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    Saber Vortex

    Saber Vortex

    Optimus Prime

    The Saber Vortex was a peaceful planet. It seemed to have a good balance of civilization and nature. The people, mortal and immortal alike, seemed to respect the other life forms that shared their world. It was a good place to call home. Sometimes the biggest worry was if a neighbor's dog wandered in a yard.

    Of course, peace doesn't always last. Ten years ago, the Saber Vortex had been under attack. A dark force tried to claim the world. To this day, it wasn't known who was behind the attack. The dead attacked the living and the world would have been lost if not for Rory. Rory was the Queen of the Saber Vortex and the Goddess of Protection. She loved the world as much as she loved her family. She used her powers to destroy the walking dead and cast a spell over the planet. Her protections spell created a barrier around the world. It prevented any supernatural being not considered a part of her family to enter the world. Her actions saved the world but also cost Rory her life. She left behind a brother, a husband, and a son.

    Rory's family and her world were devastated by her loss. It changed her family forever.

    "You were definitely the glue that held us together, Mom."

    Her son, Optimus Prime, said as he looked at her painting. He was getting ready for the ceremony. Every year on the anniversary of Rory's death, the Saber Vortex held a celebration in her honor. To remember her life and her sacrifice. Optimus missed his mother and he also missed his father. Although his father was not dead.

    Jett, the God of Fire, was never the same after Rory died. He began to drink heavily, distancing himself from his son and his people. One day, three years ago, he just disappeared. Rory's barrier prevented invaders from coming in but people could still leave. Optimus and his uncle Cid, Rory's adopted brother, had searched for Jett but could not find the First. He didn't want to be found. That left Optimus Prime to take on the leadership of the planet. He was king in all ways but officially. His father had not abdicated his throne before he disappeared. Not that it would have mattered if Jett had. Optimus was still a Secundae, having not ascended yet. Although he was older then most Secundae.

    Ascending wasn't high on his priority list, being a good leader to his people eas. Satisfied that he looked presentable for the ceremony, he went to find his uncle.
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    Cid loved the Saber Vortex. It felt like a lifetime had passed since he had been known as Zeus, the King of Olympus. Zeus hadn't left Olympus by choice. A coup had taken him out of power, banished him from a world he had helped create. He had tried to get home, but it didn't work. Over time, Cid accepted it. He just hoped that Olympus was okay and in good hands.

    The Saber Vortex and the ruling Prime Family were his second chance. As Zeus, he might have been a good king, but he hadn't been a good man. He was older and wiser now. He realized now he wasn't meant for marriage. He never could resist a beautiful woman. And while he had loved his children, he hadn't always been a good father. He had had too many, he couldn't possibly be a good father to them all. He had tried not to but he had played favorites and that was wrong. Being banished from Olympus had made Cid really think about his life and he realized he didn't really like the man he was all the time.

    That's why he had renamed himself Cid, to put the past behind him. When he met Rory, an orphaned girl, he realized he could do better the second time around. He could be a better brother, a better man. He had loved her, she might not have shared his blood, but she was his sister in his heart. When she had married, he had given her away. He had actually like Jett, until he decided to run off. Dump all the responsibilities of the planet on Optimus.

    Now, Cid did love Optimus. He was a fine young man and Cid was quite proud of him. While Cid had no desire to rule over a world again, he was more then happy to advise Optimus on how to rule the planet. Today was a sad day, the anniversary of Rory's death. He missed her a lot and he knew his nephew did too. Jett should be here, he thought. But Jett was a king that had abandoned his people and even worse, his own kid.

    It didn't take long for Optimus to find Cid, because Cid had been looking for him as well.

    "She'd be proud of you, kid."

    Cid truly believed that Rory would have been proud of the young god her son had become. He had stepped up when the planet needed a ruler and he was a good ruler at that.

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    Optimus Prime

    "I hope so."

    Optimus replied with a sad smile to his uncle. He did hope his mother was proud of him. He tried to be a good ruler, like she had been. He used to think his father was a good king. But good kings didn't just up and abandoned their people or their sons just because they were grieving. If Optimus ever had a child of his own, he would never abandoned his kid. Of course, to have a kid, he'd have to at least find a girlfriend first. Unfortunately, he was a little to busy running an entire planet to think about dating. Besides...No offense to the ladies of the Saber Vortex, but they didn't interest him much.

    Today was about honoring his mother and the legacy she left behind. Rory had been very beloved by the people and he hoped that he was making her proud.

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    Cid put his hand on Optimus' shoulder.

    "There is no hoping to it, boy. I know she's proud of you. She's always been proud of you."

