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    Prequel 1: The Downfall of Zeus

    Prequel 1: The Downfall of Zeus


    Olympus was a beautiful world. It was mostly ocean, with thousands of islands of various sizes filling it with life. The world was created by Zeus and his two older brothers. The middle brother was Poseidon, while the eldest brother was named Hades. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades agreed that since they all had a hand in creating the new world, they should each get a piece of it. They agreed that the islands themselves would belong to the lesser gods, they would just oversee those lands from time to time. That left the sky, the sea, and the Underworld to divide up. No one wanted the Underworld, it was the land of the dead. The three brothers drew lots. Zeus, the youngest of the three, won. He picked the Sky and was crowned the king over the world. Zeus declared himself the God of the Sky. Poseidon ended up placing second and having the two choices left, he picked the sea. Thus giving himself the title God of the Sea. That left Hades with the kingdom no one wanted. He became the God of the Underworld.

    Zeus proved to a just and wise king. The mortals prayed to him and the gods came to him for guidance and often trusted his judgment. While Zeus proved to be a good king, he was not always a good man. He picked a beautiful goddess, named Hera, to be his queen. Thus giving her the title of the Goddess of Marriage. Hera loved her role, being the queen over all Olympus. However, her own marriage was not that of a fairy tale. Zeus has a weakness and it was beautiful women. It did not matter if they were mortal or immortal. Zeus could never control his lust and he was also very fertile. He fathered many children and it angered the queen greatly. Hera hated her stepchildren, seeing them as threats to the throne that rightfully belonged to her and the children she had given Zeus.

    Over time Hera's jealously grew into hate. All she could imagine was having Zeus gone as he flaunted his affairs in her face and those bastard children came into her palace. Hera was a proud woman and her husband made her look like a fool. He was a god but even gods could be killed. It would just be difficult to do and she could not do it alone. Hera knew what she needed to do.

    Her first task was to talk to her brother-in-law, Hades. Hades' jealously and hate for Zeus was almost as strong as her own. Hera was sure she could convince him to see her way. Especially since he had decided to take himself a bride. Hades, who rarely left his kingdom, had kidnapped a young goddess named Persephone. Her mother, Demeter, was very angry. She was the Goddess of the Harvest. After losing Persephone, her grief was so great, she would allow nothing to grow. The world was in shambles and people were starving. They demanded that the gods do something. Demeter demanded her daughter back.

    Hera knew her husband, he would order Hades to give the girl back. She planned to use that against the great Zeus. She disliked the Underworld, it was so dark and gloomy. She rarely visited it. However, she knew other gods rarely visited it as well, so she was sure that the conversation she wanted to have with Hades would stay private.

    "My Lord, Queen Hera is here to see you."

    A guard of Hades' palace told his king. When Hades met her, she smiled.

    "Love what you've done with the place."

    Not really, it was far too dark for her tastes, but she wouldn't say that.
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    Hades hated to lose. Since the birth of Olympus, he had held a grudge against his younger brothers. Zeus had the skies and was king. Poseidon had the sea. What did Hades have? Dead people....Lots and lots of dead people. Even his damn powers got tied to his Underworld kingdom. Whenever he was summoned by Zeus, he was weaker then the others gods at the palace. Hades sure Zeus had done that on purpose. Little brother always had to be all powerful.

    Ruling over the dead was fun at times. He could amuse himself by tormenting the souls. There was nothing they could do, after all, he was king here. Of course, the amusement eventually turned into boredom. Boredom is why he grabbed Persephone. She had been singing in a field near one of the caves that lead to the Underworld. Her voice had been beautiful and he decided he wanted her. Zeus and Poseidon took whatever they wanted, why couldn't he?

    At first Persephone had tried to escape, but she seemed to be warming up to the idea of being his queen. Hades could be quite charming if he wanted to be. He and Persephone were talking, when his guard informed him that Hera was here. 'Great...what does she want?' he thought to himself. Hera was never one to make social calls. He smiled to Persephone.

    "I'll be right back. Here, you must be hungry. You haven't eaten in days."

    He handed the young goddess a pomegranate, Persephone accepted it. His smile and good charms left as he walked out the door.

    "Yes, it is such better then the decor in your palace."

    Hades replied to Hera's comment about his decor. He did think her palace was quite gaudy and far too bright. He was sure his sister-in-law would hate that dig.

    "Queen Hera, what brings you to my humble home?"

    Might as well cut to the chase and lose the small talk. Hera was never known for that and that was fine with Hades. He'd rather spend time with his soon-to-be queen instead of the Queen of Olympus.

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    "To each their own, Hades."

    Hera replied, not pleased at his little dig at her home. Of course the Royal Palace was far grander then his little hell hole. She picked up a black rose that was sitting in a black crystal vase. She looked at it as she said.

    "You should know why I'm here."

    Like Hades, Hera preferred to cut right to the chase. She wasn't one for social calls, especially not in the Underworld. Zeus was dealing with the whole Persephone mess, but eventually he'd realize his queen was missing. Zeus always hated when she did her own thing.

