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Thread: Saber Vortex

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus was glad to hear that no one badly hurt. The people were still in good spirits if they were going to continue the party. Optimus watched Cid poke Sojourn's finger and shook his head at his uncle. That was Cid for you. Not even bothering to ask and of course leaving him to do the explaining.

    "See you soon, Uncle."

    Optimus replied back. He didn't know if the others could teleport, besides Sojourn. He had seen her teleport. As a Secundae his powers weren't strong enough to teleport everyone to the palace. Besides a walk would probably make the explaining easier. He offered Sojourn his arm, since her leg was injured.

    "He wants to figure out if you're related to us."

    Honestly, Optimus hoped she wasn't. If she was some long lost sibling or cousin, that would be rather disappointing. Especially when he was finding himself already attracted to her. As he led her, Gossamer, and Nicolai to the palace, he told them.

    "Ten years ago, this planet was almost destroyed by an enemy attack from another world. My mother, the Goddess of Protection, destroyed the enemy's army. It cost her life but she saved the Saber Vortex. Before she died, she cast a spell on the planet, only someone who is family is supposed to be able to teleport in or use a portal to come here."

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    Optimus' uncle seemed like a different sort of god. He certainly wasn't big on explaining himself. Sojourn took Optimus' arm. She was grateful for the help walking. Her leg hurt from the Chimera's burn. Sojourn was very confused why Cid would think she was related to them just because she got through the portal first. That was until he explained about his mother and her protection spell.

    "I'm sorry about your mother."

    She said and meant it. While she had never had a mother, she could imagine it was hard to have lost your mother.

    "As for the other thing...Well, I'm orphan. I have no family."

    Obviously, she had birth parents. She wouldn't exist if she didn't but she had no idea who they were or if she was related to anyone else. She wondered if Cid's 'test' could find that out. Although a part of her really hoped she wasn't related to the handsome ruler of this planet.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Gossamer couldn't help a stab of jealousy when Sojourn took Optimus' arm. Such a simple gesture... but one that wasn't possible for her and Nicolai. Failing to hide their relationship sufficiently would lead to severe consequences - almost certainly lethal ones for Nicolai, and excruciating if not equally lethal ones for Gossamer too. She dreamed of a day when they wouldn't have to hide. When she could just take Nicolai's hand, and not care who saw. She wasn't sure that day would ever come.

    While they walked, Gossamer and Nicolai mostly just listened, trying to gain what information they could about the place. Gossamer couldn't quite hide a look of interest when Optimus spoke about the protection on the planet. If she and Nicolai could find some way to stay here, it could solve some of their problems. She wondered what sanctuary here would require in trade, but didn't raise the possibility aloud. First, Gossamer had to be sure this wasn't just one more hellhole with a nice veneer painted over it.

    She would be relieved when she got to see the palace doctor; she hadn't planned to tell anyone else about the pregnancy, but this was an obvious exception. After the fight with the Chimera, she needed to make sure everything was okay, and she couldn't find that out without admitting her condition to the doctor. Gossamer would just have to hope he or she could use some discretion.

    And what exactly had Sojourn managed to piece together? Gossamer would need to try to ascertain that when she could do so discreetly.
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    Optimus Prime

    "Thank you, I miss her a lot."

    Optimus replied sadly when Sojourn said she was sorry about his mother. He did miss his mother, more then he missed his father. Since Jett decided to abandoned everyone, Optimus didn't hold as kind of feelings towards him anymore. When Sojourn said she was an orphan, he said.

    "I'm sorry. Maybe we can help you find your family."

    He imagined it would have to be hard to grow up in an orphanage. Not knowing know who your parents were or why you were given away. Optimus noticed that Gossamer and Nicolai weren't saying much. Both seemed lost in their thoughts. He did catch Gossamer's look of interest about the protection his planet had. He wondered if she and her guard were running from something besides just that Chimera. He'd really have to find Cid and ask him about the creature.

    It wasn't a long walk from the town to the palace. It was a white marble building, large in size, but not overly flashy. Optimus was sure there were much more elaborate castles and palaces in other worlds but this place was nice enough for him. The guards bowed to Optimus and his guests. He led them into a room and called two servants. One left to find the palace doctor and he told the other one.

    "Sojourn, Gossamer, and Nicolai are my guests. Get them anything they need."