    Rory had loved her son very much. While she loved the Saber Vortex, her most favorite job in the world had been being a mother. Rory had been such a better parent then he had been. If Cid could go back in time, he'd definitely would try to be a better father to his children. He had tried so hard to be a good king, he forget his children needed a father. Some had turned out okay, others...not so much. He hoped that if Optimus did become a father someday, he wouldn't be a father like Cid. That'd he try to be the type of parent Rory had been.

    "Let's get this show on the road."

    Cid said. Obviously a celebration honoring the late Queen couldn't start without her family. Cid both loved and hated this day. He loved honoring Rory and everyone celebrating her life. He also hated she was gone. He wished she was still here. Cid and Optimus would give speeches about Rory, as would other lords and ladies of the Saber Vortex. Rory had been very loved here. Not just by her family, but by her people. After kind words were said, then the party would begin. Because a party was what Rory would have wanted. She wouldn't want people to mourn her, she'd want them to enjoy life.

    Of course, Cid and Optimus had no idea how very different today's celebration would go compared to the ones in the past.

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    Sojourn & Cid

    It was always hard to talk about Rory. Cid missed her so. He had tried so hard to be a better man this time. She had been an orphan and until she met Jett, all they had was each other. He gave a speech talking about her wonderful qualities and that he would always miss her. He was glad that he only had to talk once in front of everyone, it would have been too much to do it all day. Although people would come up to him and his nephew to talk. He was talking to one of the lords when the portal opened, right in the middle of the city square.

    Sojourn ran through it with the monster right on her heels. It still held Gossamer in a tight grip with its tail. It was in pain from Sojourn, Gossamer, and Nicolai's attacks, but it was a strong creature. It would take a lot to take it down. People screamed and Cid turned and looked at it in shock.

    "What the hell is a Chimera doing here?!"

    Cid exclaimed. No one else would know what he was talking about it. A Chimera was a monster from his home world, Olympus.

    "How is it here?"

    He said quietly to himself. Rory's final spell....it was supposed to prevent something from this from happening. He didn't have to time to figure out how it was possible, he had to help get the people to safety.

    "Everyone, move!"

    He yelled at the citizens. Since Rory's death, the Saber Vortex had been very peaceful. Attacks were just distant memories. The creature was very angry and breathing fire.

    "Optimus! Its belly is its weak spot!"

    Cid yelled to his nephew. He had a feeling that Optimus would try to help take down the creature. After all, he was basically the planet's king. A good king would defend his people. Sojourn immediately regretted coming through the portal. Her hopes of where ever it led being abandoned was ruined. She had apparently crashed a party and put even more people in danger.

    "Damn it."

    She grumbled to herself. She heard an old man yelling to someone about the belly.

    "Hope you don't mind if I borrow this!"

    Sojourn told a guard as she grabbed his sword.


    "I'll give it back!"

    Sojourn yelled to the guard and charged at the creature, it was her fault this Chimera was here. That's what the old man called it. In an attempt to protect the orphanage, she had just put more innocent people in danger. She had to make that right. Even if she got more then just a burned ankle in the process. It growled at her, ready to strike the young goddess down.

    Hera and Hades quietly followed through the portal. How perfect, a party. The chaos of the Chimera's arrival, would hide them. Hera saw him, Zeus. He was trying to help people get to safety. She could kill him now, he'd never expect it. He'd never be able to defend himself. It was so tempting...Her hand balled into a fist as she debated doing just that.
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    Sojourn & Cid

    Sojourn smiled, happy that Optimus didn't appear mad about what happened. She did have to protect her fellow orphans. Although she had no idea where the portal or Chimera had come from. Cid was pleased to report that there were no real injuries of the citizens who had been there when the Chimera arrived. People had been able to get to safety. Some of the buildings were damaged, but that could be repaired. In fact, they planned to continue the celebration, just in a different part of town.

    Cid walked over and heard what Sojourn said.

    "So, you're the one who came through the portal first?"

    Sojourn nodded her head.

    "Yeah, I- Hey! What was that for?!"

    Sojourn exclaimed when Cid suddenly grabbed her wrist and poked her finger to draw some of her blood.

    "I need to run a test."

    Sojourn looked at him like he was a little crazy as she held her finger.

    "What kind of test?"

    "To see how you got here."

    Cid replied and shrugged at her when he could see that Sojourn had more questions.

    "Optimus will explain. Nephew, I'll see you at the palace."

    Cid said and teleported away. Sojourn turned to Optimus.

    "What was that all about?"

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus was glad to hear that no one badly hurt. The people were still in good spirits if they were going to continue the party. Optimus watched Cid poke Sojourn's finger and shook his head at his uncle. That was Cid for you. Not even bothering to ask and of course leaving him to do the explaining.

    "See you soon, Uncle."

    Optimus replied back. He didn't know if the others could teleport, besides Sojourn. He had seen her teleport. As a Secundae his powers weren't strong enough to teleport everyone to the palace. Besides a walk would probably make the explaining easier. He offered Sojourn his arm, since her leg was injured.

