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    "I see."

    Was all Sojourn said in reply to what Gossamer said about her betrothed. She wondered if the man she loved would want the baby she was carrying. If life was like the fairy tales she read to the younger kids, then Gossamer would marry the man she wanted and raise her baby. Real life didn't always work like that. She could tell the other goddess didn't want to talk anymore about her situation and let it drop.

    At dinner, the kids were curious about Gossamer. Some of the very little ones didn't understand she was pregnant. They were just excited to make a new friend. Doviana had to remind them that Gossamer would be helping them for the next few months and there would be plenty of time for them to get to know each other.

    That night, Hera and Hades launched their plan. They didn't want any outside interference and waited until about midnight. All they wanted was the blond hair girl and figured the rest of the orphanage would be fast asleep. Sojourn had trouble sleeping. She wasn't sure why, but maybe it had to do with how the day had went. Hester had been adopted out and Gossamer arrived. Maybe all the talk about families and babies was getting to her. Making her think about her own sad little situation.

    Sojourn tossed and turned and attempted to go back to sleep. Of course, the two Ancient Gods who needed her for their own plan, prevented that from happening. She sighed when she realized sleep was not coming. She looked out the window and saw the moon in the sky. It was late, she should get some sleep. Doviana always had chores for her and the other orphans to do.

    But sleep wasn't coming and she looked over at her bow and quiver that were resting against her dresser. A little night training wouldn't hurt, she thought. Once she ascended and could leave this place, it would surely be safe to assume that she would not always be using her weapon of choice in the daytime. Perhaps night time practice would help move her closer to ascension. Doviana wouldn't like it, she didn't like any of the orphans to be out at night. But Doviana was asleep and what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

    Sojourn quietly got dressed and teleported herself outside the orphanage. Maybe an hour or so of training would tire her out anyway. It would at least get her mind off of other things. She had no idea that the two Ancient Gods were very pleased that she had left the safety of the orphanage and had headed into the woods. She was unknowingly walking into their plan to get to Zeus' new home.

    At first, nothing was amiss. Sojourn had a favorite tree she used for practice. Years ago, she had painted a red bulls eye on it. Her goal was to see how many times she could hit the same mark. She was getting better and better each time. She went to retrieve her arrows from the tree's trunk, when she heard a growl. Sojourn's blood ran cold, as she turned and saw a pair of angry yellow cat eyes staring at her.

    "Nice kitty..."

    Sojourn said, holding up her hands as she stepped back from the tree. She only had two arrows in her hand and her bow on her back, but she suddenly was not worried about the rest of the arrows in the tree trunk. As she moved backwards, the creature moved forward. At first she thought it was a lion. It had a lion's head, but in the moonlight she saw more of its body. That's when she realized it wasn't some wild lion, it was a monster. It had the body of a goat and it's tail hissed at her. It was a serpent's tail!


    Before Sojourn could think of anything to say to the monster, it breathed fire at her.

    "Oh, shit!"

    She yelled as she tried to move out of the way. Her left ankle got burned in the process. She screamed in pain but didn't have time to even check her leg. The monster was coming at her. Sojourn got up to her feet and ran. Forgetting in her panic and needed for survival that she could teleport. As fight or flight kicked in, her mind didn't register the pain her ankle was in from being burned. The creature was chasing her, breathing fire as it went. Some of the brush and trees were catching on fire. Sojourn had to jump and dodge to avoid the attacks.

    Sojourn came out of the clearing of the woods and saw the orphanage. For a brief moment, she debated heading in and locking the door. Once she got inside, she'd be safe. 'Idiot!' Her mind screamed at her. She couldn't lead the monster right to the orphanage. It could try to kill the kids. What the hell was she going to do?! She turned around and thought she needed to protect the other orphans. She ran past Gossamer's window and suddenly a portal appeared about fifty yards from her. She had no idea where it led to but her plan was to lead the creature through it. Keep the orphanage safe from it and then find a way back to Elysia. The creature's head was growling and its tail was hissing at her. It kept shooting fire at her and Sojourn's only goal was to get through that portal. She had no idea that Hera and Hades were waiting in the shadows next to the portal, ready to follow her and the monster through it.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Gossamer and Nicolai were both light sleepers. Neither of them had led particularly safe lives to begin with, thanks the cutthroat competitive nature of society on Grace and the demands of a job protecting the interests of Ancient Gods, and the possibility of someone discovering and reporting their relationship made them instinctively careful to avoid vulnerability as much as possible. A normal person probably would not have awoken, but Gossamer and Nicolai were on their feet and alert at the sound of a scream in the distance. They gave each other a questioning look, but then the sounds of a scuffle in earnest carried in from the outside.

