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Thread: Saber Vortex

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    He was right, Sojourn thought. She could play the blame game later. Right now, she should worry about taking down the Chimera. When Optimus suggested they take it from different sides, she nodded her head.

    "I'll go for the tail."

    She replied. Maybe if Chimera was being attacked from more then one side, it would weaken it and someone would get a shot at the belly. Sojourn hoped that Gossamer was okay. She also felt bad that she had gotten dragged into this. Sojourn teleported herself behind the creature and smiled when Gossamer got herself free. The snake head hissed and tried to strike the First. Although it missed her leg because of Nicolai's attack. The Chimera's tail hissed and its head growled. It was getting very angry now.

    It howled it pain when Gossamer stabbed it in the belly. During that attack, Sojourn swung the sword and chopped off the serpent tail.
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    Optimus Prime

    "Sounds good, I'll distract ugly."

    Optimus replied to Sojourn. He teleported himself in front of the Chimera and threw another fireball at its lion head.

    "Hey, ugly! You're not welcome here!"

    He yelled and the Chimera, who growled at him as the fireball hit it and singed its mane. Optimus saw from the corner of his eye Gossamer getting free and heading for the belly. Perhaps a group effort would take it down. The Chimera was having trouble fighting back when people were attacking it from different sides. It was howling in pain and Optimus charged at the head with his sword. His sword's blade was surrounded by fire and Optimus chopped off its head as Gossamer stabbed it in the belly and Sojourn chopped of the tail. The Chimera fell on its side as it died. Luckily not crushing Gossamer in the process.

    "We did it!"

    Optimus said with a grin to Sojourn. The fire died around his sword as he replaced it into its sheath. For the first time she had entered his world, he gave Sojourn a good look and he was taken aback about how pretty she was.

    "I'm Optimus Prime, by the way. The ruler of the Saber Vortex. And you are?"

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    "Yeah, we did!"

    Sojourn replied to Optimus with a grin of her own. The Chimera had been hard to take down, it had taken the combined efforts of Sojourn, Optimus, Gossamer, and Nicolai to defeat it. It laid dead on the ground. Thank Altwaal it was dead, she thought. No one innocent had been hurt or killed by it. Cid had gotten the people to move back before something bad had happened to them. Now that the threat of the beast had passed, Sojourn realized that Optimus Prime was a very good looking man.

    "I'm Sojourn."

    Sojourn replied to him, blushing a little as she pushed some of her hair behind her ear. Her eyes got wide when he said he was the ruler of the planet. Well, shit...He was probably rather mad at her now for leading that creature into his world. While none of his citizens had been hurt or killed, some of the city buildings had been damaged in the fight.

    "I'm sorry about-"

    Sojourn shifted her weight and cursed when pain hit her. The adrenaline from the fight had wore off and for the first time since she had gotten burned by the Chimera, she felt the pain.

    "Ouch, damn. That hurts."

    Sojourn mumbled to herself as she bent down and looked at her burned ankle and lower leg.

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus smiled at Sojourn, thinking to himself she had a nice name. When she was starting to say she was sorry, he started to reply.

    "It's okay about-"

    He stopped when she cursed and walked over to her side.

    "You okay?"

    Optimus asked her in concern and bent down to look at her leg. It had a nasty burn. When she said it hurt, he said.

    "I bet. We have a doctor at the palace. I'm sure he'll take care of that."

    He certainly didn't want Sojourn to be in pain. Plus, he and his uncle would have to find out how she, the Chimera, and her friends got here. He had been distracted by Sojourn and her beauty, that he had momentarily forgot that two others joined her through the portal. Like the woman who had been trapped in the serpent tail. Optimus said to Gossamer.

    "He can also check you out for injuries as well."
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    Sojourn said with a smile to Optimus. He seemed like a nice guy. Even if she did ruin whatever party he was throwing here. She then remembered Gossamer and asked her.

    "Gossamer? Are you okay?"

    She was worried about her. She had been trapped by the Chimera's tail. Sojourn was worried that something might have happened to her baby. The other goddess wasn't very far along. While she waited for Gossamer's reply, she noticed that Nicolai had came through the portal as well. She didn't know his name, but she remembered him. He had been the guard that Allasayne had sent to the orphanage with Gossamer's things. Interesting that he was here, she thought.
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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Nicolai wanted nothing more than to run to Gossamer, throw his arms around her, and ensure she was truly alright. Unfortunately he couldn't - they had an audience, and that meant he had to play the deferential but essentially indifferent guard with nothing more than his job on the line.

    "My lady, are you hurt?" he asked.

    "Not badly," Gossamer replied. She felt along her neck and shoulder and found some raised welts, and bruises were undoubtedly starting to rise, but she didn't think there was anything more serious than that. "Nothing but this, as far as I can tell."

