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    Sojourn, Cid, & Hera

    If looks could kill, the First would have dropped dead from Hera's hatred. She didn't like what that little whore was doing to her grandsons. This seemed far worse then flat out killing them.

    "I'll make you pay for this!"

    Hera yelled at Gossamer.

    "I don't see how, you can't hurt us. I wished it, remember?"

    Sojourn said to the Ancient Goddess, who was seething.

    "You wait and see."

    Hera would find a loop hole. She always did. Even it took another few hundred years, she'd make these young gods that her husband sided with pay for what happened today. Cid said to Sojourn.

    "Come on, let's join the rest and get out of here. I'm ready to go home."

    Sojourn nodded her head.

    "Me too."

    The Saber Vortex already felt like a home to her. She didn't want to go back to the orphanage on Elysia. They turned to leave, when Hera yelled.

    "Zeus, you're a bastard! How dare you let her do that our grandchildren!"

    Cid looked over his shoulder at her.

    "Our grandchildren made a choice of how they wanted to live their lives, now they have to reap what they sow."

    He motioned for Sojourn it was time to leave. Hera could heard screaming from the room, throwing around energy balls that couldn't harm the Ancient God or the Secundae with them.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Enyo just laughed. She glanced behind Optimus, saw Gossamer approaching from down the corridor, and smiled. Enyo took Nicolai's face in her hands and gave him another kiss - long and deep this time - and then grinned at Gossamer.

    "As you can see, the plaything of the Goddess of Spite has strayed," Enyo said with a giggle.

    Gossamer said nothing, just threw her knife, catching Enyo directly in the forehead.

    Enyo, of course, didn't die. She moved to retaliate - then felt Gossamer's wish taking effect, her powers gradually diminishing. She tried to cast a deadly blast at Nicolai; he wasn't really the issue here, but she assumed Gossamer would be upset if he died, and Enyo had no reason to refrain from harming him. As it turned out, though, she was left with no choice in the matter, because her spell fizzled even as she tried to draw her energy together.

    Apparently a lot of followers were eager to abandon the Family of War, and Enyo felt the power of their worship slip away. She gave a wordless cry of anger and disgust, and fled down the hall.

    Nicolai turned to Gossamer, shaking and still deeply unsettled by his ordeal - and very aware that his bride had just witnessed another woman kissing him. "Gossamer, I'm so sorry..."

    "Stop!" Gossamer said. As the word came out of her mouth, she realized she sounded angry... but it wasn't Nicolai she was angry at. "Don't you dare apologize for what she did. They think they can do anything to us. Well, they won't be able to anymore. Just don't apologize. It wasn't your fault."

    She stopped short, catching sight of the little girl who looked so much like her. She drew in her breath. How could this be?

    "Is that...?" Gossamer began, but she didn't even know how to finish the sentence, didn't quite know what she needed to ask.
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    Sojourn & Cid

    Sojourn and Cid left Hera ranting and raving in the other room. And they arrived in time to see Enyo fleeing down the hall.


    Cid said quietly, a child of his he had not seen in many years. He had failed so many as a father. Look at this world and what Gossamer and Nicolai had told him his children and twin grandsons had done. The horrible things they had done.....Maybe if he had been a better husband and father none of this would have happened. It was so easy to blame oneself. Even if he had no control over any else's actions but his own.

    Sojourn was happy that Zarra was safe but was surprised to see the girl with them. She looked so much Gossamer. She could have passed for her daughter.


    She was lost for words herself. Cid looked at the child and said.

    "How about we figure it all out back home?"

    Cid was ready to head back to the safety of the Saber Vortex.
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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    "Yes," Gossamer said after a moment's pause. "Yes, that's a good idea. We should get back."

    She was unsettled. And although she couldn't be sure, she had some inkling what happened. The child looked like her, and seemed to belong to Phobos. But how was that possible? She had never slept with Phobos, and she had never been pregnant prior to conceiving with Nicolai. Yet how else could a child come to be?

