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    Hera caught Ares' look and smirked to herself. No, her favorite son and those two sisters would not be thrilled about Zeus' decision. They enjoyed pitting people against each other. She turned her green eyes back to Hades and thought to herself it would only be a matter of time before he contacted her. He would have plenty of time, alone, to think about how Zeus screwed him over again. He had surprisingly found love but Zeus refused to allow him to keep her. Forcing him to share that girl with her mother.

    She saw Zeus and Athena going off to talk alone. She never liked being out of the loop but she felt she always was. She saw her youngest child, Hebe, serving the gods.


    She said quietly to herself. She waved her hand and a tray and two goblets appeared. The wine inside was blessed with a spell so she could eavesdrop on the two. Hera walked over to Hebe and told her.

    "Darling, would you be so kind to take these drinks to your father and Athena?"
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    Hebe was a young goddess and didn't really understand all that was going on during the meeting. The only reason she had been here was to serve the wine as the gods waited for her father's judgment. Thankfully no one, other then Athena, had noticed her mistake in spilling the wine. Mother had not. Which was good, Mother had a terrible temper and Hebe was a little afraid of her. When Hera approached her, she nodded her head.

    "Of course, Mother."

    She knew to never argue with Hera. She took the tray and was too naive to know her mother had probably cast a spell on the wine. All Hebe was trying to do was be a good daughter.

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    Hera knew Hebe would do what she wanted. Hebe never argued with her. Her youngest child seemed to know better than that. The Goddess of Youth was either very naive or very afraid of her. Either way, it worked to Hera's benefit. Hera leaned down and kissed her forehead.

    "That's my good girl. Now, off you go."

    She said, sending Hebe down the hall to where Zeus and Athena had headed off to.
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    Athena & Hebe

    Athena and Zeus had barely begun their discussion, when there was a shy knock on the door. Athena went to answer it and smiled kindly at Hebe.

    "Hello, Hebe."

    "Sorry to disturb you, my mother thought you'd both like something to drink."

    Hebe said, offering the tray to Athena.

    "Oh, she did? How considerate."

    Athena replied, giving her father a look. Hera didn't offer anything out of the kindness of her heart. Athena took the tray from Hebe and told her.

    "Well, thank you."

    Hebe nodded her head and once she was excused, she went on her way. Athena took the tray and walked over to the nearby window. She opened it and dumped the wine outside.

    "Hera must be getting desperate, using Hebe to spy on you."

    Athena told her father.
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    Zeus smiled proudly at Hebe. She was his youngest child and his most innocent. She didn't have a cruel bone in her body. Which was amazing, considering that Hebe spent more time with Hera then him. She had Hera's looks but not her heart. He would not have thought twice about the wine, if she hadn't innocently let it slip that Hera had sent it.

    "Thank you, sweetheart."

    Zeus told Hebe and sent her own her way. He didn't object at all to Athena dumping out the wine. Perhaps if Hera wasn't so jealous and always scheming, he'd let her know what was going on. But he didn't want her privy to this conversation. He sighed to Athena.

    "Sadly, yes."

    He didn't like that Hera was using their child against him. He and Athena discussed what she should say on the tour of the islands. After they had a plan in place, he asked her.

    "Daughter, what would think of taking Hebe with you? She has rarely left the palace and I think she'd enjoy seeing the world. Plus, she adores you."

    Hebe always seem to be very excited when Athena visited the palace. Plus, it would be good to keep her out of Hera's reach for a while. It would be good sisterly bonding for Hebe. Athena was the type of goddess she should look up to.

    "Of course, it is just a suggestion. If you'd rather not take her, it's fine."
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    Athena didn't like that Hera was using Hebe either to spy on Zeus. She supposed there was no low her stepmother wouldn't go to. Athena and Zeus thought alike and it didn't take long to come up with an idea for her trip. She'd make sure the people were more then prepared for when Persephone joined Hades. When her father suggested she'd take Hebe with her, Athena replied.

    "I think that's a wonderful idea. I'd love for her to join me and spend more time with her."

    Athena adored Hebe as well. Of all her half siblings, Hebe was her favorite. She didn't get to see Hebe as often as she liked. A look of concern crossed her face.

    "What about Hera, though? I'm sure she won't like that."

    Athena knew Hera hated her. She hated all of Zeus' children that she did not give birth to. She was sure Hera would object to Hebe spending one on one time with Athena. Especially when the campaign would take a few months.
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    Zeus smiled at Athena, he had been certain she'd say yes. She was a wise goddess but also kind. He was sure she and Hebe would enjoy the trip together.

    "Oh, she won't like it but don't worry about Hera. I can handle her."

    Hera didn't like most of the things he decided to do. Not that Zeus ever truly cared about his wife's opinion. He did what he thought was best most of the time. He suggested they find Hebe and ask if her she'd like to go.

    "....So, would you like to join Athena on her trip?"

    He asked his youngest child, after explaining to her what it was about.
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    Athena & Hebe

    "I'm sure you can, Father."

    Athena replied to Zeus with a smile. It was no secret that her and Hera did not have a good marriage. Although it was true that Zeus could more then handle his queen. Hebe wasn't hard to find, she was always around the palace. She was excited to hear about the trip and that Zeus and Athena both thought she should go. She eagerly nodded her head.

    "Yes, Father, that sounds like a lot of fun!"

    She liked spending time with Athena. She thought, of her siblings, that Athena was one of the nicer ones. Although they weren't full blooded sisters, she was closer to Athena then she was the siblings that Hera had gave Zeus. She thought Athena was more fun to spend time with then her sisters Enyo or Eris. And Athena was especially nicer then Ares. Plus, to get out of the palace sounded exciting. She'd never traveled far from it. It would be lots of fun to see Olympus. Hebe looked at Athena.