    "Demeter is very angry with you for taking her little girl. She is letting nothing grow."
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    "Of course."

    Hades replied with a slight sneer. Hera might not have said it, but she didn't like his comment about her palace. She was a very prideful woman and he got a kick out of making her angry. He shrugged at her.

    "So? Demeter can get over it. She needs to cut the umbilical cord. Persephone is a grown goddess and can make her own choices. We're having a fine time, she seems to like it here. I don't treat her like she is five years old."

    At first Persephone was upset. Demeter kept her only child very close and the girl missed her mother. But she seemed to be warming up to the idea of staying here with him.

    "Besides, why would I care if your kingdom is dying? It helps my own."

    Hades had noticed an increase in the dead since he had taken Persephone. Usually he had Hera's children, Ares, Eris, and Enyo, to thank for that. Demeter was taking out her grief and anger out on the people of Olympus. Lots of things were dying since she was providing no food for them to eat. Not that Hades cared at all. Thanks to little brother the Underworld was the only part of Olympus he cared about. Having more subjects was always a positive.
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    "I would certainly hope not."

    Hera replied when Hades said that he didn't treat Persephone like a small child. That would be quite disturbing to the Goddess if he did. Of course, she did know her brother-in-law very well. He was stuck with this land thanks to Zeus. It made sense for Hades to think that anything that benefited the Underworld was a good thing.

    "You'll care when Hermes gets here. I heard Zeus ordering him to take Persephone back. By force, if need be."

    Hera set the black rose back in the vase. She was Queen but had not been consulted about what to do about the whole situation. Zeus never consulted her, he did whatever the hell he wanted all the time. She was so sick of that! She was a queen that was not allowed to rule any part of her kingdom.

    "The people are demanding that Zeus fix this. Demeter is demanding her child back. Thanks to Zeus, once again, you won't get what you want. Just like I never do. All that matters to our 'king' is what he wants. Just as you were stuck with this land, you'll soon be without the girl. Enjoy your short time with her."

    It would be short, she knew without a doubt that Hermes would be here soon. She turned to leave, but looked over her shoulder at Hades.

    "I think it is time for Olympus to have a change in leadership. Hades, we might not always agree, but we want the same things I believe. If we work together, then it could happen. See you soon."

    Hera said and teleported herself back to her palace. She knew Hades would be here soon. He'd have to answer in front of Zeus and the other gods for what he had done. Zeus was predictable at times, Hera was sure that Persephone would be given back to Demeter. Once that happened, surely Hades would think about what she said. Realize she was right....Olympus needed a change.
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    Hades gave Hera a small laugh. He wanted her gone, back in her pretty little palace. He had better things to do then talk to Zeus' wife. Like making sure Persephone did eat that pomegranate. After all, if she ate it, then she'd have to stay here, with him, forever. If the living ate the food of the dead, they were bond to the Underworld, forever. Then Demeter and Zeus could never force him to give her back. When Hera told him what Zeus had planned, his eyes were angry.

    "The hell he will."

    Hades replied, he'd be damned if Hermes stole Persephone from him. She was the one nice thing to happen to him in a long time. He wasn't about to let her go. Although his sister-in-law was right. Zeus would try to get his way. Little brother always did and he didn't like that anymore then Hera.

    "We'll see what happens, Hera."

    He would not give Persephone back without a fight. He hoped to not see Hera soon. Once the queen left, he returned to Persephone.

    "What was that all about?"

    She asked him and he replied.

    "It's not important."

    He smiled when he realized she had taken a few bites from the pomegranate. Hera had to be right, though. Not long after Hera left, Hermes appeared. Dressed in armor and weapon in hand.

    "Hades, I am here to take Persephone back."


    Hades replied in anger, his eyes growing dark and a blue flame appearing in his hand.

    "I am on orders from-"

    "I don't give a shit about your 'orders'. You're in the Underworld, my kingdom, Hermes. I give the orders here and I order you to leave!"

    Hades yelled, throwing the blue flame at the younger god. Hermes dodged the attack was ready to charge at him, when Persephone yelled.

    "No, stop!"

    She got in between the two gods, putting her hands on both their chests.


    Persephone cut Hades off as she asked Hermes.

    "Who sent you?"

    "Zeus, he ordered me to bring you to his palace. To your mother. She misses you so."

    Persephone replied sadly.

    "I miss her too."

    She looked over at Hades.

    "We cannot disobey our king. We should go."

    "Why? They'll just take you from me."

    Hades replied, even more angry now. He had only stopped his attack on Hermes because she had gotten in the way. He didn't want to hurt her.

    "Maybe not. I'll try to talk to him and my mother."

    'Talking with Zeus is like talking to a brick wall. Only his opinion matters,' Hades thought to himself. For some reason, he couldn't tell Persephone no, though.

    "As you wish."

    He said and she gave him a smile. Her smile was beautiful. Hermes put away his weapon and said.