    Gossamer was sure he would want to know about the baby, but there was no more direct way to tell him. As far as she knew, the pregnancy was undisturbed. The Chimera hadn't harmed her midsection, and she didn't feel any strange sensations in that area... but she couldn't truly be sure. She would just have to wait and see, and hope for the best.

    "I think I'm alright," she reassured Sojourn.

    Had Sojourn not been there, Gossamer and Nicolai would have introduced themselves to their unexpected hosts using false names just as an extra layer of security. Sojourn already knew who Gossamer was, though, so the obvious lie would only raise suspicion. Gossamer thought Sojourn probably didn't know Nicolai's name, if she even remembered who he was at all, but it didn't really matter - there was no point concealing only one of their identities when they had disappeared from Elysia at the same time.

    Gossamer knew that Nicolai would say nothing by way of introduction until she spoke first. He was playing the part of a servant, so of course he wouldn't take the lead.

    She gave Optimus a small bow and said, "Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Gossamer Portmore, Goddess of Spite. The planet I hail from is called Grace. I apologize for our unexpected arrival and the... creature. Truthfully, I'm not quite sure what happened. One moment we were on Elysia, the next moment we were here."

    Casually, as though she had almost forgotten he was present, she added, "Oh, and this is Nicolai. He is a guard to the gods worshiped on my home planet, and they have graciously lent him to me to assist with some trivial tasks."

    It was daytime here, so Gossamer didn't have to come up with a story about what sort of minor household jobs would have required Nicolai's assistance in the middle of the night.
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    Optimus Prime

    "You're welcome."

    Optimus replied to Sojourn with a smile. He realized he already liked her smile. He turned his attention to the two people who joined her, a First and her guard. While Gossamer replied she was okay, angry welts were forming on her neck from the Chimera. When Gossamer bowed to him, Optimus waved that off. He might be the ruler of this planet but he didn't think he was better then anyone else. He wasn't much for making sure people bowed to him and addressed him as 'my lord' every time they spoke to him.

    "It is nice to meet you, Goddess of Spite. The sudden appearance of you three has taken us by surprise."

    Especially when gods and other supernatural beings weren't supposed to be able to just randomly show up at the Saber Vortex.

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    Sojourn wondered for a moment if Optimus would find her incredibly rude for not bowing to him like Gossamer had. After all, he had said he was the ruler of this planet and she hadn't even shown him proper respect. Although it did seem he didn't care much for formalities.

    Sojourn frowned slightly at Gossamer and Nicolai. She vaguely remembered Nicolai, he was the guard who had brought Gossamer's things to the orphanage. He hadn't seem to matter much to Gossamer back then. But obviously he did, if he was here. It was day time at the Saber Vortex but it had been night at Elysia. Sojourn wondered how close Nicolai was to Gossamer. When Optimus said their sudden appearance surprised them, Sojourn replied.

    "That's my fault. The Chimera was chasing me and I had to protect the orphanage. A portal, I don't know where it came from, it just showed up. I had no idea it led here, I was just trying to protect the kids. I thought if I could lead it through the portal, the orphanage would be safe. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put your planet and its people in danger."
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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus was not offended at all that Sojourn didn't bow to him. He really didn't care much for formalities. He replied to Sojourn as she explained what happened.

    "It's okay. You had to protect the kids."

    It was something he would have done, so he wasn't mad at her. He'd probably make the same choice. Risk innocent kids or led a monster to a portal to who knew where. Although that still didn't explain how the portal opened up or where the beast came from in the first place.

    "Besides, it doesn't look like anyone was really hurt."

    Just some buildings were damaged but those could be repaired. He told the three.

    "Let's head to my palace and get you ladies checked out by the palace doctor."

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    Sojourn & Cid

    Sojourn smiled, happy that Optimus didn't appear mad about what happened. She did have to protect her fellow orphans. Although she had no idea where the portal or Chimera had come from. Cid was pleased to report that there were no real injuries of the citizens who had been there when the Chimera arrived. People had been able to get to safety. Some of the buildings were damaged, but that could be repaired. In fact, they planned to continue the celebration, just in a different part of town.

    Cid walked over and heard what Sojourn said.

    "So, you're the one who came through the portal first?"

    Sojourn nodded her head.

    "Yeah, I- Hey! What was that for?!"

    Sojourn exclaimed when Cid suddenly grabbed her wrist and poked her finger to draw some of her blood.

    "I need to run a test."

    Sojourn looked at him like he was a little crazy as she held her finger.

    "What kind of test?"

    "To see how you got here."

    Cid replied and shrugged at her when he could see that Sojourn had more questions.

    "Optimus will explain. Nephew, I'll see you at the palace."

    Cid said and teleported away. Sojourn turned to Optimus.

    "What was that all about?"

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