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    Talismans of Power

    Talismans of Power

    The talismans are objects of great power that different gods possess to increase their own.

    Abadazad: (Gem Type: ) The power to find people and things that are lost
    Brath: (Gem Type: ) Understand different language and develop strategies easily
    Chimera: (Gem Type: Star Sapphire) The power to reveal the truth
    Chronicles: (Gem Type: ) The power of the wielder is increased tenfold
    Crossovers: (Gem Type: Black Pearl) The power to move from one reality/universe to the next
    Crux: (Gem Type: Onyx) This power is undefined and works with another talisman to cause a random event
    DemonWars: (Gem Type: Tourmaline) The power to control the supernatural
    El Cazador: (Gem Type: Alexandrite) The powers necessary to find and reach a set destination or goal.
    First: (Gem Type: ) The power to create force fields
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: (Gem Type: Fire Opal) The power to change appearance and hide presence from others - McBride Brothers (portion of it)
    Lady Death: (Gem Type: Chalcedony) The power to create or destroy undead (zombies, ghouls, etc).
    Meridian: (Gem Type: Star Ruby) The power to heal - Jacen Bell
    Mystic: (Gem Type: ) The power to grant wishes - Gossamer
    Negation: (Gem Type: Emerald) The power to change into the appropriate member of the opposite universe. (IE First to Lawbringer)
    Path: (Gem Type: ) The power to force their will on someone
    Route 666: (Gem Type: Obsidian) The power to see evil, see spirits and speak to the dead.
    Ruse: (Gem Type: ) The power to hide the truth
    Scion: (Gem Type: Bloodstone) The power to command others
    Sigil: (Gem Type: Black Opal) The power to become untrackable
    Sojourn: (Gem Type: Ruby) The power to go anywhere at anytime - Hades & Hera
    Solus: (Gem Type: Diamond) The power to cause memory loss or to recover memories
    Way of the Rat: (Gem Type: Aquamarine) The power to become a master of any weapon

    Note: If a gem type is not set, feel free to pick it if you select that talisman.
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