    For just a moment, they hesitated. If they were seen, they really didn't have a good explanation for what a guard was doing hanging around the orphanage in the middle of the night in civilian clothes. That sort of exposure could lead to a lot of trouble. Possibly of the lethal variety.

    On the other hand, though...

    Gossamer looked at Nicolai and sighed, and he nodded. He picked up his crossbow from the corner, while Gossamer fastened on a belt with a pair of sheathed daggers and grabbed her spear. They both knew they couldn't just ignore a threat so close to the orphanage. Their rough lives might have left some callouses, but they were not yet so hardened that they would stand by and let innocent children die. Gossamer was first out the window and down the side of the building, with Nicolai following closely.

    When they hit the ground, they saw Sojourn fighting some sort of monster that neither of them had ever seen before. Nicolai took aim with his crossbow and fired a bolt at the creature, at the same time creating a magical snare in the hopes of slowing it down to prevent it from reaching Sojourn. Gossamer, meanwhile, charged at the beast with her spear. As focused as they were on the attacking monster, neither of them were paying much attention to the portal Sojourn had opened.
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    Sojourn had to protect the orphanage. Even if that meant going through a portal to an unknown world. Her only thought was to protect the other orphans. She had found the creature, it was her duty to stop it. She just hoped whatever was on the other side of the portal was a very quiet, maybe almost abandoned planet. She didn't want it to hurt anyone.

    The monster growled when Nicolai and Gossamer attacked it. It clawed at the magical snare to break it apart. When Gossamer charged at it, the creature whipped around and grabbed Gossamer with its tail. The serpent head hissed at Gossamer, attempting to sink its fangs into her neck.

    Sojourn stopped in front of the portal. She turned and frowned seeing Gossamer in its grasp. She grabbed her bow off her shoulder and fired a shot at the monster.

    "Hey, asshole! Let her go!"

    Sojourn yelled at the monster. Her arrow hit its shoulder. It growled in pain.

    "Oh, you didn't like that?! Come and get me then!"

    She yelled, firing her last arrow at the creature. The second arrow nicked its ear. She had made it very angry now. While still holding onto to Gossamer, it started to run after Sojourn again. Sojourn looked briefly at the portal. She had no idea where it was going to led to. She had never left Elysia or the safety of the orphanage in her life. But she had to protect the kids from this beast. She took a deep breath and ran through it, with the creature hot on her heels. Hades and Hera were quite pleased and followed through the portal as well.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Gossamer's reflexes were highly conditioned from years of training; she managed to avoid the creature's teeth, though the pressure of the tail itself left welts on her skin as it snaked around her. Now that she was at such close quarters with the beast, it would have been easier to use her daggers, but there was no feasible way to shift weapons from this position, so she slid her hand down the haft of her spear toward the tip to give her more accuracy and leverage, then aimed it at the creature's side and plunged it as hard as she could.

    Nicolai swore under his breath when the creature broke the snare. It wasn't unexpected - that sort of thing didn't last forever - but the creature must be very strong to have gotten through it so fast. The frustration turned to fear when the creature caught hold of Gossamer. He didn't use the magical snare again, because he was afraid he might hit her instead by mistake, and he didn't want to make it any harder for her to fight off the creature's attack as it held her. Instead, he aimed for a front leg with his crossbow, hoping to distract it enough that it would let her go.

    "Gossamer!" Nicolai yelled as the monster pulled his lover through the portal as it chased Sojourn. Without hesitation, he dived in after them.

    Continued: http://quarrelsandquills.net/showthr...l=1#post235600
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    Doviana had no idea what had happened. She slept pretty easily, usually only waking when a baby or small child needed her. She always kept the newborn babies in cribs in her room so she could take care of their needs without waking up the other children. It wasn't until she smelled the smoke from the forest fire that Doviana woke up.


    She woke up in a panic, her first thought thinking that orphanage itself was on fire. It didn't take long for the goddess to realize the fire was outside. She had no idea what had caused it but she had to take care of the fire before it got any closer. A few children woke up, afraid because they smelled smoke. She gave them hugs and told them and told it was okay. She would make sure nothing bad would happen to them. The Goddess of Upbringing would not allow the fire to reach her orphanage. She teleported herself outside and saw that the woods and brush near her home was on fire. She waved her hand and summoned buckets of water to appear. She commanded the buckets to be continuously filled and dumped water on the fire until it was out.

