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    "Yes," Gardenia said. "You do that. The Family of War can be powerful friends... or dangerous enemies. Gossamer isn't worth making enemies of them, believe me."

    It wasn't worth it even for her mother, so why would it be for someone who was essentially a stranger?

    "Thank you for your help. I'll send someone to collect Gossamer's things."

    Gardenia left the orphanage and walked briskly back toward the guest house, pondering the few details she'd managed to piece together about her daughter's disappearance.
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    "I believe you."

    About the Family of War could be dangerous enemies, that was. Doviana was shocked but didn't express it that Gardenia didn't think her daughter was worth fighting for. Poor Gossamer, she thought. Her own mother wouldn't even fight for her happiness. The goddess nodded her head.

    "You're welcome and I'll have her stuff boxed up for you and ready."

    And waiting by the front door so she wouldn't have to talk to anyone else associated with this awful Family for much longer. Doviana saw the woman out and later, when the kids were all occupied, what an awful person she thought Gardenia was to Trenton.

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