    "Are you sure you'd like me to go?"

    "Very sure. I think we will have lots of fun."

    Athena replied with a smile and Hebe gave her a hug and Zeus one too. Athena told Hebe she'd help her pack.
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    Zeus & Hera

    Zeus smiled at Hebe's enthusiasm of going with Athena. Yes, the trip would be very good for her.

    "I'm sure you two will have lots of fun together."

    He said. It didn't take long for his angry queen to find him. Hera was never too far away. Of course, what first got her angry was that Athena had dumped out the wine, so she didn't overhear their private conversation. Not that she'd ever admit she was trying to spy on them. Instead, she acted as if she was only mad about Hebe going away with Athena. Which she was mad about. She didn't want one of her children near any of Zeus' bastards. Especially not that arrogant little bitch Athena. Hera had a special place of dislike for her. It was because how much Zeus favored her. The more he favored one her stepchildren, the more she hated that child in return.

    "So, now I don't get to decide if one of my children gets sent away?"

    "Hebe isn't getting sent away."

    Zeus replied to Hera.

    "I overheard you saying she could go with Athena on that little trip you two planned."

    Zeus shrugged.

    "So? It'll be good for her. She spends far too much time in the palace. She'll get to see the world. Plus, if you're worried about her safety, Athena is more then capable of keeping her safe."

    "Yes, because Athena's so perfect."

    Hera said in disgust. Zeus rolled his eyes.

    "Perfect? No, no one is perfect. But she's a good role model. You should want Hebe to be like her. She's a good sister for our daughter to look up to."

    "She already has sisters to look up to!"

    "Well, my queen, excuse me if I'd rather not have another child who gets off on the suffering of others."

    He knew exactly which sisters Hera was referring to. They often disagreed about Enyo and Eris' idea of fun times with Ares. Hera didn't see anything wrong with her children's idea of amusement. To prevent another fight from breaking out, Zeus turned on his heel.

    "Besides, I already my decision, deal with it."

    He told her over his shoulder and left her fuming as he walked away. 'Bastard! You'll get what's coming to you, just you wait and see,' Hera thought to herself. It might take a while but Zeus would not always get his way. She'd make sure of that. All she had to do was be patient and wait for Hades to come calling for her. Which she knew he would. It might take a few weeks but without Persephone, he'd have plenty of time to think about what she said. Realize she was right. That Olympus did need a change.
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    Athena & Hebe

    The next morning, Athena and Hebe left for the campaign. Hebe had been nervous that Hera was mad at her for leaving with Athena. It didn't escape the young goddess that her mother preferred she not spend time with any of her half siblings. But Zeus had approved of her going and in the end, Zeus always got his way.

    It was exciting to travel around Olympus. Hebe could see the world from the palace, but it was so different to see it up close. She was surprised that people bowed to her. They also bowed to Athena but that she understood. Athena was wise and a leader. Of course people respected her. Hebe just served wine around the palace. She didn't understand it.

    "Why are they always bowing to me?"

    "Hebe, you're the daughter of a king and queen. Bowing is proper respect to someone of your stature."

    Athena reminded her gently, Hebe's cheeks turned a little red. Given her palace among the gods, it was easy to forget that mortals would still think of her as someone important. It didn't take long for Hebe to see why the people respected Athena so much. When she spoke, people listened. She might be a goddess but she seemed to really care what happened to them. The people were rightfully upset about the news. They were used to warm weather and plentiful plants all year long. The new law with Persephone would be a huge adjustment. The few days she had been with Hades had been devastating to them. Although Athena assured them that they had plenty of time to prepare. It wouldn't have to be a repeat of what happened, because now they knew what to expect.

    It was the same song and dance island to island. Athena and Hebe would be welcomed with open arms, they would give their speech, and then help the people understood what it meant for them. What they could do to prepare for Persephone's time in the Underworld. Hebe loved the trip, she and Athena got very close. Hebe even began to do her hair in a braid, just like Athena's. Athena enjoyed the time with Hebe too. It was nice to have a sibling she could really enjoy being with. She did have so many thanks to their father, but she didn't feel close to many of them. It was nice to have a little sister.

    "Athena? Can I ask you something?"

    Hebe asked one night as they settled down for the bed. Athena nodded her head.

    "Of course, anything you want."

    "Why does Father stayed married to my mother?"

    "Why do you ask?"

    Athena replied and Hebe sighed.

    "They do not love each other. They always fight and I thought people married for love."

    "Well, love is the best reason to get married, but...Sometimes people marry for other reasons. I think they did love each other once, a long time ago."

    Probably around the time Ares was born or before that, Athena thought.

    "But...Father is a good king but...he cannot control himself when it comes to women. As for your mother....Well, she has the right to be jealous of that but she also is very angry."

    "They would both be happier if they weren't married to each other."

    Hebe said and Athena sadly nodded her head.

    "I think you're right but I don't see that happening."


    Hebe didn't understand why two people would stay married when they were so unhappy.

    "Because Hera loves being Queen and she'd never give that up. As for Father, well...Perhaps he believes in keeping friends close and enemies closer."

    Actually Athena was pretty sure that had to be her father's reasoning for not leaving Hera by now. She was more of an enemy to him then a wife. Hebe sighed.

    "You're probably right. Although I do know if I ever marry, it will be for love."

    "I think that is a wise idea."

    Athena replied with a smile.
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