    Relieved that the fire was out and the children would be safe, Doviana returned inside and did a head count. That's when she realized that Sojourn and Gossamer were missing. Panic hit her. She had never lost an orphan before...The Council of Youth was going to be so angry. But worse, she had lost Gossamer in less than a day. Her blood ran cold at that thought. Allasyane was not a goddess to cross. Maybe she could find them both before anyone else find out. She would need help, though. She could not leave the orphans and she wasn't good at tracking people down. Luckily her lover was. She'd summon Trenton, the God of the Hunt. Maybe he could find both young women before anyone else found out they were gone.
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    Doviana did not have to wait long for Trenton to arrive. Whenever she called for him, he usually answered her call quickly. He was a handsome First. The God of the Hunt had black hair that he usually kept tied back and neatly trimmed beard. He was an expert tracker. His skills made him quite in demand around the universe. Making a nice amount of money tracking down people. He and Doviana had met years ago when he had came to her orphanage to help a First track down their long lost sibling who had been given up for adoption. They had hit off and Trenton would visit her as much as he could. The kids loved to hear his stories.

    As soon as Trenton arrived on Elysia, he could see his lover did not call him for a late night date.

    "Doviana? What's wrong?"

    Doviana was normally calm and collected. He had rarely seen her angry and he could not recall ever seeing her like this. She was trying to fight a panic attack.

    "Oh, Trenton, it's terrible...."

    Doviana said, going over to him. She definitely needed a hug. As Trenton held her, she told him what happened.

    ".....I never lost an orphan before....I don't know I'm going to do."

    Andra, the Council of Youth, was going to be so angry. She'd probably lose her job! Trenton rubbed her back and replied.

    "Well, Sojourn's been here a long time. Maybe she finally just ascended."

    Trenton suggested and Doviana sighed.

    "Perhaps, but I don't believe she'd just leave without saying a word."

    No, Doviana didn't believe that Sojourn would just leave without saying goodbye. She knew the Secundae was ready to leave, but she had known Sojourn her whole life. It would be out of character for her. Plus, it didn't explain the fire or what happened to Gossamer. Trenton nodded his head, Doviana knew her charges far better then he did.

    "As for the other girl...Well, she's a First, right? Maybe she just didn't want to stay here."

    "Maybe not but....Allasayne's going to be pissed."

    Trenton frowned. Allasayne and her homeworld were not good...Most people didn't want to be on that goddess' bad side.

    "Most likely. Don't worry, I'll protect you and the kids from her."

    Doviana knew that Trenton would do what he could to protect them.

    "I think the best way to protect us, to help me find her before Allasayne knows she's gone."

    Trenton agreed with Doviana and she took him to the last place she had seen both young goddesses. That was in the orphanage, both Sojourn and Gossamer had went to bed for the night. Hopefully Trenton would find something to help track them down.

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    Doviana & Cid

    Trenton searched around the woods by the Orphanage and discovered Sojourn's arrows, still in the tree trunk. Doviana grabbed them with a sigh.

    "These are hers...I've told her not to practice at night."

    Doviana didn't like any of the orphans out at night. She was always worried something bad could happen, even if the High Council kept this place safe. They made it illegal to harm the orphanage and its residents. Trenton looked down at the ground.

    "Well, something chased her from here. See, the tracks?"

    Trenton was down on his knees. He pointed to the tracks by made some kind of monster and the footprints, mostly likely made by Sojourn running from it. A creature Trenton was sure also caused the fire in the woods. Doviana bit her lip.

    "What kind of creature could do that?"

    Before Trenton replied, Cid appeared. He told the two Firsts.

    "A monster called a Chimera did that."

    Trenton gave Cid a look.

    "And you know that how?"

    "Because my nephew helped her slay it."

    Cid replied to the God of the Hunt. Doviana looked at Cid in shock.

    "Wait, who the hell are you and where is she?"

    "Where are my manners? Forgive me."

    Cid replied to Doviana and gave her a slight bow.

    "I'm Cid, adviser and uncle to the lord of the Saber Vortex. I take it you are Doviana, the caretaker of this place?"

    "I am."

    Doviana replied with a nod of her head.

    "Is Sojourn safe?"

    Cid nodded his head.


    Cid then explained to Doviana that Sojourn should stay at his planet until they determined who sent Chimera after her. Doviana didn't really like that idea and Cid had to convince her of it. After all, her duty was to take care of all the orphans, no matter their age. Sojourn was her responsibility until she left the orphanage.

