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    Chapter 1: The Beginning

    Chapter 1: The Beginning


    Elysia: The Secundae Orphanage

    Elysia was the home world of the Firsts. Although not many of the First called it home. They were newer gods in the universe, but most enjoyed being the personal king or queen of his or her own little world. The Ruling Council did live here. They were thirteen Firsts who oversaw the race. Trying to keep the peace in the universe. Although they did not often interfere with a First's personal world. The Council was more to keep peace between various worlds and to make sure they weren't any outside threats. Like the Ancient Gods that were still running around.

    Located on Elysia was an Orphanage. It was near a large forest, a very peaceful spot and lots of room for the kids to play. Not all gods were meant to be or wanted to be parents. If First had a child, called a Secundae, they did not want, they could bring him or her to the Orphanage. There the child was taken care until either he or she was adopted by another First or if they ascended into Firsthood. Secundae of various ages called the Orphanage home. In some rare cases, the parents actually returned for their child.

    The oldest orphan at the Orphanage was Sojourn. She had been here since she was an infant. She had never been adopted out and her birth parents had never came back for her. To not be wanted by anyone, was hard on the young goddess. Although over the years, she tried to tell herself it didn't matter. Someday she'd ascend and she could leave. Where she'd go, Sojourn had no idea. After all, she had no family and really no friends. It wasn't that she was anti-social. It was just that over the years, she learned to not get too close to the other orphans. She had too many friends leave with new families. It was hard to not be jealous. It was hard to be unwanted.

    Doviana, she was the current caretaker of the Orphanage, called all the orphans into the main room.

    "I have big news. Hester has been adopted!"

    Hester was a cute little Secundae. Maybe five years old. Of course, someone would adopt her. Why wouldn't they? The orphans who got new homes were always young and cute. Not like her...The younger orphans all clapped and Sojourn remembered she should too. She was happy for Hester but also a little jealous too. Doviana gave her look and told her telepathically.

    ~Sojourn, smile.~

    ~Yes, ma'am.~

    Sojourn replied back, giving a smile that looked very forced. The next hour was spent helping Hester get ready for her new family. Hester would miss her friends, and while Sojourn tried to not get attached to the other orphans, they still got attached to her. Many, including Hester, looked at her like a big sister. Hester gave Sojourn a big hug.

    "I'm going to miss you, Sojourn."

    "I'll miss you too. But today is a good day. You have a family."

    Something she wanted for herself. Hester replied.

    "Yeah...I know someday you'll get one too!"

    Hester seemed to believe that very much.


    Sojourn said, not believing that. She given up years ago at the idea of having a family. It was meant for others, not her. She'd always be alone, she thought. But she didn't let Hester see her disappointment. Today was a happy day for the little girl. After everyone wished Hester bye, Sojourn grabbed her bow and quiver.

    "Miss Doviana, is it okay if I train?"

    "Sure, just be back in about an hour so you can help set up dinner."

    "Yes, ma'am."

    Sojourn replied as she exited the Orphanage. She decided to head for the woods. She wanted to go train. Get stronger. If she got stronger, then she could ascend. Once she ascended she could get away far away from Elysia and that damn Orphanage.
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    Saber Vortex

    Saber Vortex

    Optimus Prime

    Saber Vortex

    The Saber Vortex was a peaceful planet. It seemed to have a good balance of civilization and nature. The people, mortal and immortal alike, seemed to respect the other life forms that shared their world. It was a good place to call home. Sometimes the biggest worry was if a neighbor's dog wandered in a yard.

    Of course, peace doesn't always last. Ten years ago, the Saber Vortex had been under attack. A dark force tried to claim the world. To this day, it wasn't known who was behind the attack. The dead attacked the living and the world would have been lost if not for Rory. Rory was the Queen of the Saber Vortex and the Goddess of Protection. She loved the world as much as she loved her family. She used her powers to destroy the walking dead and cast a spell over the planet. Her protections spell created a barrier around the world. It prevented any supernatural being not considered a part of her family to enter the world. Her actions saved the world but also cost Rory her life. She left behind a brother, a husband, and a son.

