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Thread: Saber Vortex

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus smiled at Nicolai.

    "Thank you, I thought you would."

    He knew how much his friend enjoyed the library. Research seemed to be his true calling. Not being a guard like the Family of War had made him. Even if Nicolai was a very capable fighter. He nodded his head to Nicolai.

    "I would think so. There are always guards at the gate here. I'd imagine other planets would do the same."

    Well, other then Iskani...Since there were no more residents there. That was a sad thought. He couldn't even imagine how hard that was for his cousin. To be the sole survivor of his world.

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    Dumar saw Nicolai's posture and demeanor change after
    being introduced. Which out even thinking Dumar commented on it.

    "At ease Nicolai, relax. Your nether a guard or a soldier for
    any of our courts or planets."

    Dumar was impressed with Nicolai's knowledge.

    "Your correct on all accounts... The gates actually pre-date
    the siblings arrival on any of the planets, according too Iskani's history books
    the siblings build their palaces or castles over top them too better protect them."

    Dumar could see the enthusiasm in Nicolai when he spoke of books
    and research.

    "When Iskani is returned too it's former glory, Nicolai you are
    welcome to the grand library's there. I have a feeling you'd enjoy them as much
    as my ancestor who commissioned them did... Before Iskani was destroyed there was
    much debate over which was bigger or better, between Iskani & the Saber Vortex....
    To be honest, I believe they where nearly the same. The difference was content,
    Given the different regions both planets reside in and their own rich history's.
    Though Iskani's Royal Library contained a number of tomes and books on the Negation...."

    Dumar's expression changed to almost a frown and slight anger..

    "Forgive me Nicolai, I have heard the servants and Palace staff talk
    of you and your female companion. Things about the Family of War and your hardships. I don't
    know great detail of your troubles... But I know of the Family of War and I say this not
    too belittle your trials and tribulations.... But I sorely hope you never meet the Negation...
    They make the Family of War look like a children scabbing over a toy..."

    Dumar took in a slow breath before looking a Prince Optimus and then
    back at Nicolai..

    "There is a secret of Iskani, One that the Royal Family has kept Hidden.
    Mostly because it is hard too believe, And was not something too be feared... Or so we thought.
    I honestly don't know if any of the Sister world know of it... Iskani is unique... every 323
    years... give or take a leap year, Iskani does something extraordinary... Iskani vanishes from
    this dimension.... For one month Iskani shifts into the dimension of the Negation Universe...
    As a child I'd read all the books about it.. How out ancestors spoke of the beauty in the sky.
    My fathers Royal Council of advisors had determined in would happen the night before my Birthday.
    I was exited, I'd wake up on my birthday in the Negation Universe and that night I get too see
    the wondrous sky..."

    Dumar paused again, taking in another slow breath...

    "I'm rather embarrassed too say, that even at my age that morning I woke
    up and was jumping around and giddy... I hadn't even gotten dressed, threw open my windows
    too see the sky to make sure I couldn't see anything I recognized. I got my wish, there was
    planets and stars in the sky I didn't recognize... I was so happy I turned and ran to my
    door to go find my parents..... I never made in too the door, A flash of blinding light and
    the next thing I knew I was standing on top of Mount Iskani some miles from the Palace looking
    at it... I.. I.. I watched in horror as some kinds of bolts of light or something rained down
    from seemingly no where on to the Palace and surrounding city... as I turned too look in other
    directions. Every where that I could see where there was a city or town, some place where
    people resided was being hit with these bolts or rays... within moments it was over....
    I waited too see if I would be next, but nothing came for me.. After two days I ventured down
    the mountain and headed too my home.... All I saw was rubble and destruction... there where
    no body.. An yet the animals in the surrounding lands as well as the trees, grass and mountains
    remained... I searched for the remainder of the time Iskani was in the Negation Universe,
    By the time Iskani had returned I knew that I was the only one remaining... I found the catacombs
    entrance under the rubble of the Palace, Once inside I activated the Planetary shield system
    that encased the Planet in some kind of impenetrable barrier... As horrible as things where,
    I was still the Prince of Iskani and it is my duty and obligation too protect Iskani and the
    Saber Vortex from threats... I know someone has attack the Saber Vortex on several occasions.
    I wouldn't allow them the chance too use Iskani to do that..."

