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    Phobos and Deimos

    Phobos sighed. "Yes," he said. "I am indeed engaged to Gossamer Portmore, the Goddess of Spite. I'm sure if you've heard about my engagement, though, you're also aware that the lady in question has become... problematic. "

    "He has no idea where she is," Deimos chimed in.

    Phobos briefly glared at his brother, but didn't bother denying it. "Unfortunately, Deimos is correct. For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, my future bride has chosen to make herself scarce. I'm certain we'll locate her soon."

    The servant girl moved silently between the gods, pouring the wine with her eyes downcast. She clinked one of the glasses faintly with a shaking hand, and more out of frustration with Gossamer than out of true annoyance at the minor noise, he backhanded the servant across the face. "Clumsy little fool!" muttered.
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    Hera nodded her head to her grandsons.

    "Yes, we did hear of that."

    She replied to them. She was about to say she knew where his intended was, when Phobos slapped the servant girl.

    "Stupid girl."

    Hera commented, feeling that her grandson was in the right to slap her for her little mistake. She reached over and touched Phobos' arm.

    "I'm afraid I have some bad news. During mine and Hades' travels, we found Gossamer. She was hidden on a world called the Saber Vortex, which your grandfather help rules. He hid her from you and allowed her to marry a guard."

    She looked at Hades. She did actually remember the name but she wanted to keep Hades involved in the conversation as well.

    "Do you remember what the guard's name was?"

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    Sojourn & Cid

    While yesterday had been a wonderful day, it had been Gossamer and Nicolai's wedding day, today was a new one. And surely all that arrived at Arena did not believe it was going to be as fun. They were in a hostile world and they would have to be on their guards. Not only did they had a talisman to look for but they would also try to help the people who lived in fear under the cruel Family of War's rule. Sojourn looked to Cid.

    "Any idea where we should begin?"

    Cid sighed. He truly had no idea where to start.

    "Knowing my children, if they took the talisman, they'd probably keep it in their palace."

    Which would be the most heavily guard place in the entire world.

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    Hades took a sip of wine and just shook his head in disapproval of the girl. She definitely deserved a slap across the face. She was quite annoying with that clinking of the glasses. When Hera told the boys what Gossamer was up to, Hades was sure Phobos was going to be even more angry. When she asked him what the guard's name was, he replied.

    "I believe he called himself Nicolai."

    Hades then took another sip of wine as he waited to see the boys' reaction to the news.

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    Optimus Prime

    They were here and it instantly felt different. His uncle had been right, this place was nothing like the Saber Vortex. Optimus hadn't even interacted with anyone on Arena yet but he felt tension in the air. He felt out of place here. He was a future king and he was in world where he had very few friends. He looked at Gossamer and Nicolai.

    "You know this world better then we do, I trust you both to lead us from here."

    Whatever the newlyweds thought would be the best course of action, Optimus Prime would agree to.

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    Phobos and Deimos

    Phobos was taken aback. He just stared at his grandmother and his great-uncle for a moment, eyes wide with disbelief.

    "Married? Yes, I see," he said calmly. "Excuse me a moment."

    He stood up from the table abruptly and strode across the room. With unintelligible cries of rage, he threw the wooden bench into the stone wall, breaking it into pieces, then started knocking down metal candelabra. He tipped over the sideboard, sending goblets and decanters careening across the floor.

    Deimos watched impassively. "He's angry," he informed his relatives without a change in tone or expression. "She was supposed to be his. If she's married to another man, everyone will know that she isn't."

    Tired of venting his wrath against inanimate objects, Phobos turned his attention to the unlucky servant girl. She bore no physical resemblance to Gossamer, but for now she was the closest young female he could take his frustration out on. He hit her repeatedly, raining blows on her face, chest, and midsection. When she raised her hands to try to defend herself from the unexpected onslaught, he twisted her wrist till there was a snapping sound, then shoved her to the floor.

    "Get out of my sight!" he snarled at her. "I'll deal with you later."