    "You swear she'll be safe and you'll bring her back once you figure out who sent that beast after her?"

    Doviana asked and Cid nodded his head.

    "You have my word."

    Doviana nodded her head. She'd rather Sojourn be here but Cid was right, if someone was targeting the Secundae, the other orphans could be in danger. She hoped Cid was a god of his word and did keep her charge safe.

    "Was Gossamer with her?"

    Doviana asked, she remembered the two young women talking. While they weren't best friends, they had literally just met, they had both went missing the same night. During her and Trenton's searching, Trenton had a found the remains of a magical snare. It was possible Gossamer had used it against the Chimera beast. Cid replied to her.

    "Only Sojourn is with us."

    He told told Doviana telepathically.

    ~I can tell you the other girl is safe in a location I can't disclose. She does appreciate everything you did for her. The less you know, the better.~

    Doviana nodded her head.

    ~All right...~

    She then said out loud.

    "Thank you and your nephew for being willing to keep Sojourn safe."

    "You're welcome."

    Cid replied with a smile and promised to keep Doviana up to date on her orphan. Doviana told Cid to hold on and she'd gather some of Sojourn's things. If she was going to be staying at the Saber Vortex for a while, she might as well have her stuff. Trenton went to help his lover.

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    Phobos and Deimos

    "So why exactly is she at an orphanage?" Deimos asked his twin brother. "She's not a child, and her parents aren't even dead."

    Gossamer might be young yet, but at nineteen she was an adult woman by the standards of her people, not - as Deimos would phrase it - some sniveling brat in need of a caretaker. Well, not aside from a chaperone like Allasayne to keep her in line and remind her not to imagine she had too much freedom.

    "Some sort of charity nonsense," Phobos replied with a sneer. "I don't know. Doesn't matter. I'm tired of waiting while she wastes time. It's well past time for her to come home and do her duty."

    Deimos laughed. "Tired of the celibate life, dear brother?"

    Phobos joined in the laughter. "Hardly celibate. She isn't the only pretty face and nice set of hips in the universe. But be that as it may, Gossamer is my bride. She belongs to me, and she has no right to deny me."

    Though he didn't say so, Phobos was also becoming concerned that Gossamer's reluctance was making him look bad. He could satisfy his lusts other places, but the delayed wedding would increasingly give the impression that Gossamer didn't really want him. He couldn't have that. She was lucky he chose her, and it was time for her to act like it.

    "Well spoken," Deimos replied approvingly. "We'll just need to remind her of her place... and then return her to it. She belongs by your side, not in some backwater orphanage pretending to be a nun among the lost and downtrodden."

    Phobos was about to reply with amused agreement, but they had reached the orphanage and he stopped short at the sight of the bearded god who was Doviana's current visitor.
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    Cid felt them, even before he turned his head. Phobos and Deimos, the twin sons of Ares. Two of his grandchildren. He was glad that Doviana said she'd get Sojourn's things for him to take back to the Saber Vortex. At least she would not hear this conversation and could continue to tell the truth about what she knew about Gossamer. He meant it when he told her telepathically that the less she knew, the better. It would keep her and the children safe. It had been years since he had encountered anyone from Olympus. He had been exiled from his own world, unable to return. When he accepted he could not get home, he had moved on. Found a new home and became a better family man. Still, there were those he missed greatly from his past and others, not so much. He knew the boys knew he was here. Cid turned to them.

    "Hello, grandsons. What business do you have at an orphanage?"

    He was sure that they here about Gossamer but he planned to deny he knew anything about the young First. All Phobos and Deimos needed to know he was here for Sojourn's things.

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    Phobos and Deimos

    "Grandfather!" Phobos said warmly - but with a faint smirk in his smile and rather wicked glint in his eyes. "What a surprise! You're the last person we expected to see here."

    Deimos merely glowered. Although their father had not been directly involved in the plot to dethrone Zeus, it was no secret that the relationship between Ares and their grandfather had always been strained. Deimos was not one to initiate a loving family reunion.

    Nor, for that matter, was Phobos. He just showed his distaste in a different way.

    "As it so happens, I'm here to retrieve my bride. I'm getting married, had you heard? My future wife has been doing some charity work here while she waits for the time to come for the blessed event. And what brings you here, Grandfather? Let me guess... looking for a girl? I would have thought the orphans would be a bit young for your tastes..."

    Phobos didn't seriously think his grandfather had come to an orphanage for the amorous prospects - though he couldn't imagine what would bring the elder god here - but he couldn't help a little mean-spirited humor about the old promiscuous ways of Zeus.
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