    Dumar looked over at Prince Optimus.

    "I don't doubt Queen Rory's barrier is extremely powerful... But in both our family's
    lack of time or insight, Nether of our worlds have done much research or work too understand
    those things that sit under our homes... Something I plan to rectify when Iskani is returned..
    Not that it's important now, But I hope Optimus It will be a joint venture between our worlds..."

    Dumar smiles and looks at Nicolai...

    "Something tells me I know where we can find an expert too go through the Great
    Library's of our worlds when the time comes..."
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    Though he was careful not to let it show on his face - his years as a guard had trained him well in not revealing his reactions - Nicolai was stung by what Dumar said about the Family of War. That was how Dumar viewed thousands of deaths? The brutal tortures, the countless lives destroyed, multiple planets living in fear for generations? Those were mere playthings, in his eyes? All the dead and wounded were just toys?

    Well, of course they were, Nicolai thought. What are mortals to gods? What value would they place on lives so different from their own? He should just hold his tongue, he knew, and keep his expectations more reasonable. They weren't equals, after all.

    "What you experienced sounds horrific," Nicolai said sincerely. "You have my sympathies. Of course I'll help in any way I can. If I may ask... what made the difference this time? You said Iskani entered the Negation Universe on a regular basis. Do you know what factor caused the destruction this one time?"

    Nicolai planned to do his own research, but the obvious first step seemed to be to question the one person who had actually witnessed it.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Dumar caught what he assumed was a hint of pain or it could have
    been indigestion, But Dumar felt as if he owed the young man a better explanation
    non the less....

    "Nicolai, I think I've poorly explained things...
    First In case you believe otherwise. I'm Mortal, My father was a Secundea who
    spent his time ruling his people too ascend... My mother was just a simple mortal...
    From the Saber Vortex..."

    Dumar looks over at Prince Optimus and smiles at his cousin.

    "Robbed my cousin and his family of one of their better cooks...
    saw her at a Royal banquet one night, after that made every excuse he could come up with
    too come back her..."

    Dumar scratched the back of his head...

    "Honestly Nicolai, I couldn't tell you what was different... I read as
    many books as I've been able too find even those that survived... From what I've gathered,
    this should have happened a long time ago... The Negation are a warlike race that wish to
    conquer all... It seems their culture, even there hierarchy or class system revolves
    around war and conquering.... I thank you for your kind words... I wish I could tell you more,
    but I've said everything.... well almost everything... I saw what I thought was some kind of
    ship vaguely way up in the sky... The distance and how clear it was... I'd swear it was in
    space as apposed to in clouds of Iskani..."

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    Nicolai was a bit surprised to hear that Dumar's mother was a mortal - although perhaps he shouldn't have been. After all, Nicolai himself was married to a goddess, even though he was... whatever he was. Not mortal anymore, though he had been once, back before the Family of War had magically tinkered with him to create a better servant. Now he was something different, their creation even though he had existed before their intervention. Truth be told, it bothered him a little that he could never escape their influence that was now deeply physically ingrained in him, but there was nothing to be done about it, either then or now. He couldn't have prevented it, and now it couldn't be changed.

    "Well, this gives me a lot to research," Nicolai said. "The talisman, the Negation, this ship... I'll see what I can find, and let you know if I turn up anything productive in the library."

    Nicolai was sure that between all the diverse and arcane volumes in the library's collection, there had to be something.

