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    Doviana & Sojourn

    "I see. Well, I will try my best to see that your wish does happen."

    Doviana replied. Far too many children were unwanted for one reason or another in this universe. It was wrong to the goddess to take a child from a mother that did want it. She would do everything in her power to help Gossamer keep her child. She didn't promise she would keep them together, though. Only that she would try. She was in charge of taking care of orphans, not a powerful ruler. While she could try to sway the Council to let Gossamer keep her child, they may not want to interfere. They generally didn't in personal matters like that.

    "I also will not ask you about situation between your betrothed and the baby's father. That is your own business."

    Obviously her betrothed did not father the child. If he did, why would Allasayne wanted Gossamer to get rid of the child? It must be quite a scandal that Gossamer had created back in her home world.

    "But do know is Allasayne actually not my friend. I believe she has very few, if any, in the universe."

    Doviana added, hoping that might let Gossamer realize she could trust her a little. Although, trust took time. Doviana knew that very well. In fact, she was used to those living in the orphanage having trust issues. Sojourn certainly did. Especially since she grew feeling abandoned. Sometimes, Doviana debated telling the Secundae the truth, that the reason she hadn't been adopted was because her mother said she'd come back. But then Doviana thought that would only make her more angry.

    Sojourn had spent time in the woods, practicing her archery. She wished she would ascend, so that way she could leave the orphanage. Then she wouldn't have to see any more kids get a family. Something she'd never have. Of course, it didn't happen. Instead, she headed back towards the orphanage. It would be time for dinner soon and she promised Doviana she'd be back.

    Sojourn was surprised to see Gossamer there. The young goddess was not a Secundae. Doviana smiled to Sojourn and told Gossamer.

    "This is Sojourn. Sojourn, this is Gossamer. She is the Goddess of Spite and will be staying with us for a while."

    "Oh....Nice to meet you."

    Sojourn replied, wondering exactly why Gossamer would be staying at the orphanage if she wasn't a Secundae. She looked about the same age as her. Lucky girl, though, she had ascended. So she didn't have to be stuck here, unless she had something to hide.

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    "Thank you," Gossamer told Daviona. She didn't have particularly high hopes that Daviona would be able to do anything, or would even try once she realized the extent of the situation - but it sounded like caretaker at least wouldn't actively obstruct her, which was the best Gossamer could have expected.

    She nodded again when Daviona said she wouldn't ask about her betrothed or the baby's father. It was certainly safer for Daviona that way. Of course, Daviona might reconsider her choice not to inquire further when Gossamer's betrothed actually showed up to claim her... but at that point it wouldn't matter. She had already resigned herself that she wouldn't put up a fight about going when he finally ran out of patience with her delaying tactics. There were some things even Gossamer had to accept were inevitable, and this she couldn't prevent. Not if she wanted to keep her life, let alone her child. A son of Ares would not be denied.

    Gossamer knew that the smart choice would have been to seduce Phobos as soon as she suspected she was pregnant and claim the baby was his, but she couldn't bring herself to do something so vile. Even if it caused more trouble in the long run, she had to hold onto some semblance of self-respect. Phobos might insist on marrying her eventually, but she wasn't going to make it a day sooner than it had to be.

    She smiled reflexively when she was introduced to Sojourn. The young woman seemed pleasant enough, but Gossamer wasn't expecting to make any friends here. True friends weren't an easy thing to obtain.

    "Nice to meet you too," Gossamer said. Trying to make conversation, she asked, "Have you lived here long? Or did they send you here because you're pregnant too?"
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    Doviana replied that Gossamer was welcome and excused herself. She knew the younger orphans would have lots of questions about Gossamer and she figured she might as well talk to them before the young First headed in. Besides, she thought it would be good for Gossamer and Sojourn to talk. They were about the same age. Maybe they could be friends. Sojourn was always nice to the kids but she didn't have any friends her own age. And it seemed like Gossamer could definitely use a friend. It could do both young women some good.

    Sojourn smiled back at Gossamer, which quickly disappeared when she asked if Sojourn was pregnant too. Sojourn shook her head.

    "No, definitely not pregnant."

    It get pregnant she'd have to find a guy first. Not easy to do since she was stuck here and there weren't any age appropriate males around the orphanage.

    "I was given up as baby."

    And obviously not good enough to be adopted since she was still here. She frowned.

    "Are you here so you can have the baby and other people not know?"

