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Thread: Saber Vortex

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus was taken aback by Dumar's little outburst. He hadn't realized how his offer would come out. He didn't know how far gone Max's desire for revenge had taken him. Apparently, it was far darker then the young ruler had realized. The Secundae nodded his head.

    "I understand. It's fine. Let him focus on the theater house."

    He'd like to see it restored soon himself. His mother had loved it and it was a shame that thanks to Hera and Hades, it was in ruins.

    "No, we haven't had a chance yet. But I trust my uncle's judgment. If he believes that Max will design an even better theater house than what existed before, then I have no doubt myself and the world will be thrilled with it."

    He nodded his head when Dumar told him how old Max truly was.

    "I didn't realize anyone was as old as that old man."

    He said with a smirk to Cid. And then added.

    "Perhaps, he will find her someday."

    He noticed Sojourn and Gossamer standing at the end of the hall. They seemed like they wanted to talk but not interfere with this conversation. They must have had something else on their minds. He was curious and turned his attention back to his distant cousin.

    "Dumar, like I said, you and Max are welcome to stay here as long as you want. I have no doubt Nicolai will be able to help you greatly with your research. And that the reconstruction of the theater house will help your friend. I do have some other matters to attend to. If you'll excuse me."

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    Dumar nodded, then followed his cousins gaze two the two
    woman standing at the end of the hall. He smiled, It was nice to see Optimus
    interested in other thing then just the affairs of state.... But then Dumar's
    smile changed to a frown, seeing the woman reminded hm that he had a meeting
    with a Princess that didn't like being kept waiting..... And Dumar was pretty
    sure he was late... A white glow began to show through Dumar's cloths at his
    chest an his cloths began to rise slightly and billow as his whole body was
    bathed in the white light emanating from his chest. Dumar nodded to Lord Cid
    and Nicolai.

    "Apologies Optimus I am late for an important meeting."

    And with no particular meaning or emphasis on anything Dumar's
    Last comment lingered in the air as Dumar disappeared in a bust of bight light.

    "Queen Rory would be very proud."
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    Optimus Prime

    Dumar was right, Optimus' feelings for Sojourn were growing. Before she had entered the Saber Vortex, his focus was to make sure he could be the best leader he could for his planet. A better leader then his father was, who had abandoned his world and his family. A ruler like his mother had been. He still wanted to be a good ruler, but he also wanted to get to know Sojourn better. Have her be a part of his life. He watched Dumar's clothes change and nodded his head.

    "I understand. As I said, you're always welcome here."

    And he smiled when his cousin said that Rory would have been proud of him. 'I hope so.' He thought himself and turned to Sojourn and Gossamer.

    "Sorry to keep you ladies waiting."

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    Sojourn & Cid

    "Gods speed."

    Cid told Dumar as he left and turned his attention to the two goddesses. Sojourn smiled.

    "It's okay."

    She thought it was nice for Optimus to spend some time with family, even a distant relation. One thing she had learned was that Optimus' mother had been very respected and loved by people who knew her. She wished she could have met her, Sojourn thought that Rory sounded like a wonderful person. And she was sure that Optimus was making his mother proud. He was a good person. A person she was starting to care a lot about.

    "Actually, we were hoping you could do us a favor, Cid."

    Sojourn said to the Ancient God, who asked.

    "I probably could. What is it?"

    She looked over at Gossamer, unsure if her friend wanted to be the one to ask him about Doviana or if Sojourn should do it for her.

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    Gossamer suddenly felt nervous and tongue tied, and she wasn't quite sure why. Perhaps, she realized, it was because on her homeworld, any sign of weakness or hesitation would be used against you by someone who wanted to get ahead. The horrible legacy inflicted on her people by the Family of War for generations ran deep, and old habits were hard to break.

    "I was wondering if Doviana could come visit," Gossamer said, pushing through the odd burst of anxiety. "We're parents now, and... well, we expected to have more time to prepare. We expected to be starting with a newborn. We want to do right by Karma, and... well, Sojourn suggested Doviana might have some advice, and it seemed like a good idea."

    Or perhaps she would have harsh criticism instead, if the orphanage caretaker didn't approve of their decision to keep Karma instead of finding her a new home.
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    Cid gave Gossamer a kind smile.

    "I am sure that would be fine."

    He looked over at Optimus, who was the actual leader of the Saber Vortex. With its protection spell, it was up to Optimus to decide who could enter the world. Unless, it was already family, of course. Knowing his nephew, he didn't think he'd object to Doviana coming for a visit. He turned back to Gossamer and told her.

    "She has been the caretaker for the Orphanage for many years. I'm sure she will be able to give you good advice."

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus' uncle knew him very well. He had no problem with Doviana coming here. He could see Gossamer was nervous. Not just about taking in Karma but also asking them. He hoped, in time, she and Nicolai would both realize that his home was their home as long as they wished it to be.

    "Doviana is welcome here."

    The goddess raised many unwanted children, including Sojourn. He wouldn't mind meeting the goddess who had raised her. He told Gossamer.

    "She can come as soon as you want."

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