    Rory's family and her world were devastated by her loss. It changed her family forever.

    "You were definitely the glue that held us together, Mom."

    Her son, Optimus Prime, said as he looked at her painting. He was getting ready for the ceremony. Every year on the anniversary of Rory's death, the Saber Vortex held a celebration in her honor. To remember her life and her sacrifice. Optimus missed his mother and he also missed his father. Although his father was not dead.

    Jett, the God of Fire, was never the same after Rory died. He began to drink heavily, distancing himself from his son and his people. One day, three years ago, he just disappeared. Rory's barrier prevented invaders from coming in but people could still leave. Optimus and his uncle Cid, Rory's adopted brother, had searched for Jett but could not find the First. He didn't want to be found. That left Optimus Prime to take on the leadership of the planet. He was king in all ways but officially. His father had not abdicated his throne before he disappeared. Not that it would have mattered if Jett had. Optimus was still a Secundae, having not ascended yet. Although he was older then most Secundae.

    Ascending wasn't high on his priority list, being a good leader to his people eas. Satisfied that he looked presentable for the ceremony, he went to find his uncle.
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    Saber Vortex

    Cid loved the Saber Vortex. It felt like a lifetime had passed since he had been known as Zeus, the King of Olympus. Zeus hadn't left Olympus by choice. A coup had taken him out of power, banished him from a world he had helped create. He had tried to get home, but it didn't work. Over time, Cid accepted it. He just hoped that Olympus was okay and in good hands.

    The Saber Vortex and the ruling Prime Family were his second chance. As Zeus, he might have been a good king, but he hadn't been a good man. He was older and wiser now. He realized now he wasn't meant for marriage. He never could resist a beautiful woman. And while he had loved his children, he hadn't always been a good father. He had had too many, he couldn't possibly be a good father to them all. He had tried not to but he had played favorites and that was wrong. Being banished from Olympus had made Cid really think about his life and he realized he didn't really like the man he was all the time.

    That's why he had renamed himself Cid, to put the past behind him. When he met Rory, an orphaned girl, he realized he could do better the second time around. He could be a better brother, a better man. He had loved her, she might not have shared his blood, but she was his sister in his heart. When she had married, he had given her away. He had actually like Jett, until he decided to run off. Dump all the responsibilities of the planet on Optimus.

    Now, Cid did love Optimus. He was a fine young man and Cid was quite proud of him. While Cid had no desire to rule over a world again, he was more then happy to advise Optimus on how to rule the planet. Today was a sad day, the anniversary of Rory's death. He missed her a lot and he knew his nephew did too. Jett should be here, he thought. But Jett was a king that had abandoned his people and even worse, his own kid.

    It didn't take long for Optimus to find Cid, because Cid had been looking for him as well.

    "She'd be proud of you, kid."

    Cid truly believed that Rory would have been proud of the young god her son had become. He had stepped up when the planet needed a ruler and he was a good ruler at that.
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    Optimus Prime

    Saber Vortex

    "I hope so."

    Optimus replied with a sad smile to his uncle. He did hope his mother was proud of him. He tried to be a good ruler, like she had been. He used to think his father was a good king. But good kings didn't just up and abandoned their people or their sons just because they were grieving. If Optimus ever had a child of his own, he would never abandoned his kid. Of course, to have a kid, he'd have to at least find a girlfriend first. Unfortunately, he was a little to busy running an entire planet to think about dating. Besides...No offense to the ladies of the Saber Vortex, but they didn't interest him much.

    Today was about honoring his mother and the legacy she left behind. Rory had been very beloved by the people and he hoped that he was making her proud.
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    Elysia: The Secundae Orphanage

    Under other circumstances, Gossamer might have enjoyed the visit to Elysia. It was very different than Grace. The people here on Elysia were so relaxed, so... unafraid. No sense of repressed mourning papered over with forced good cheer. People weren't constantly looking over their shoulders, worried that their gods would swoop down upon them for some real or imagined slight - though since everyone here was something other than mortal, it stood to reason that such concerns wouldn't apply. Gossamer was sure life on Elysia wasn't perfect. Nowhere was. On the surface, though, it certainly seemed better than Grace.