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus was quiet as he listened to Dumar and Nicolai talk. Although he caught Nicolai's expression when Dumar compared the Family of War and the Negation. Optimus knew he was fortunate. His mother's protection spell protected the Saber Vortex from great threats. The planet had no suffered a major attack since the attack that had killed his mother. And any fights he had with his uncle Cid's family had been on his terms. He wasn't one to speak about suffering, since he had been raised and lived in a safe world. Still, he didn't think anyone should say one person's suffering was greater then another's. He missed his mother greatly but he was sure there were those that would say he didn't know what loss was because of how he lived.

    "Dumar, no offense, but I don't think it is fair to say what the Family of War has done is less then what the Negation does. You both have suffered greatly and...Well, I don't think it is fair to compare the two. The Negation took your world from you, but the Family of War took a lot from Nicolai and his family, and many like him, too."

    He said, diplomatically. He viewed Nicolai as his friend. He didn't think because Nicolai was a mortal that he was lesser being then him. He truly hoped that his cousin did not either, because Optimus would not tolerate people, even a distant cousin, disrespecting one of his friends that way. When Dumar said he hoped to eventually do a joint venture about the gate system, Optimus nodded his head.

    "We should do that. I will admit, I know little of it and I know Cid doesn't know much more. It already existed here while he still ruled Olympus as Zeus."

    They both knew it shouldn't fall into wrong hands and kept guards posted at it. As what was always done as far as Optimus knew.

    "And I'm not naive, I know any spell, even one as powerful as my mother casted, could be broken someday."

    Although he hoped it didn't. It kept the Saber Vortex safe and allowed him to give safe haven to his new friends. People who needed second chances at life. When Dumar spoke of his mother, Optimus said.

    "My mother always said she was happy that Ayla was happy. Although she did miss her cooking."

    Ayla had been the name of Dumar's mother. Optimus had only met her after she had become Iskani's queen. Although his own mother had been fond of her. Rory had been an orphan, she thought no one had to just accept their station in life. They could be anything they wanted to be. And that love knew no titles or bounds. She had been an orphan that fell in love with a king. She certainly didn't judge any mortals and immortals that also fell in love.

    Optimus nodded his head to Nicolai.

    "It does sound like a lot. If you need help, let me know. Dumar, you're welcome to stay here as long as you would like. As can your friend."

    He knew the amount of information Nicolai would be researching would take some time, it definitely couldn't happen overnight. Dumar and Max could stay as long as they desired. He didn't think there was much more they could do right now. Research took time. He looked down at the talisman in Cid's hand and said telepathically to his uncle, who was quietly listening to them.

    ~Are you ever going to use this and ask about your daughters?~
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    Cid had honestly zoned out. It wasn't intentional but he had been lost in his own thoughts as the three men talked. He was sure the Negation was a great threat. They had to be to take a whole world. If not for Rory's spell, they might have attacked this world as well. But...His thoughts were on Olympus. His own fallen world. It fell for a different reason. Not because of a would be conqueror from another universe, but because of Hera and Hades. He thought of his family, how the ones he knew were living were the Family of War. Of the horrible things Gossamer and Nicolai told him they had done. He thought of the things he should have done differently. Perhaps, if he had been a better king, a better brother, a better husband, none of it would have happened. So many innocent people wouldn't have suffered if he had just been a better man.

    He was lost in the feelings of guilt until Optimus' telepathic message broke him out of it. He squeezed the talisman and replied.


    He would ask soon, once he felt he was ready for the answer. Would he ever be ready or it? He wanted to know what became of Athena and Hebe but he was also nervous. He was afraid they were lost to him, like Olympus was.

    ~I'll ask once we're done here.~

    He added, knowing he couldn't avoid it forever.

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    Dumar nodded at Optimus.

    "No, your quite right Optimus. I've based all my knowledge
    an assumptions about the Family of war on what I've read about them....
    Nothing from first hand experience."

    Dumar shook his head.

    "Faith in a loved one is never naive, I wish I had more faith
    some days.... After my home was destroyed I've lost most of it.... Max, my work here
    and your support Optimus are all that have kept me going some days."

    Dumar nodded at Optimus.

