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Thread: Saber Vortex

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    Optimus Prime

    "I'm glad."

    Optimus told Nicolai with a smile. He was glad to hear that his world was nothing like their home world. He'd be sad to hear if it was. He could tell that Nicolai was excited about coming to the library and that he wouldn't need special permission.

    "You're welcome. I hope the Saber Vortex is the fresh start you both need."

    Gossamer and Nicolai couldn't change their pasts, but they could control their futures. From what they had said, then the Saber Vortex would be good for them. He let Nicolai explore the library and told Sojourn.

    "Just so you know, you're welcome to stay here as long as you want too. Even after Hera is gone."

    She could stay forever if she wanted and Optimus would be happy with that.

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    Sojourn & Cid

    Sojourn thought the Saber Vortex was very nice. While she had never experienced a life, like Gossamer and Nicolai had, she could tell from their reactions this was a good world. Not like where they had came from. She smiled seeing how happy Nicolai was with the library and told Optimus with a grin.

    "I'll probably take you up on that."

    While she was sure that Doviana would want her to return. After all, Sojourn was still a Secundae and an orphan. However, if Sojourn had her choice, she'd stay here with her new friends and get to know Optimus a lot better.

    "You're very sweet for letting us stay here."

    Sojourn told him and leaned up to give him a kiss. Just as she did, Cid returned. He was holding Hebe's bracelet and had a worried look on his face. Although seeing Sojourn kiss his nephew, did make him smile a little. He coughed and said.

    "Sorry for interrupting."

    Sojourn moved back, her cheeks were red.

    "Oh...hi...Did you find anything?"

    She asked and Cid replied with a sigh.

    "Well, I know Hera and she didn't work alone. I'm not hundred percent sure who was with her. But if I had to guess, I'd say it was Hades, my older brother. He helped her take me out before. And...she did something to one of my daughters."

    Cid looked down at the bracelet. Sojourn looked at him sadly and said.

    "How do you know?"

    "This bracelet was on the stage and it belonged to my youngest child, Hebe."

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    Optimus Prime

    "Good, I like that idea."

    Optimus told Sojourn with a big, silly grin on his face when she said she might stick around. He hoped she would or he'd probably be making lots of trips to Elysia before she ascended and Doviana would officially allow her to leave.

    "Well, I don't know about sweet. It's just the right thing to do."

    Optimus replied when she called him sweet and he was happily returning her kiss when Cid returned. He gave his uncle an annoyed look for breaking up the moment. Although he frowned when Cid told them what he thought had happened. When Cid showed them the bracelet, he said.

    "Don't worry, Uncle Cid. We'll find her."

    He realized he was promising lots of things as of late, but that didn't stop Optimus. Cid would tell him about Olympus and Hebe was one of the people he spoke fondly of. If she was in danger, they had to help her. Or...At least find out what happened to her.
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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Nicolai and Gossamer began browsing the library, giving Sojourn and Optimus their moment together. Gossamer grinned when Sojourn leaned in to give Optimus a kiss. Those two certainly seemed to be getting along! That was good, Gossamer thought. They were both nice people, and they deserved to be happy.

    She went back to reading over Nicolai's shoulder. Nicolai had picked out a parenting book and was reading it avidly. Gossamer was glad to see that he was already preparing for their new arrival, even though it was still half a year away. She just hoped Nicolai was truly happy about it. He seemed to be, but they hadn't had a chance to talk it all through fully yet. She would have to make sure to start that conversation in the near future.

    Gossamer thought Nicolai would be an excellent father. Both of them had come from families where they didn't get all the love a child deserved, even though they had been provided for materially. They wouldn't make the same mistake, Gossamer was sure. They knew how to love, and would give that love to their baby.

    When Cid returned a moment later, the couple returned to the group to hear the news he brought.

    "I'm sorry to hear that something happened to your daughter," Nicolai said.

    Gossamer nodded agreement. "We'll help you find her," she said. "Or if that's not... possible, we'll at least help you find out what happened to her."

    Growing up on planets like Grace and Regulus had made the reality of death - even young, undeserved death - inescapable, but they were willing to try.
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    Sojourn & Cid

    Even if Optimus didn't see himself as sweet, Sojourn did. He didn't have to offer any of them protection or open his home up to them. She did wish there was an easy answer for his uncle about his daughter. She could tell from Cid's face that he had truly loved Hebe. To think something terrible happened to her, was very upsetting to the Ancient God.

    "Everyone's right, we'll find her."

    Sojourn told him and Cid sadly nodded his head.

    "I appreciate that but...It's not just Hebe I'm worried about. Another one of my daughters, Athena.....surely had something bad happen to her too."

    "Why do you think that?"

    Sojourn asked him and he replied.

    "Because she and Hebe were very close. The last time I talked to them, Athena promised to keep Hebe safe. Hera wouldn't have this unless something happened to her too."

    "Then we'll find out what happened to both of them."

    Sojourn told him.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Gossamer and Nicolai promised that they would help Athena too if they could, although at the moment it wasn't clear to them how to help either her or Hebe.