    There were two things marring Gossamer's enjoyment of the trip, however. One was the company. Not only had Allasayne decreed that the newly ascended Goddess of Spite should present herself on Elysia for proper introductions - Allasayne had insisted on personally overseeing the visit. There were worse traveling companions than Allasayne, of course, but there were certainly better ones. Allasayne had a limited conversational range, and Gossamer had quickly tired of discussing combat training and the proper way to interact with the various dignitaries. Gossamer might not be the most socially adept First in the universe, but nor was she some sort of feral cat who could only behave when tightly corralled. She was confident she could have done without Allasayne's hundreds of important tips about such subjects as the favorite cold beverage of the Goddess of Tropical Fish or the thirteen different handshakes offered on the planet of Thorgon Three. Gossamer could have tolerated the pointless prattle, though. It was Allasayne's embarrassingly fawning devotion to the Family of War that truly made Gossamer want to push the other First off a cliff.

    The other problem was the fact that Gossamer was vomiting frequently - and Allasayne was starting to notice. Gossamer wasn't sure whether other Firsts and Secundae could get sick, but she herself had never contracted a natural illness. She could only blame so many urgent trips to the facilities (or the nearest cluster of bushes) on bad food or motion sickness.

    "Where are we going?" Gossamer asked idly, more to get Allasayne off the topic of the nuances of spear techniques than because she actually thought there would be an interesting answer.

    "To the orphanage," Allasayne said, perfectly matching the other First's casual tone - but Gossamer's heart suddenly started to beat more rapidly, and a cold knot settled in her stomach.

    "Well, I'm not going to adopt a baby or anything," Gossamer replied, her tone taking a turn for the sarcastic to mask her growing dread. "I'm sure they'd say I'm too young, and in case you haven't noticed, Grace isn't the greatest place to grow up. Not if you want to live to adulthood, anyway."

    "Nonsense, dear," Allasayne said, giving Gossamer a saccharine smile. "We aren't here to... purchase the merchandise, so to speak. Doviana is an important Goddess, very well respected here on Elysia and beyond. We're going to introduce you and thank her for her hard work on behalf of the Secundae, obviously."

    Gossamer gave a tight nod - but she sensed there was more to it than that. As it turned out, she was correct. As they walked up the path to the orphanage, Allasayne reached out to feign brushing a lock of Gossamer's hair back, bringing their faces close together.

    "I know," Allasayne whispered. "I know what you're trying to hide."

    Gossamer pulled away irritably and replied at normal volume, "I have no idea what you're talking about. Unless you mean that I only pretended to be interested in the tour of that weird topiary garden. I was just being polite, you know."

    Allasayne startled Gossamer by grabbing her arm to the point of pain and dragging her in closer, continuing to speak to her in a harsh whisper. "You don't have food poisoning. You aren't seasick. You're pregnant. Who exactly is the father?"

    Gossamer could hardly breathe, but her tone didn't falter. "If was - which I'm not - you'd probably have to figure that out with a whole lot of blood magic, an appointment calendar, and possibly the use of a gifted medium. It's not as if someone like me has trouble getting dates. I don't exactly keep track of that stuff."

    Gossamer knew beyond a doubt who the father was. He was the only man she had ever been with. The only man she had ever loved.

    "It doesn't matter anyway," Allasayne replied tersely, maintaining a firm hold on Gossamer's arm. "He has no say in this. Nor do you, for that matter. You should have thought twice before sleeping around. Get it dealt with, or it'll brought here and given away as soon as it's born. I wanted to make sure you saw what happens to the castoffs of careless Firsts like you."

    The front door of the orphanage opened a moment later. Gossamer was deathly pale, but Allasayne was suddenly smiling graciously as though nothing had happened.
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    Elysia: The Secundae Orphanage

    Doviana had been appointed by the Council of Youth to look over the orphans. She enjoyed her job. She had always like kids. Doviana was the Goddess of Upbringing. Someday, she'd probably move on from Elysia. Caretakers in the past had done so. They had gotten married, decided to go on a journey, wanted to rule over their all own worlds. Doviana, currently, had no interest in any of those things. She was enjoying her life the way it was. She liked the kids and was always happy when she was able to find them a new home. Even if she did miss them when they left.

