled how today had turned out. Of course, Hera had to say the four words all men, immortal and mortal, hated for a woman to say. Yes...she had told him so. Maybe he should give some more thought to her proposal. After all, he had the next six months all to himself.
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    The Family of War

    Enyo made a face and turned to her brother when Zeus rendered his judgment. "That's dumb!" she whispered.

    "Agreed, dear sister," Ares replied. "Demeter's grief was so very beneficial to our own interests. A shame that Father insisted on putting a stop to it."

    What did people fight over more than resources, after all? A clash of ideologies might stir up the zealots, but in the face of literal starvation, almost any man or woman would take up arms against competitors. The scarcer the resources became, the fiercer the fighting grew... and that made for perfect conditions for their own particular way of entertaining themselves.

    Eris shrugged, indifferent to the whole thing. "We'll find something else," she said. "We always do. The mortals will squabble over something else sooner or later. So will the gods."

    Ares regarded their parents for a long moment. "Yes," he said thoughtfully. "Yes, I have no doubt that you are right..."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    It did not escape Zeus that not everyone was happy with his judgment. Obviously, Demeter and Hades both would have preferred to keep Persephone all to themselves. Also, he caught Enyo whispering to Ares. While he did love all his kids, he did favor some over others. It wasn't right for a father to do so, but when one was a father to so many, it seemed unavoidable. While Athena rarely disappointed him, he could not say the same for his son and Ares' two favorite sisters.

    Let the three be mad that they couldn't force people to fight over resources. Athena's plan was wise. When it was time for Persephone to rejoin Hades in the Underworld, the people would be prepared for Demeter's grief. Ares, Enyo, and Eris would not be able to exploit it for their own amusement.

    Zeus told Hades telepathically.

    ~I am sure you are not pleased that you have to wait six months to be with her again, brother, but it is for the best. And if you plan on stealing her again, I will make your time even shorter. I was being generous about the six months. If you ever take her from Demeter, I'll make it six minutes.~

    He was sure Hades would not like that all but he wanted it be clear that the compromise would be followed. He told the other gods out loud.

    "My decision is final and is law now. This meeting is over. You are all welcome to stay in the palace as long as you desire."

    He turned to Athena, one of his favorite children.

    "Athena, please join me."

    They needed to go over her trip and what she would tell the people of Olympus privately.
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    Hades & Athena

    It was true, Hades and Demeter weren't hundred perfect thrilled with the compromise. If either had their way, the other would not ever see Persephone again. However, the king had spoken and now it was law. Zeus must be a mind reader, Hades thought. He had debated just stealing Persephone again from Demeter. But before he could even contemplate it, Zeus' message entered his mind.

    ~I would never dream of disobeying you, dear brother.~

    And since Zeus said the meeting was over, Hades took his leave. He had enough of Zeus' palace. He hoped the six months would pass quickly, but he doubted that.

    Athena caught Enyo, Eris, and Ares whispering to themselves. While she adored Hebe, she didn't care for these three. They may share the same father, but Athena didn't consider them family. She worked hard to prevent the three from tormenting innocent people. At Zeus' request, Athena nodded her head.

    "Of course, Father."

    She replied and walked off with Zeus to talk to him alone.
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