    "Mother took her death pretty hard, she wasn't the same after....
    Mother always said they had an understanding or connection that others didn't understand
    Mother would never elaborate on it, even when Father asked.... She said it was trust among
    friends and a secret shared between them..... I always found when Mother spoke of Queen Rory
    it was more like a sister then a friend or a Royal. She still cooked from time to time...."

    Dumar Smiled.

    "I don't think you could get rid of Max now if you tried, This place
    feeds something in him that Olympus could not & it dampens his hatred of Hera... He was a
    mess when I first met him... His quest for vengeance & to save a woman, nearly destroyed him....
    He even went too Hell twice.... but both times never made it far before being stopped and tortured
    before he eventually escaped...."

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus nodded his head to Cid. It made sense to not use the talisman until they were finished here. He was glad that Dumar did realize that what he had said to Nicolai. He didn't believe it had been his cousin's intention to minimize what Nicolai had gone through. The Negation and Family of War were both horrible and their victims would remember what had happened to them for the rest of their lives.

    "I have found it is best to never assume."Assuming was not a good thing. And he nodded his head about why Dumar would have trouble with faith. He had lost everything, his entire world. It had been hard enough for Optimus to lose his parents, he couldn't imagine losing everyone and everything you ever knew. He looked down when Dumar talked about Queen Rory.

    "My mother touched many people's lives."

    Although he had no idea how close Rory had been to Dumar's own mother. But it didn't surprise him that Ayla would have missed her. Rory had had quite an effect on everyone she met.

    "I think, because she had been an orphan, she created family bonds with just about everyone she spent time with."

    Rory had to create her own family and she had been very nurturing. Optimus could not have asked for a better mother. He missed her dearly. He hoped to someday be a parent like she had been.

    When Dumar spoke about his companion.

    "Well, there is more to life then vengeance. And you can tell him that he's not the only one tracking down Hera. We are as well."

    Hera had committed enough crimes, they had to bring the Ancient Goddess to justice. With Hades by her side, Optimus didn't think it would be easy. But sometimes the easiest thing wasn't always the right thing to do either.

    "Although, it sounds like he was been through a lot. Literally. Perhaps, a new start here would be good."

    Like how his new friends had needed fresh starts. Optimus was sure his mother would be proud of him for letting people come to the Saber Vortex had get new beginnings. She had always said this planet had been her and Cid's new beginning. The first place that had truly felt like home to the late queen.

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    Dumar's expression changed rather quickly when Prince Optimus mentioned telling
    Max others where looking for Hera....


    Dumar paused for a moment to collect himself.

    "I apologize for my out burst... Max has finally started too act normally
    and think clearly.... He doesn't need to return too the shell of a person, driven by revenge..
    He's has made great strives here.... I must admit I was a little envious that Lord Cid had
    earned or garnered more info about this mystery woman he's talked about quite frequently....
    But then given who Lord Cid is on many level's I should not have been so surprised....
    Besides, Max is working on the restoration of the theater in honor of Queen Rory, Wouldn't
    want that too suffer ether."

    Dumar Smiled as he thought of some of the designs Max had done.

    "I Don't know if Lord Cid has had a chance too talk to you about it, But I
    belive it's some of Max's best work.... I'd say it will rival the Pantheons from their home
    world when the Theater is finishes... Actually Max has a beautiful plate crafted to sit
    above the main doors on in a place of prominence that simply says 'Rory's House'"

    Dumar chuckled lightly a Prince Optimus's last comment.

    "Max may appear in his twenty's, But that beard and Hair gives a hint
    of his true age.... Max is older then any of us in this room with the exception of Lord
    Cid... I.. I some times wonder what his nightmares are like.... My own are harsh, But there
    is light in them that I can potentially undo what happened.... His... He lived during a great
    era.... then watched it slowly erode into nothing.... How to fix that... I'd wouldn't know
    where too start... I think Max managed too cling too what sanity he could by focusing on
    what he could do something about.... Finding this mystery woman...."

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