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Thread: Saber Vortex

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    Sojourn agreed with Optimus they would talk more later and let him get back to his conversation with Dumar and Cid. She didn't blame Zarra for falling asleep fast. After everything the girl had been through, Sojourn was sure she'd be sleeping for a while. She slipped quietly out of the room to let Zarra sleep.

    When Gossamer asked her if she had any advice for a raising a kid, Sojourn replied.

    "Not really..."

    She didn't have kids. She didn't even have parents. She was as clueless as Gossamer was about kids. Although, she did have a good surrogate mother. Doviana had taken good care of her and the other orphans.

    "But Doviana would. She's great with kids. She raised me and lots of other orphans."

    It was Doviana's job to take care of the orphaned Secundae. She was very caring but also strict. She had mastered the art of being a stern but loving parent. She had also raised different types of children, who came from very different types of situations.

    "And she's done it for years. So, she's seen a different types of kids. I'm sure she'd help you."

    Doviana would also be far better equipped to handle that than her.

    "We could go to Elysia or maybe she could come here."

    Sojourn mused. Although the Saber Vortex had a protection spell, it seemed others could come to it as long as one of Optimus' relatives approved their visit. She wasn't sure how eager Gossamer would be to take a trip. And, maybe, it would be better to have Doviana come here. Especially with Optimus' offer. Have her caretaker see she would be okay and didn't need to have ascended or have parents to be away from her care. She had done just fine since Hera and Hades had forced her through that portal.

    "Actually, now that I think about it, we should invite her here. That way Karma doesn't think we're trying to give her away."

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    Optimus Prime

    "You're welcome. We're family, that's what family does. Help each other."

    They were distant cousins. He and Dumar had descended from two Firsts who had been brothers many centuries before, but Dumar was still family. And Optimus had been raised to believe that family should help each other whenever possible. He nodded his head in understanding.

    "I can understand that. There's no place like home."

    If the situation was reversed, he was sure Dumar would have opened up Iskani to them. And, while Optimus would have appreciated it, he'd still do what he had to to save his home. Because home was important. He raised an eyebrow in surprise when Dumar said Max and Cid both had come from Olympus.

    "It is a small universe sometimes."

    He said and then nodded his head.

    "Yes, he is married to Gossamer. I'm sure he'd be willing to help you."

    Nicolai was a good man, Optimus was sure that he'd try to help Dumar find the talisman he needed to save his home.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    "Yes, that's a good idea," Gossamer agreed with a relieved smile. Doviana certainly knew all about taking care of children, and would hopefully be willing to help, despite the very different situation in which she had previously met Gossamer. It made the Goddess of Spite feel more confident to have the possibility of such expert help rather than just trying to figure it all out on their own. "I think that would help a lot, if she's willing. It would definitely be better to bring her here. I don't want to scare Karma, and there may still be people looking for me, even with the Family of War out of the way for the time being."

    Meanwhile, a servant showed up to call Nicolai into the other room where Optimus and Dumar were talking. Nicolai had indeed been spending a lot of time doing library research; he had always loved to read, and had always wished he could just spend his life around books rather than being a soldier, but that had not been an option for a talented young man on his home planet.

    When he joined them, he asked, "How can I help?"
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    Sojourn was glad that Gossamer like her idea. Doviana was far more experienced when it came to taking care of children. If there was anyone to go to advice for about it, it would be here. Especially since not all the kids she had taken in were babies. Some had been older, like Karma's age or even older than that.

    "I think she would. It'll probably make her happy to know you're keeping Karma."

    Especially since Gossamer didn't have to. Too many kids were unwanted it seemed. Surely, Doviana would be happy to know that Karma had parents that wanted her. That wanted to be good parents to her. She nodded her head and added.

    "It would be good to not scare Karma and it is safer here."

    Outsiders couldn't come to the Saber Vortex without permission. Just because the Family of War was defeated, it didn't mean they didn't still have followers. Sojourn thought how they how they could get Doviana here and suggested.

    "We should ask Cid if he could bring her here."

    Cid was an Ancient God and more powerful then both of them. He had easily traveled to Elysia before, without needed a portal.

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    Optimus Prime

    When Dumar agreed that Nicolai might be able to help, Optimus sent a servant to go get him. He smiled at his friend when he joined them.

    "Thanks for coming, Nicolai. This is my cousin, Dumar."

    Optimus introduced the two men and explained the situation to Nicolai. How Myst could not grant Dumar's wish to restore his home because he needed a talisman to do it.

    "....I know you've been studying the talismans. Do you know anything about the talisman that can change a place or person into the appropriate thing of an opposite universe?"

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    When the young man entered,Dumar offered him his hand.

    "My Cousin tells me you've become an expert of the Saber Vortex's
    Great Library? Do you know much of the Saber Vortex's Sister worlds? or other Dimension's?"

    If Prince Optimus trusted this man, that was enough for Dumar...
    However Dumar needed too know how much he knew before he was willing too share more
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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    "That's a good idea," Gossamer agreed. "Hopefully he'll be willing to do so."

    She didn't see why he wouldn't. Not like Doviana was a threat to anyone here. Gossamer wanted to see Doviana again anyway, to thank her for trying to help her and to apologize for the circumstances of her abrupt departure.


    In the presence of both Optimus and Dumar, Nicolai instinctively found himself standing at attention, instinctively reverting to the manner of a Guard of War.

    "I've done some preliminary research on talismans," Nicolai said. "But I do know of a talisman that could help. Negation - an emerald gem - has the power you seek, I believe. I don't know where it is, though. I can dig up some more books about it if you wish."

    He found himself warming to the subject quickly. Books truly were wonderful. Nicolai's secret dream was to be a librarian, although this had always seemed a distant goal.

    "I know a little about the sister worlds," Nicolai said. "That they came to be when siblings left Elysia to found their own worlds, and were ruled by their descendents. There is also some sort of gate system between them, I believe? Correct me if I'm on the wrong track. When it comes to other dimensions, I must confess I'm only just beginning to learn."

    Yes, Nicolai liked this much better than being a guard.

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus saw how Nicolai's demeanor changed a little when he introduced him to Dumar. Acting more like a guard, like he had been for the Family of War. Although he had also noticed that Nicolai was enjoying doing research very much as well. He had thought of appointing Nicolai to be the palace's official librarian.

    "Yes, if you wouldn't mind, that would be helpful."

    He was sure that Nicolai could find the answer. He had found what happened to the Myst talisman they had needed. When Nicolai brought up the sisters, he nodded his head.

    "You're correct. Dumar and I both descended from those siblings. And the gate system for the Saber Vortex is under the palace."

    Few people ever used it. One had to go into the cellar to find it. Optimus had guards always posted there. He didn't want the wrong person gaining access to it.

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    "I'm sure he will."

    Sojourn replied to Gossamer. She didn't see Cid telling them no. Doviana wasn't a threat to the Saber Vortex. And it made more sense for the goddess to come here, then for them to travel to her.

    "We can ask him once the guys are done talking to the guests."

    She was curious what that was about but figured she'd find out soon enough.

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    "I would be happy to do research for you," Nicolai said... and he truly did sound happy. He loved spending time in the library with the books. It was quiet, and finding answers was like a puzzle. Although he had been a guard, Nicolai was not a violent person by nature. He had not been given a choice of profession. Given the option, he would much rather be in the library than on the battlefield. Making that his life's work had always seemed like a distant dream.

    "I imagine the gates would have to be heavily guarded," Nicolai said. "After all, such things could be used for nefarious purposes if someone had bad intentions. No doubt you are careful."

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