    Back in their room that night, Gossamer decided to broach the subject she'd wondered about earlier. She snuggled next to Nicolai in bed, put her head on his shoulder and asked, "You're really happy about this, right? The baby, I mean. You're not just... I don't know, making the best of it? I know it wasn't the best time for this, and it makes things more dangerous for us. I just wanted you to know I won't be angry if... you have mixed feelings. And I understand if you need some space."

    Nicolai shook his head and put his arm around her. "Gossamer, you and this baby are the best thing that ever happened to me," he said quietly but sincerely. "It wasn't the plan, but who cares? This is something better than the plan. I'm happy. I'm beyond happy - I'm thrilled. The three of us are going to be a family. There's nothing I want more."

    Gossamer smiled. "Good," she said, and kissed him.

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    Sojourn & Cid

    Cid believed that everyone would help him find out what happened to Hebe and Athena. His gut told him it had been something bad. He knew Athena and she would not have gone down without a fight. Cid did appreciate everyone's willingness to help, though. If it was a perfect universe, then maybe he'd have a happy reunion with two of his children. Although he had no idea where to begin. Of course, he could always directly ask Hera but she was pretty good at not being found.

    The next week was pretty quiet around the Saber Vortex. Everyone was on high alert for Hera and her possible ally, Hades, but there were no new attacks. Cid told his nephew and their new friends the reason was because Hera didn't like to attack unless she believed they could be caught off guard. That wasn't about to happen. Which meant Cid was left without any more leads about two of his daughters.

    Sojourn appreciated Cid bringing her things from the Orphanage. Not that she had much. Just some clothes, a baby blanket that she had been wrapped in, and her bow and arrows. She had eventually remembered to return the sword to that guard she had taken the first day she arrived. With his worry about Hebe and Athena, Cid had forgotten all about the copy of her file. Eventually the Ancient God would to give it to the Secundae. For now, it was still in his jacket pocket, forgotten about.

    Sojourn was liking life at the Saber Vortex. And she and its ruler were getting closer. She liked spending as much time with Optimus Prime was possible. She was practicing her archery in the gardens. Since she was pretty sure she'd never have a family, her focus again was to train enough to ascend into Firsthood. Then she'd never have to return to Elysia once Hera was defeated. If she became a First, she could stay here with her friends and Optimus.

    Cid watched her train and told his nephew.

    "She is a beautiful girl."

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus agreed that they would somehow find out what Hera had done to Hebe and Athena. Although he did hope that his uncle would find his daughters alive. Hera was quiet but Optimus wasn't that surprised when Cid told him that Hera liked to blindside people, not face someone who was prepared for her. He tried to have the Saber Vortex prepared. The guards were on high alert, told to report anything suspicious to him and Cid right away. The Ancient Goddess was patient and Optimus had a feeling they might have to bring the attack to her. If they ever found where she and her ally were hiding.

    Optimus was enjoying spending time with Sojourn. He was definitely falling for her. Not that he'd say he was in love, they had only known each other a week. But he would say, he definitely cared a lot about her and wanted her to stick around. He nodded his head to Cid.

    "Yeah, she is. I'm glad she came here."

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    A week had passed for Gossamer and Nicolai in the Saber Vortex. It seemed like it had flown by - and yet at the same time, as the place started to feel like home, it started to seem like they'd been here much longer than they actually had.

    Gossamer and Nicolai had been together for almost a year, but the freedom of the Vortex was allowing them to discover new dimensions of couplehood that they had never experienced before. They finally knew what it was like to fall asleep together and then wake up together, without having to hide or worrying that someone would show up and discover what no longer had to be a secret. They learned the simple pleasure of sharing a meal, which they had never done before coming to this planet. They went on another date, a picnic followed by a leisurely walk, and this time no evil gods interrupted. Just as important, they were able to spend a few hours apart sometimes pursuing their individual interests without having an undercurrent of terror that they might never see each other again if they let their lover out of their sight.

    It was during one of these times that Nicolai discovered some information that he thought might help Cid with his dilemma. Gossamer had gone to explore the local market while Nicolai read in the library. When she returned, he had a book in his hand, and he told her that they needed to go see Cid right away.

    "Sorry to interrupt," Nicolai told Cid and Optimus as he and Gossamer approached, walking arm in arm. "But I found something that might help. There's a talisman that grants wishes. You could theoretically wish your daughters back to you, or at least wish for information about their fate. Um... there's one downside, though. The talisman was lost on the world of Arena, and it's probably still there."

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    "Oh, I'm sure."

    Cid told his nephew with a smile, when Optimus said he was glad that Sojourn came to their world. He was about to ask Optimus how deep his feelings were starting to run when Gossamer and Nicolai appeared. It was good to see them arm and arm. They were very in love. At least here, they could actually express that and be happy. When Nicolai said he had found a talisman that could grant wishes, hope appeared on Cid's face. Since he had found Hebe's bracelet, he had become full of fear and worry about the fate of his daughter.

    "Do you think it could work, though?"

    Could he had at least wish to know what happened to Hebe and Athena too? It didn't matter to him if the talisman was on Arena. He'd go to his children's little 'game' world and take the damn thing from them.
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