    Nicolai squeezed Gossamer's hand briefly, then picked up the child, leaving her to help Zarra. Gossamer gave him a smile of gratitude for that. Nicolai knew her well enough to understand that she wasn't ready to deal with interacting with the child yet. That carrying around an unconscious young woman - which only required physical strength - would be a much easier task for her.

    "Let's go home," Gossamer said.

    Nicolai nodded agreement. Arena was not his home anymore, and he was glad of that. It would be good to be back where they belonged.

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus wondered how his uncle felt about what was happening to the Family of War. After all, they were still Cid's blood, even if he didn't agree with their choices. When Cid suggested they give out who the girl was, Optimus agreed as well.

    "I'm ready to go home."

    He said. He was definitely curious about who the young girl was. She looked like a perfect combination of Gossamer and Phobos. When everyone was ready to head home, Optimus took the talisman.

    "I wish for us to return to the Saber Vortex."

    "Wish granted."

    Myst replied and sent the group back home to the Saber Vortex's palace.

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    Optimus Prime

    Saber Vortex

    With the Mystic Talisman in his possession, Optimus Prime, the Lord of the Saber Vortex, was able to bring himself, Cid, Sojourn, Gossamer, Nicolai, Zarra, and the mysterious young girl back from Arena. It felt to the Secundae that he had been away from his home for a long time.

    "Home sweet home."

    He told his friends with a smile. They had it, finally. The talisman that could grant wishes. His uncle could find out what happened to two of his children. Maybe Sojourn could find out what had happened to her family. Maybe he could even find out what became of his father. The last one made Optimus pause. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know what had become of Jett. Jett, the King of the Saber Vortex, had a abandoned his people and his only child. Optimus wasn't sure if he wanted to find him.

    First things first, though, he thought. They had to figure out who the girl was why and she looked so much like Gossamer. Plus, Zarra had needs to attend to. He told Gossamer.

    "I'll have some servants set up a room for Zarra and-"

    He stopped when one of the older male servants entered the room. He bowed before the lord.

    "My lord, excuse me. I know you just returned home but there are some men here."

    "What men?"

    Optimus asked with a frown. Since his mother's protection spell, the planet had view visitors. Sojourn, Gossamer, and Nicolai had been an exception to that. Even though, he still didn't know how they were able to get pass the spell either. The servant replied.

    "The one called himself Dumar. They wanted to see you, Lord Cid. From my understanding, it is important."

    Optimus raised an eyebrow and asked his uncle telepathically.

    ~You want me to come with you?~
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    Sojourn & Cid

    "It is good to be home."

    Cid said when they used the talisman they had taken from Arena to return back to the Saber Vortex. Cid was a little torn about what had happened at Arena. Although, he had told Gossamer to do what she needed to do with the Family of War, they were still his family. Even if he had not approved of their actions. Not like their mother had. Hera. She and Hades had been there. Although, Sojourn had wished they could not harm them, Cid knew far too well that those two would find a loophole. After what was happening to the others, Hera would want revenge even more. After all, Gossamer's wish had affected the children she had actually loved.

    Speaking of children, Cid was very eager to use the talisman and wish to know what had happened to Athena and Hebe. Although that wish would have to wait. He frowned when the servant said there were people here to see him. Did he know a Dumar? The name sounded familiar but the Ancient God knew so many people over the years, it was hard to keep track of them all. He was better to putting names with faces.

    "Well, I shall see what our visitors need."

    He said and told his nephew telepathically.

    ~No, I should be fine.~

    He was safe at home, Cid wasn't too concerned. After all, Hera and Hades hadn't been able to kill him, he doubt these people could either. He followed the servant to the room the man had last seen their visitors.

    While Cid did that, Sojourn asked.

    "Gossamer, did you want to use the talisman again?"