    The servant girl hurried out of the room, and Phobos turned his attention back to his family, once again completely calm. "So," he said. "How do I get to this Saber Vortex?"
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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Continued from: http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthr...l=1#post237024

    "Their fortress is an island in the center of the landmass," Nicolai said. "It's on top of a jagged stone cliff face. There's no point in trying to climb it. There's no cover at all; we'd be seen, and the archers would pick us off before we even got close to them. There are service tunnels underneath the fortress, but again, they aren't a viable way in. They're too well guarded. I would suggest a third option - that we travel around Arena the same way the Family of War does, using their portals."

    "Arena is designed for entertainment," Gossamer explained. "It's essentially a coliseum on the scale of a landmass. That being the case, there are some fixed portal locations so that victims for the blood sport can be transported in and corpses can be removed. The portals are watched too, but less carefully, and we'd be able to move a lot faster, so if we were careful we could probably get in without too much fighting."

    "And trust me, we want to fight as little as we can," Nicolai said. "The guards aren't gods, but nor are we pushovers, and they'll have the greater numbers. If we're spotted, they'll try to overwhelm us. It would be better not to be seen, at least not until we're ready for a final standoff. For now, let's try to find the first portal without catching their attention."

    "Be careful, everyone," Gossamer instructed. "Pretty much everything on this planet is hostile. The animals are predatory and aggressive. A lot of the plants are poisonous. The climate zones are harsh. There aren't any citizens here - just guards and servants - but there may be competitors fighting somewhere in the arena, so we'll need to watch out for them too."

    "One other thing," Nicolai added. "As I told you back in the Saber Vortex, the Family of War have the power to command me. I'll fight by your side till we reach the fortress... but if we run into one of the rulers, I'll have to leave. Not out of disloyalty or fear, but because they would use me as a weapon against you. I don't want you to have to fight me too. It'll be safer for everyone if I'm not there for the confrontation. I'm sorry, but it's the only way."

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    Hades continued to sip his wine. He watched Phobos' rage and felt nothing for the girl that was on the receiving end of it. He nodded his head to Deimos.

    "He was every right to be."

    If he had been disrespected that way, especially by a lesser god, then Hades would have been angry as well. At his great nephew's question, Hades replied.

    "Unfortunately, one of those First gods put a protection spell on the planet. It is almost impossible to get to."

    Unless you followed someone into a portal who could get pass the barrier. Like he and Hera had followed Sojourn to get there.

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    Optimus Prime

    Breaking into a heavily guarded fortress sounded like no fun, but being on this planet wasn't going to be a vacation. Too bad his first trip to another planet, was going to be difficult mission. Optimus listened to what his friends had to say about Arena and what they should do.

    "I'd prefer to save our energy for the fortress and avoid the guards as much as possible."

    He commented, he had no doubt the fortress would be a hell of a fight. Plus, the guards were just doing their jobs, he was sure they didn't all deserve to die. Many were probably forced to work for the Family of War. Not that he thought getting to fortress, when the planet itself was pretty dangerous, was going to be easy. Well, no one said life would be easy.

    "It's okay, Nicolai. When you need to leave, just say the world. Cid will teleport you back to the Saber Vortex."

    He looked at his uncle, it wasn't a request. Cid was the strongest god here, he could teleport to other worlds. He had teleproted them all here and Optimus was sure his uncle had used up a lot of energy to do it. Plus, since his family ruled this planet, Optimus was sure they favored Hera more then him. Optimus didn't want to put Cid in danger. He told his uncle telepathically.

    ~When you have to leave, I will still find the talisman. I promise.~

    He then turned to Sojourn and told her.

    "Stay close to me. I'll watch your back and you watch mine. Deal?"

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    "Sadly yes, married."

    Hera confirmed to her grandson. She was not at all surprised by his reaction. Phobos always had a fiery temper and what Gossamer had done was a slap in the face. She should have been honored to married to an Ancient God. Especially when she was from a lesser race of gods. She drank her wine as Phobos had his temper tantrum. She nodded her head to Deimos.

    "The harlot was unworthy of him."

    Hera truly believed that and she cared very little what he did to the servant girl. When Phobos returned and Hades answered his question about the planet, Hera added.

    "It's okay that you can't teleport there. Because they came here. Your grandfather is looking for a talisman. Something that will grant wishes. It's supposed to be on this planet."

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