    "Yes, Lord Prime."

    The older woman replied. He then told the three.

    "I'll be back, I'm going to see how Cid's test is going and ask him about the Chimera. The doctor should be here in a few minutes."

    Optimus left to find Cid. He definitely had quite a few questions for his uncle.

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    "You're welcome."

    Sojourn replied to Optimus. She envied him a little. At least he had known his mother but she still felt sad for him. He sounded like he had loved his mother and it was surely hard to lose a parent who had actually loved you. When he said maybe they could try to find her family, Sojourn smiled.

    "Thanks, I'd like that."

    She wanted to know so badly to know who her family was. Sojourn wondered if Cid's test would give her any results. The palace was amazing to her, she had spent most of her time in the orphanage. Once in a blue moon, Doviana took them on field trips to see the High Council's chambers. That building had been very elaborate, but she liked the simple marble of the Saber Vortex's palace more. It wasn't as fancy, but more appealing to her. She took a seat and told the servant she'd just like some water. She was pretty thirsty from that battle with the Chimera. After seeing what Gossamer and Nicolai needed, if anything, the servant left.

    Sojourn figured she had a few minutes before the doctor would arrive. She might as well ask what was really going on between Gossamer and Nicolai. She first tried telepathy.


    It didn't take long for her to realize that Gossamer could not use that power. So, she asked in a quiet voice.

    "What's going on between the two of you? Because, Gossamer, I know Nicolai wasn't running 'trivial' errands for you in the middle of the night. You're the baby's father, aren't you?"

    Sojourn asked Nicolai. She kept her voice low, so no one outside the room could hear them.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Gossamer couldn't hide the panic she felt at what Sojourn said. She mentally cursed herself for letting Nicolai come see her at the orphanage. For admitting to Sojourn that she loved someone. Those were foolish risks she should never have taken, and now she and Nicolai were both going to pay a terrible price for it. If only the stupid Chimera hadn't shown up at exactly the wrong moment...

    Her fear manifested in an angry tone when she spoke. "Well, aren't you clever? You must think you've stumbled on an excellent blackmail opportunity. What exactly is it you want?"

    At least, Gossamer hoped it was blackmail - then they had some hope of paying Sojourn off. If Sojourn instead just wanted some way to ingratiate herself with more powerful gods by providing the information to the Family of War...

    Gossamer didn't want to harm Sojourn. But she and Nicolai could run. They would have to run. Someplace far away. It would only be a matter of time before their masters tracked them down, but a little time was better than none.

    The conversation was abruptly cut off by the arrival of the doctor, a busy-looking man in a white coat. He gave Nicolai a meaningful look, and when Nicolai didn't seem to be getting the message, the doctor cleared his throat a few times. Of course, the doctor would assume that this was a mere servant overstaying his welcome; he didn't know, and couldn't know, Nicolai's stake in this. Gossamer airily instructed Nicolai to wait outside and gave him a dismissive little wave, once again playing the imperious mistress for the doctor's benefit.

    The doctor then set to work, first giving Sojourn an ointment and instructing her to wrap the burn until it healed, then giving Gossamer a healing balm for the welts on her neck. Gossamer took a deep breath and said, "Um, and I'm pregnant. I would appreciate your medical discretion about that. Could you make sure no harm came to the baby?"

    As Gossamer rolled down the waistband of her pants so the doctor would be able to apply a viewing crystal to her lower abdomen, an angry red scar was impossible to miss just above Gossamer's left hip. It wasn't Gossamer's only scar - a few training mishaps back on Grace had left marks - but this one was unique because it had been inflicted deliberately, "PHOBOS" spelled out in painful block letters on her skin. Gossamer looked embarrassed as she pointed vaguely toward it and told the doctor, "Don't worry about that. It's not new. Can you just see if the baby is okay?"

    The doctor pronounced the unborn child fine, then departed, allowing Nicolai back into the room. Gossamer was relieved about her baby... but it wasn't going to make much difference if Sojourn was about to get them all killed.

    "So," Gossamer said, continuing the line of conversation that had been started before they were interrupted. "What's the price of your silence?"
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    Sojourn had no idea what kind of world Grace was. She had grown up pretty sheltered at the orphanage on Elysia. She didn't realize how cruel gods could be to people they thought were beneath them. Sojourn looked at Gossamer in shock when she turned angry towards her.