    Sojourn had seen other goddesses do that in the past. Come to the orphanage to hide their unwanted pregnancies. Give birth in secret and then expect Doviana to find them new homes. Is that what her mother had done? It wasn't right to do that. Especially if they hid the babies from the fathers. Did her father even know about her, she wondered. Did her mother keep her a secret from him? Or did he decide he didn't want her either? The Secundae had so many questions but she'd probably never know the answers.

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    When Allasayne came looking for a guard to haul Gossamer's luggage to the orphanage, Nicolai made sure to make himself available - but not to seem overly eager for such a menial task. Fortunately, Allasayne was just looking for anyone in the appropriate uniform and didn't appear to notice which guard was toting the suitcases. As usual, those who served were beneath the notice of most in more favored positions.

    Bringing the guards to Elysia in the first place had been the source of some disagreement. The guards were, after all, not quite gods. Ares had pointed out, though, that nor were they mortals anymore, and the Family of War had been allowed to take their odd retinue with them, so they wouldn't have to go without being waited on during their visit.

    Nicolai was careful not to pay too much attention to Gossamer when he arrived at the orphanage. She was speaking with another young woman, and he greeted her with a brief "My lady" and averted eyes as he passed through the room with her suitcases. She didn't acknowledge him at all.

    When he got to the room she would be sleeping in, he set her suitcases down and then - as quietly as he could move - he tested her bedroom window. It opened without much noise and without resistance. Good. He made sure to leave it unlocked, and quickly memorized its position along the building wall. Then he tucked a scrap of paper that said "midnight" between the window and the sill.

    All this took less than two minutes, then Nicolai was back out the front door after a brief nod and a thank you to Daviona.
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    "Something like that," Gossamer said.

    She could have just left it at that. Probably should have. But even Gossamer got weary sometimes of how few people she actually had to talk to. What could it hurt?

    "They betrothed me to a man who is pretty important back on my planet. Being pregnant with someone else's child kind of wrecks the whole 'virgin bride' illusion. No one back home knows. Not even our gods. Not my betrothed. No one here outside of the orphanage knows either. I thought I was hiding it pretty well, but being in close quarters with me while we were traveling, Allasayne figured it out. She said she was going to send my baby here, but I figured if I volunteered to stay, I could get her off my back for awhile. So, how is it here? Is Daviona as decent as she seems? How tight of a leash do they keep us on?"

    Gossamer figured she might as well ask while she had an inside source. She needed to find some way to get out, at least for a short time. There was a conversation she desperately needed to have.

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    Neither Sojourn nor Doviana paid Nicolai much mind. Doviana had been polite to him, but her focus was on making sure the younger children understood, as best they could, why Gossamer would be staying with them. Sojourn nodded her head to Gossamer. She had feeling there was a lot more to the story about that baby and the father. She was surprised when Gossamer told her about her engagement.

    "It sounds like you don't want to marry him."

    Sojourn had spent her whole life in Elysia. Sheltered in the orphanage from the outside universe. She didn't realize they were planets were you could be forced to marry people you didn't want to. Or that they were planets in which the gods were quite cruel to their citizens. When Gossamer asked about Doviana, Sojourn replied.

    "She's a good person. She has her hands full with all the kids, but she isn't cruel. She cares and...She'd never take a baby from someone who wants it."

    No one was perfect, not even a god, but Doviana wasn't evil either. She was genuinely a nice person. Sojourn believed that if Gossamer wanted to keep her baby, Doviana would try to help her.

    "Of course, you'd have more freedom then I do here. You're a First and I'm still a Secundae. Secundae only get to leave if they either get adopted or they ascend."

    Sojourn was waiting for ascension now, because she knew she was far too old for anyone to want to adopt now. Doviana called out it was time for dinner.

    "We better head in and eat."

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    Two cloaked figures were watching the Orphanage from a distance. They were Hera, the Goddess of Marriage, and Hades, the God of the Underworld.

    "What are we doing here, Hades? I thought you said you finally found a way to break the seal on that planet."

    She didn't understand what some orphanage on Elysia, the home world of these new, weaker gods, had to do with getting into the Saber Vortex. That's where Zeus was. He was nice and safe there, especially since there was a protection spell on the planet. Cast after their failed attempt to destroy the planet and kill him. That was ten years ago. Hera and Hades could hold a grudge for a very long time, though. They hadn't given up on getting their revenge on Zeus and his new family. Good things came to those who could wait.

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    Ten years was a long time to wait for revenge, but it would be worth it. After everything Zeus had done, he deserved to die. As did anyone associated with him. Including his new family. Hades and Hera had been so close to killing him. If not for that First, then the Saber Vortex would have been destroyed. Hades hoped that Zeus had trouble sleeping at night, knowing that Rory was dead because of him.