    "Let's go."

    Hades nodded but before he teleported with them, he pocketed the half eaten pomegranate. He still planned to get his way.
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    Hades hated coming to Zeus' palace. Zeus was so full of himself and his home proved that. It was located on top of the highest mountain of all of Olympus. The great king could see all from his home. Hades hated coming here, it just reminded him how he had gotten the short end of the stick when he, Zeus, and Poseidon divided up the lands. Plus, it was so high in the sky, that it was too bright for him. He was used to the darkness of his Underworld. His eyes were trying to adjust to the sudden brightness, when he slapped across the face by a very angry Demeter.

    "You bastard!"


    Persephone exclaimed and Hades glared at Demeter.

    "Well, hello to you too."

    He said sarcastically. Demeter was lucky that being in this kingdom prevented him from full use of his powers. If she tried that action in his kingdom, the result would be different. Persephone's mother or not, Hades did not appreciate being slapped.

    The slap had been loud and it shocked many of the gods gathered. Hebe, the Goddess of Youth and the youngest child of Zeus and Hera, dropped the tray of goblets and wine she had been carrying around. Whenever the gods were gathered, it was her duty to serve them. She hoped her parents wouldn't see what she had done, as she bent down to clean up the mess. Luckily everyone seemed pretty focused on the fight brewing between Demeter and Hades to pay attention to her. Hades looked like he wanted to rip Demeter's head off.

    Demeter did not give a shit if Hades was angry at her or not. She turned to her only child and wrapped her arms around Persephone.

    "Oh, Persephone! I missed you so!"

    She told her and Persephone replied as she hugged her mother back.

    "I missed you too, Mother."

    Demeter kissed Persephone's cheek and asked.

    "Did he hurt you?"

    Persephone shook her head.

    "No, not all. He's actually been quite nice to me."

    "Nice? Him?!"

    Demeter said in shock, looking at her daughter like she lost her mind. Very few people would ever call Hades 'nice'. Hades grumbled.

    "Yes, I can be nice. Especially when people don't slap me to say hello."
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    "Enough, both of you."

    A voice boomed in the room. It was Zeus, the King of Olympus and God of the Sky. On his arm was Hera. Zeus had been so busy trying to figure out what to do about Demeter, Hades, and Persephone that he had no idea she had paid his brother a little visit before hand. He had called all the available gods of Olympus here. While he could understand his older brother wanting a wife, the way he had taken her was uncalled for. Hades' selfish action had hurt the people of Olympus and that could not be tolerated.

    "Bickering resolves nothing."

    He said as he took a seat in his golden throne. Hera stood next to him. Her green eyes watching Hades very carefully.

    "Obviously you two both want the same thing."

    Both Hades and Demeter had made it pretty clear they both wanted to keep the young goddess for themselves. Gods could be even more stubborn then mules. Unfortunately, this was a situation where innocent people were suffering. He looked at Persephone.

    "Tell me, Persephone, what is it you want?"
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    Hades and Demeter both shut up when Zeus entered the room. It didn't escape him that Hera was watching him like a hawk.

    "Well...The first thing I want is for everyone to stop fighting over me."

    Persephone told Zeus. 'Easier said then done,' Hades thought. Especially with that mother of hers.

    "There wouldn't be a fight if Hades hadn't kidnapped her to begin with!"

    Demeter said angrily and Hades glared at her.

    "Well, what was I supposed to do? It wasn't like I could go up to you and ask for her hand."

    He already knew what the answer would have been. She would have told him no and he was tired of everyone else getting their way around Olympus and not him.

    "I would have said no. Because my only child deserves far better then to be the Queen of Hell."

    "Underworld. It's called the Underworld. There is a big difference."

    Hades corrected Demeter, which only made her even more angry.
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    Zeus felt a headache coming. Hades and Demeter could barely stand to be in the same room together. He told Persephone.

    "Yes, I would like that too."

    "We could always chop her in half, brother."

    Poseidon offered from the sidelines. He was leaning against a pillar. He was getting a good kick at seeing Hades and Demeter go at each other. Zeus glared at him.

    "No. I think both Demeter and Hades will agree that option is off the table."

    Thankfully when he talked, most people listened.

    "You do know that in your time with Hades in the Underworld, your mother has been quite upset? In her grief, she has let nothing grow. Our people are suffering."

    People and animals were dying. Demeter was an essential part of their world but she was so stubborn. Without her beloved child, she saw nothing but her own grief. She didn't care who she hurt. The best solution to the world's problem was to force Persephone to go back to her mother. However, Hades would be even more angry about it. And what would stop him from taking her every time he was lonely? They would just keep repeating this and that wouldn't be good. Instead, the two very stubborn gods needed to come to a compromise. Plus...It was Persephone's life and she had to the right to say where she wanted to live it.

    "But, from my understanding, you have seen a kinder side to Hades."

    A side many did not see, Zeus included.

    "I want you to decide who you want to be with. Your mother or Hades."
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