    "He wants to figure out if you're related to us."

    Honestly, Optimus hoped she wasn't. If she was some long lost sibling or cousin, that would be rather disappointing. Especially when he was finding himself already attracted to her. As he led her, Gossamer, and Nicolai to the palace, he told them.

    "Ten years ago, this planet was almost destroyed by an enemy attack from another world. My mother, the Goddess of Protection, destroyed the enemy's army. It cost her life but she saved the Saber Vortex. Before she died, she cast a spell on the planet, only someone who is family is supposed to be able to teleport in or use a portal to come here."

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    Optimus Prime

    "Yeah, you're right."

    Optimus replied to Cid with a smile. He had never doubted his mother's love for him. She had told him everyday she loved him. Even being Queen and all the responsibilities that came with it, Rory always made time for him. He didn't think of his father as fondly. He used to think Jett was a good father and king, but then he abandoned the Saber Vortex and him. Jett hadn't bothered to contact him or Cid in three years. Any fond memories he had of Jett were being replaced with anger towards him.

    Although today wasn't a day to think of his absentee father. Instead, it was to honor his mother. Talking about her was always easy. Everyone had loved her. She had been kind and a wise ruler. The Saber Vortex had never been the same since she had died.

    The hardest part of the celebration was the official speeches. Listening to the different lords and ladies and his uncle talk about Rory was hard. It was even harder to talk about her in front of all the people. But he got through it, without shedding a tear, like he did every year. They were in Rinoan, the capital city of the planet. It was also the largest city and many people had traveled far and wide to be here. Of course, other cities were also having their own celebration for Rory's life. It was a world wide event.

    "....I know she is still with us. Watching over us. My mother wouldn't want us to mourn her loss but instead, to celebrate her life. She always loved music and dancing."

    Optimus looked to the sky and said.

    "We love you, Mom."

    And with that, the celebration really began. There was music, dancing, and games being played. Optimus and Cid just had no idea that pretty soon the party was going to be crashed.

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    Optimus Prime & Hades

    Optimus hoped people were having fun. That's what his mother would have wanted. For people to enjoy life, not mourn her. He was talking to another lord and his wife, when the portal opened up.

    "What the hell?"

    He said, portals weren't supposed to open up on the Saber Vortex. Not unless he or Cid let them. He watched as a blond haired woman ran through it, with a monster right behind her. There was no other way to describe the Chimera. It had the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of serpent. Which was holding another woman in its grasp.

    "'Chimera?' You know what it is?!"

    Optimus looked at his uncle in shock. Of course, Optimus knew about Cid's past. That his name was not always Cid. That he had once been a great king named Zeus. Optimus just didn't expect to ever see something from his uncle's past here. Not when his mother's spell was supposed to prevent it.

    Cid knew his nephew well. Optimus grabbed his sword. He had to stop the creature. Innocent people could get killed. How it and the two women got here, he'd worry about after it was dead.

    "Belly, got it!"

    Optimus yelled and saw the blond hair woman charging at the Chimera. He didn't know how well fighting fire with fire would work, but he had to try. He threw a fireball at the Chimera's side and then teleported himself next to Sojourn. Attempting to grab her arm and pull her away from the beast.

    "Are you crazy? Are you trying to get yourself killed?! And possibly her?!"

    He yelled Sojourn. Charging at the creature seemed like a horrible idea, especially with Gossamer in its grasp.

    Hades was pleased, they had arrived. And people were so distracted by his and Hera's little friend, they had no idea they were even here. He saw him, his little brother. So distracted by helping those pathetic mortals. It would be so easy to kill him...So tempting...Hera looked ready to strike, but he grabbed her wrist.

    "No, not yet. I want him to see our faces when he kill him."

    It would be more satisfying to kill Zeus that way.

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    Cid yelled to Optimus that he'd explain later. Right now, the most important thing was to get people out of the way of the Chimera. Sojourn probably would have been struck down if not for Optimus' grabbing her arm and pulling her back.

    "No but it's my fault it's here!"

    She yelled back at him. The Chimera was very angry. It growled in pain when Optimus' fire ball hit it. It didn't appreciate being burned. It turned to the two Secundae and breathed fire at them. Sojourn saw the fire coming and it was her turn to push him out of the way.

    "The old man said something about the belly, right?"

    Sojourn asked him.

    "Got any ideas how we can hurt it without it hurting Gossamer?"

    Or the baby. Sojourn did feel bad that Gossamer was trapped in its grip. They had just met, but she wasn't a bad person. She didn't want her to get hurt. Hera sighed and nodded her head to Hades. He was right, Zeus should know who was killing him. She and Hades teleported away from the town square.

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