    Hades was holding a crystal ball, it looked like an eye. It had belonged to the Fates once. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos had been good friends of his once upon a time. They would determine how long mortals and immortals would live. They had determined one's fate and one's death. After the downfall of Olympus and their failure to cut Zeus' thread of life, Hades and Hera had killed them. But Hades had kept a little memento of them. The crystal eye glowed blue as Hades told Hera.

    "I have. After years of searching, the key to getting onto that planet and getting to Zeus is here. Her, the blond haired one."

    Hades said, waving his hand over the crystal eye. The image of Sojourn and Gossamer talking appeared on it. Hades had no interest in the Goddess of Spite. She meant nothing to the Ancient God. Instead, he was interested in the Secundae.

    "I don't know why but she's our way in."
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    Hera looked into the crystal eye and at the blond haired girl. Perhaps this Sojourn was one of Zeus' new children. Knowing her husband, it wouldn't shock her. He had fathered plenty of children back on Olympus. She doubted that his lust for women or his fertility had gotten weaker over the years. It didn't matter who the girl was, if she was the key to her and Hades getting onto the Saber Vortex, then that's all that mattered. Hera grinned.

    "It doesn't matter who she is. As long as she gets us there."

    The girl would just be expendable in the end. Around her neck was a locket. She touched it as she thought of what to do. An idea came to her and her smile turned into a sneer. They would just wait until the girl was alone. Not that Hera cared about orphans. These new gods and their children were beneath the Ancient Goddess. However, she had learned that the High Council on Elysia did care about this place. If they directly attacked the orphanage, a fight with the new gods would break out. While Hera was sure she and Hades could easily take them on. However, she wanted to use discretion. She doubted that eyes could be on the young woman all day and night. Eventually this Sojourn would be alone and then they would strike.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    "No, I don't want to marry him," Gossamer said. The unaccustomed honesty came out with a quiet vehemence. "He's a monster. Besides, I love someone else."

    Marriages weren't typically arranged against the couple's will back on Grace. Citizens were certainly encouraged to seek partners who would further their desirable genetic traits, but if they chose not to do so, the worst they would face was gossip and disapproval. No law compelled marriage or punished those who made less socially acceptable choices. Gossamer's situation was an exception, though. An Ancient God had handpicked her to marry his son and bear children from the union. It was considered a great honor. To reject such an offer was simply not permitted.

    Gossamer's expression and the slight shake of her head made clear she wasn't prepared to discuss the subject any further. Not yet. Sojourn seemed nice enough, but the stakes were just too high. Gossamer wasn't going entrust all of her secrets to someone she had just met.

    What Sojourn said about being able to leave was encouraging. If Gossamer could gain Daviona's trust enough to be allowed off the premises occasionally without having to sneak away each time, it would certainly make her life a lot easier...

    Gossamer nodded and followed Sojourn when Daviona called them in for supper. She couldn't help wondering if Sojourn might be a potential friend. It would be nice to have a few of those here on Elysia.


    Nicolai carefully scaled the wall to Gossamer's bedroom window. He was not wearing any armor, for the sake of stealth and easier climbing, and had traded his uniform for dark colored, nondescript clothing that would camouflage him in the shadows. Nicolai tapped faintly on the window with one finger... and he had barely started tapping when it opened. He smiled a little, seeing that she had been waiting for him. He slipped through the opening almost noiselessly, and then they were in each other's arms, embracing and kissing with the fervor of love mixed with desperation. Their kisses were silent, though, passionate as they were. No one could know Nicolai was here. They couldn't even risk speaking words out loud.

    Gossamer took Nicolai's hand and led him to her narrow bed. He lay down beside her, wrapping his arms around her and stroking her hair. Gossamer shifted so her lips were right by his ear and whispered, "I'm pregnant."

    She knew it would come as a shock to him. Gossamer hadn't intended to hide her pregnancy from Nicolai, but there simply hadn't been an opportunity to be alone together to share the news. Now, as quiet and careful as they had to be, she could spare no niceties for how she told him. She could imagine all the thoughts running through his head - the same emotions she had felt when she realized. Excitement. Fear. Doubt. Joy. Terror.

    After a moment, Nicolai kissed her again. He nuzzled against her, his lip brushing her earlobe as he whispered, "We'll run away together."

    That response made Gossamer smile. Of course, they both knew it wasn't that simple. Their masters wouldn't let them go that easily... nor did the two of them intend to let their masters get away with their crimes forever. For now, though, the pleasant dream of fleeing to some safe place where their worries couldn't find them was soothing enough.

    They fell asleep in each other's arms.
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