    The best way to find out who the little girl was was to ask the talisman. Now that they were safe at the Saber Vortex, she was tempted to use it herself. To find out who her family was but...She was also torn. She was a little afraid to find out, because then she'd find out why she was left in Doviana's care. She wasn't sure if she truly wanted to know the answer.

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    Dumar listened to the ambassadorial aid as long as he could stand before
    it was too much for him.Dumar assured the Aid everything was fine & that all was running
    smoothly and according too the Royal Family's wishes... After the ambassadorial aid had left
    Dumar pulled out a cloth from his pocket and wiped his brow. Junior Aids where frustrating
    in their need too question their superiors every decision and praise others when ever possible.
    Dumar Looked up from putting the cloth into his pocket to see Lord Cid being escorted down
    the hall by a servant. Before the room Dumar stood up proper for a greeting or passing of the
    Royal Family member or honored guests.

    "Lord Cid"

    Dumar bowed as the two men passed him. Mean while Max was working on
    a young nobleman's helm, The noble asked for something different but still splendid. So Max
    used Greek Nobility & military officers helm styles for the base of this helm he was working on.
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    Cid couldn't help but wonder what this was about. After all, he had just returned home from Arena and someone wanted to see him. He was sure it wasn't just a social visit. He and Optimus didn't get many of those. Not since Rory had cast that protection spell on the planet. It was supposed to keep people away. Only family could get through the barrier. Which still begged to question how Sojourn got through it, but that was a question for a later time.

    Then he saw him, Dumar, waiting for him. He looked familiar but Cid was certain Dumar was not always his name. Not that the Ancient God could judge him for that. After all, Cid didn't use his given name anymore either. He just couldn't place the man right now. It might be because of his ordeal on Arena. The trip had been tiring and he hadn't had a chance to rest. And the Ancient God was also anxious to use the talisman and find out about his daughters. Both things were distracting his mind and his memory. Still, he was polite. Cid nodded his head in acknowledgement.

    "I heard you wanted to speak to me."

    Cid said to Dumar and his companion, Max. Who Cid watched with interest. Max was working on a helm. The design of it reminded him of Olympus.

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    Max had changed him mind in the end and finished
    closer too look like the helms he'd seen in honor of Zeus. He was
    quite pleased with it.

    "Hey Legate, look at this...."

    Max nearly dropped the helm when he saw Lord Cid walk up.
    he managed to hold onto the Helm and place in onto the anvil next too himself.
    Max bowed too Lord Cid when he heard Dumar address him.

    "My King, I mean Lord Cid, forgive me Lord, for though I have work here for
    some time in the palace forge I have never meet any of the Royal Family."

    "I was looking for you or Prince Optimus earlier My Lord.
    I was unaware you'd left the palace or I would have simply waited till
    after you'd returned and settled back in. I apologize for the intrusion, But
    I promised my good friend Max here that I would try too speak you the Royal
    Family on his behalf.... Though Max is an exceptional Smithy, the Knights
    and Nobel's taking part in the celebrations are constantly pestering Max
    with modifications or new pieces or armor or weapons for it, Making it
    difficult to complete his regular tasks or items requested or required
    of the Royal Family.... I had hoped your Lordship or Prince Optimus
    could speak to them."

    "I mean no disrespect My Lord, I understand how important the celebrations
    are and that the Knights and Nobles wish too look their best, But I have other
    responsibility's as well... With recent attacks I've been asked too go over
    the weapons and armor for damages and possible improvements.... And the other
    Day I was informed that at the request of Prince Optimus, I've chosen to do
    most if not all the metal work for the restoration or the Play House... with
    the Knights and Nobles constantly coming to talk, it's time I'm not pounding
    at steal or heating up a piece of steel.... an as Hephaestus would say, 'A
    cold forge does no one good.'"

    Max bowed then turned back into the shop area where he picked
    up a piece of steel from a pile of steel and placed in into the forge and began
    working the bellows. Dumar picked up the Helm from the anvil and looked it over
    before showing it too Lord Cid.

    "Beautiful workmanship isn't it?"

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