    Doviana watched Sojourn leave to train. She knew the young woman was quite frustrated of being here. She was older then all the other orphans and had seen lots of her friends leave over the years. She had not been adopted out. Although Doviana knew something Sojourn didn't. People had wanted to adopt Sojourn when she was little, but her file was marked that she couldn't be adopted. When her mother had left her in her Doviana's care as an infant, she had told Doviana someday she'd come back for her. That she loved her daughter but couldn't take care of her right now because she had to save her father from an enemy. Doviana had believed the other goddess at the time. That once the father was safe, Sojourn's parents would come back for her. As the years went by, Doviana realized the other woman wasn't coming back. Too much time had passed for Doviana to tell Sojourn what had happened. She didn't think the Secundae would take the news well.

    "Miss Doviana! There's two ladies at the door."

    A young male Secundae told her. He was about four and was peeking out the window.

    "Thank you, Lucius."

    Doviana replied and told him to go off and play as she opened the door. She smiled to the two Firsts.

    "Hello, can I help you?"

    The younger of the two Firsts didn't seem to thrilled too be here. In fact, Gossamer looked like she was going to get sick.
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    Elysia: The Secundae Orphanage

    Gossamer gave brief but fairly serious thought to simply killing Allasayne. Allasayne wasn't necessarily an evil First in her own right, but she was a willing servant of gods who caused great suffering and destruction; it could hardly be argued that she was an innocent. It was practicality rather than moral qualms that led Gossamer to dismiss the idea. Allasayne was the much stronger First, since Gossamer was newly ascended, and Gossamer wasn't sure she could guarantee a stealth kill before Allasayne had time to react and fight back. Besides, there wasn't much point. Even if Allasayne hadn't told anyone else - which Gossamer couldn't be sure of, so the secret could already be out - Allasayne's death would buy a few months at best before Gossamer's condition became plain for all to see. Those months might be handy, but not enough so that it would be worth trying to explain how the delegation from Grace ended up with a dead body on their hands. Gossamer had known she would have to figure out a solution sooner or later. It was simply now clear that it was going to be sooner.

    As these thoughts churned through Gossamer's head, Allasayne was greeting Doviana with a loose hug and air kisses directed toward both cheeks. "It's wonderful to see you, Doviana," Allasayne said in a honeyed tone, though she scarcely knew the other goddess. "I'm responsible for introducing our newly ascended Goddess of Spite to the Firsts of Elysia."

    Allasayne made a slight face as she stated Gossamer's title, and added, "I know. Spite, of all things? But I suppose it takes all kinds. In any case, Gossamer is most eager to see your facility, and the excellent care you take of those poor unwanted Secundae."

    Leaning in for what appeared to be another air kiss, Allasayne whispered in Doviana's ear, "The girl has found herself in an... unfortunate condition. She won't be able to keep it, and I wanted her to see what will result from her mistake. I would appreciate your discretion about this - I don't want this unpleasant news to spread and spoil the silly girl's future prospects."
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    Elysia: The Secundae Orphanage

    Doviana returned Allasayne's greeting. It wasn't like they were friends, Doviana rarely saw most of the other Firsts, other then her boss the Council of Youth, on a regular basis. Most of the time when she saw another First it was because they either wanted to get rid of a child or adopt one. From the looks on the other goddesses' faces, she didn't think they were here for an adoption.

    "It is lovely to see you again as well, Allasayne. Congratulations on your ascension, Gossamer."

    Ascending into Firsthood was a big deal. Doviana reminded the Secundae under her care how important it was and part of her job was to help them on their way. Although some, like Sojourn, were taking longer then usual to ascend. Doviana made a face when Allasayne called the children unwanted. Perhaps they were, but Doviana didn't try to remind them of that. It certainly didn't help their self confidence being reminded that their parents had not wanted them. She'd rather they have happy lives until they either got a family or became a First. Although the Goddess of Battle Training was never known for her tact.

