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    Secondary Characters/NPCs

    Secondary Characters/NPCs

    I know that Jen and I will probably have lots of secondary characters/NPCs to help move the story along. I figured we could use this thread to keep track of them.

    I think all that is needed to be posted about them is:


    Brief History:

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    Name: Demeter

    Brief History:
    Demeter is the Goddess of the Harvest. She is an Ancient God that calls Olympus home. Demeter is in charge of allowing planets to grow, which in turn allows people and animals to eat. She loves her only child, Persephone, very much. When Hades kidnapped her daughter, Demeter's grief was so strong, she refused to allow the plants to grow and in turn, made the world of Olympus suffered.


    Name: Persephone

    Brief History:
    Persephone is a young Ancient Goddess from Olympus. She is the daughter of Demeter and very close to her mother. Helping her with her duties. One day, Hades heard her singing and decided to kidnap her and make her his queen. A first, she tried to escape him, but he slowly won her over by being surprisingly charming and kind to her. Persephone saw a side of Hades that few ever saw. She actually has feeling for the God of the Underworld. Because she ate half a pomegranate from the Underworld. Because of that, Zeus decided she would spend half a year with her mother and half a year with Hades.


    Name: Hermes

    Brief History: Hermes is an Ancient God from Olympus. He was the messenger of the gods and Zeus often sent him on special missions. One was for him to retrieve Persephone from Hades.


    Name: Rory

    Brief History: Rory was a First and the Goddess of Protection. She was also the Queen of the Saber Vortex and the mother of Optimus Prime. Rory was a kind goddess and a queen. She was very devoted to her family. She died ten years ago saving the Saber Vortex from an attack.


    Name: Jett

    Brief History: Jett is a First and the God of Fire. He is the King of the Saber Vortex and the father of Optimus Prime. He was deemed a good king until three years ago. He never moved on from Rory's death and began to drink heavily. He distanced himself from his family and one day just up and abandoned the planet. No one knows where Jett ran off too.

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    Name: Doviana

    Brief History:
    Doviana is the current caretaker of the Secundae Orphanage on Elysia. She is the Goddess of Upbringing. She was appointed by the Council of Youth to take care of the Secundae orphans. She likes her job and the kids, although she has made some mistakes in the past.

    (Hester, the kid that was adopted, was a one time use character. )


    Name: Poseidon

    Brief History:
    Poseidon is the God of the Sea. He is an Ancient God from Olympus and the brother of Zeus and Hades. He has a terrible temper and takes whatever he wants, regardless of the consequences.


    Name: Trenton

    Brief History:
    Trenton is the God of the Hunt and expert of tracking people down. Especially people who don't want to be found. He is also the lover of Doviana, the caretaker of the orphanage.


    Name: Andra

    Brief History: Andra serves of the High Council of the First. She is the Council of Youth and the Goddess of Guidance. She not only founded the Secundae Orphanage, she also created various schools for the young gods to attend to develop their powers.
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    Name: Allasayne

    Brief History: Allasayne is the Goddess of Battle Training and one of the two leaders of the ruling council of Grace. She oversees the combat education of all Grace's children and young people, and selects a few of the most talented and promising to train personally. She also serves as a sort of public relations liaison for the planet, attempting to assure the dignitaries of other worlds that The Game is not a barbarous cruelty, but rather a cherished religious practice that is vital to Gracian culture.
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