    "'Blackmail?' No, I-"

    Sojourn couldn't continue because the doctor came in. She wondered what the hell she had gotten herself into. She let the doctor examine her leg and she nodded her head that she understood his instructions. Apply the ointment to the burn and wrap it until it healed. Sojourn realized how sheltered Doviana had kept her when she watched the doctor check on Gossamer's baby. What kind of man would brand a woman? She thought to herself when she saw the scar that bore Phobos' name.

    Sojourn watched the doctor leave and told Gossamer when they were alone with just Nicolai again.

    "Nothing. I didn't....I didn't realize what kind of world Grace was."

    A world that didn't fit its name, she thought. She looked down at the jar of ointment as she added.

    "I won't say anything."

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    Cid was more confused at the results from the blood test. He had ran Sojourn's blood against a sample of his own and a sample of Optimus'. She wasn't related to either of them. So, how the hell did she get through that portal? Rory's spell was supposed to prevent that. Plus, where the hell did that Chimera come from? It had been chasing the girl. Obviously someone had sent it after her. Probably created the portal, but who? Cid had tried to be a good and fair king in Olympus. But king's had enemies. A lot of his own were gods who were supposed to be his family.

    When Optimus found him, Cid was sitting at his desk, annoyed that he had no answers for the Saber Vortex's young ruler. He leaned back in his chair.

    "Well, I suppose you'll find this some good news. Sojourn's not related to either of us. So, you may continue to drool at her."

    Cid said as a small joke. He had caught the way his nephew had been looking at the young goddess.

    "Although I have absolutely no idea how she got them through the portal or why the Chimera was chasing her or why it was on Elysia. Which, yes, it is a beast from my home world."

    Cid added, knowing Optimus well enough to know he'd ask about the Chimera. Although he had changed his name, Cid never denied his past. Optimus and his parents had known he was once Zeus. A great king and a father too many. After he had been exiled from his own planet, with no way to go back, he changed his name. He had a second chance and he had wanted a fresh start.
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    Optimus Prime

    "I was not drooling."

    Optimus replied to Cid, rolling his eyes. Although he was a happy to know that Sojourn wasn't some long lost relative of either of them. He didn't deny he thought the other Secundae was attractive. Although he frowned about the Chimera.

    "Well, I don't think we should let her go back to Elysia. Someone sent the Chimera after her, because for some reason she could get through the portal. They might have followed her through the portal too. Until we figure out what is going on, she'd be safer with us."

    Plus, Optimus wouldn't mind getting to know Sojourn better either. Although he didn't like not having answers either. It was frustrating. Before he and Cid could start to think of who might have sent a Chimera, the palace doctor came to them. He apologized for interrupting them but he knew he had to tell both gods about the scar on Gossamer's body.

    "This Phobos branded her? Like a rancher would with his cattle?"

    "Yes, my lord."

    The doctor said with a nod of his head. Optimus thanked him for the information. He frowned at the report. Any man, mortal or immortal, who would brand a woman was not much of a man. A real man didn't need to stake his claim like that. This Phobos was surely a dangerous person too. He looked at Cid.

    "We should offer Gossamer protection. Phobos won't like his 'property' being gone."
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    "Sure you weren't."

    Cid replied with a smirk to Optimus. Although he thought it was good for the boy. He had spent so much of his time running the planet, he didn't have much of a personal life. Everyone needed to have some fun in life. It was even better when a pretty lady was involved. He agreed Sojourn would be safer here, until they figured out where the Chimera came from. It was native to Olympus, not Elysia. He was about to joke that Optimus would surely be spending lots of time with Sojourn, when the doctor came in. He frowned at him. He knew the doctor had to think it was bad to break doctor/patient confidentiality.

    "No, I'm sure he won't."

    Especially if this Phobos was the one he had known. He hoped not but....He could see his grandson doing that. Look at how Ares was...He felt guilty, he had been such a terrible father to so many of his kids. He had some great kids, like Athena and Hebe, and then he had produced kids like Ares. Who then went on to produce even more horrible kids. Although he was getting ahead of himself. Perhaps Gossamer's tormentor wasn't his grandson. Only one way to find out, though.

    "We need to ask her what the hell goes on in Grace."

    He agreed that Gossamer should be protected from a man who mark her. He and Optimus headed back to talk to their guests.

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