Optimus Prime

Optimus was taken aback by Dumar's little outburst. He hadn't realized how his offer would come out. He didn't know how far gone Max's desire for revenge had taken him. Apparently, it was far darker then the young ruler had realized. The Secundae nodded his head.

"I understand. It's fine. Let him focus on the theater house."

He'd like to see it restored soon himself. His mother had loved it and it was a shame that thanks to Hera and Hades, it was in ruins.

"No, we haven't had a chance yet. But I trust my uncle's judgment. If he believes that Max will design an even better theater house than what existed before, then I have no doubt myself and the world will be thrilled with it."

He nodded his head when Dumar told him how old Max truly was.

"I didn't realize anyone was as old as that old man."

He said with a smirk to Cid. And then added.

"Perhaps, he will find her someday."

He noticed Sojourn and Gossamer standing at the end of the hall. They seemed like they wanted to talk but not interfere with this conversation. They must have had something else on their minds. He was curious and turned his attention back to his distant cousin.

"Dumar, like I said, you and Max are welcome to stay here as long as you want. I have no doubt Nicolai will be able to help you greatly with your research. And that the reconstruction of the theater house will help your friend. I do have some other matters to attend to. If you'll excuse me."