    "Oh, I see."

    Doviana whispered back to Allasayne. So, the newly ascended Goddess of Spite was with child. A child that would end up in Doviana's care.

    "Since you need discretion, will she be staying with me until she has given birth?"

    Gossamer would not be the first pregnant First to stay at the orphanage until she had given birth. Other young Firsts and a few Secundae had came her to discreetly have their babies.
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    Elysia: The Secundae Orphanage

    Gossamer of course overheard the conversation, since she was standing right next to the two of them - it had never been Allasayne's intention to hide her words from Gossamer, merely from other potential prying ears - and the Goddess of Spite had a moment of instinctive disgust. This orphanage keeper seriously expected her to spend the next few months living with the people who would rip her baby away from her the moment she gave birth? Was she supposed to pretend to be grateful and happy about it?

    She was about to snap back with a rude retort... and Allsayne was replying, "We're just visiting for the time being"... when the puzzle pieces in Gossamer's brain shifted. She was able to push past her horrified emotional reaction and see that this could have great pragmatic benefits. No matter how carefully Allasayne instructed Doviana to watch her, there was no way that a First who was busy caring for that many small children could keep as careful tabs on Gossamer as the many spies of the Family of War did back home on Grace. She would have comparative freedom, no matter how much work they had her do or how carefully they thought they were monitoring her. With as much as she had managed to get away with on Grace in spite of the intense surveillance, how much more free would she be to live her own life here?

    And when it came down to it, if she didn't have a better plan by then than just to grab her baby and run, it would be a lot easier to fight her way past Doviana than to escape from Grace - or worse, from the fortress on Arena if things truly went sour.

    "Please, Allasayne!" Gossamer interrupted. "I want to stay here and... and see how the babies are taken care of, to make sure mine will be okay here. And if I help take care of the Secundae, maybe that will make up for... my mistake."

    In spite of the anger in her heart, Gossamer was able to say her lines with such a wide-eyed innocence that for a moment she thought she had overplayed her hand - Allasayne briefly looked skeptical, accustomed as she was to rudeness from Gossamer. After an instant, Allasayne softened.

    "Alright," the Goddess of Battle Training said. "Just make sure you keep a careful eye on her, Doviana. She's very wayward, and if you give her an inch she'll take a mile. I'll be checking on her. Frequently. And no one from outside these walls must know she's here for any reason other than to volunteer her services to the less fortunate. Especially her betrothed must never find out."

    Gossamer looked down as Allasayne spoke the last part, hoping the gesture looked like humility but in reality attempting to hide the expression she knew had probably crossed her face.
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    Elysia: The Secundae Orphanage

    While Doviana certainly had no desire to take a child from a parent that wanted him or her, it was her understanding that Gossamer did not want her baby. She thought that Allasayna was bring Gossamer here to hide the pregnancy. Her life was pretty focused on taking care of the orphans, so she didn't keep up with the news and gossip of other worlds. She just assumed that whatever the new Goddess of Spite was involved in back home, a baby would not look good.


    Doviana started to reply when Allasyane tried to say they were just visiting. So, she wanted the girl to have an idea of what would happen to the baby. Then Gossamer spoke and interrupted the conversation.

    "Well, I can always use extra help and the kids love meeting new people."

    She'd have to make sure the Secundae understood that Gossamer didn't want her baby nor was she interested in adopting any of them.

    "The children are taken good care of here. Your baby will be in good hands."

    Doviana tried to assure Gossamer. Doviana had her hands full but she did try to give the best care she could to the children. Trying to fill the paternal role they all needed. The Goddess of Upbringing nodded her head to Allasayne.

    "I'll keep that in mind and her secret will not leave these walls."

    Doviana assumed from that comment that the child was the result of an affair and that the betrothed was not the father. Thus why Gossamer would need to have the baby in secret.

    "Why don't you come inside and I'll give you a tour?"
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