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    Nicolai heard Optimus' voice and desperately tried to pull his gaze away from Enyo, but he couldn't. He felt heavy, hypnotized, unable to move even his eyes without her permission. Sweat stood out on his brow from the mental effort, but the strain didn't show in his paralyzed muscles or his expression.

    Enyo laughed, sounding almost giddy. "Oh, Nicolai doesn't want that. Do you, Nicolai?"

    She ran her finger along his cheek, and he shook his head; he couldn't help it. Even without a verbal command, Enyo was a powerful enough magical manipulator to get into his brain and take control directly from there.

    "Nicolai wants to stay with me," Enyo said with a breezy smile. "He's my lover, you see - and my spy. He's certainly shared a lot of secrets about you. But what else would you expect, taking in another god's lap dog. You were foolish to trust him."

    Nicolai willed Optimus not to fall for this, not to believe it, but he didn't have any way to assure his friend that all these words were lies.

    "You want to stay with us, don't you, Nicolai?" Enyo purred. There was silence as Nicolai tried to fight her with all the mental strength he could muster, but then she prodded him with a sharp fingernail near his ear and it was like an electric current into his skull, animating him.

    "Yes," Nicolai said woodenly, hating himself for his inability to resist the insidious spell.
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    Optimus Prime

    "I don't believe you."

    Optimus replied to Enyo. Nicolai had warned them what would happen if he got near one of the members of the Family of War. Their control over him was something he could not fight. Optimus was tempted to set the Ancient Goddess on fire, but he knew he couldn't. She might harm Nicolai, or Zarra, or....The little girl with them that looked oddly like Gossamer. He wondered where the kid came from but knew wasn't the time to ask about that. Instead, he needed to get Nicolai and the others away from Enyo. Who would be more powerful then him in a fight.

    "He warned me before we came here what you and your family could do to him. You're a manipulator. Just like your mother."

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    Sojourn, Cid, & Hera

    If looks could kill, the First would have dropped dead from Hera's hatred. She didn't like what that little whore was doing to her grandsons. This seemed far worse then flat out killing them.

    "I'll make you pay for this!"

    Hera yelled at Gossamer.

    "I don't see how, you can't hurt us. I wished it, remember?"

    Sojourn said to the Ancient Goddess, who was seething.

    "You wait and see."

    Hera would find a loop hole. She always did. Even it took another few hundred years, she'd make these young gods that her husband sided with pay for what happened today. Cid said to Sojourn.

    "Come on, let's join the rest and get out of here. I'm ready to go home."

    Sojourn nodded her head.

    "Me too."

    The Saber Vortex already felt like a home to her. She didn't want to go back to the orphanage on Elysia. They turned to leave, when Hera yelled.

    "Zeus, you're a bastard! How dare you let her do that our grandchildren!"

    Cid looked over his shoulder at her.

    "Our grandchildren made a choice of how they wanted to live their lives, now they have to reap what they sow."

    He motioned for Sojourn it was time to leave. Hera could heard screaming from the room, throwing around energy balls that couldn't harm the Ancient God or the Secundae with them.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Enyo just laughed. She glanced behind Optimus, saw Gossamer approaching from down the corridor, and smiled. Enyo took Nicolai's face in her hands and gave him another kiss - long and deep this time - and then grinned at Gossamer.

    "As you can see, the plaything of the Goddess of Spite has strayed," Enyo said with a giggle.

    Gossamer said nothing, just threw her knife, catching Enyo directly in the forehead.

    Enyo, of course, didn't die. She moved to retaliate - then felt Gossamer's wish taking effect, her powers gradually diminishing. She tried to cast a deadly blast at Nicolai; he wasn't really the issue here, but she assumed Gossamer would be upset if he died, and Enyo had no reason to refrain from harming him. As it turned out, though, she was left with no choice in the matter, because her spell fizzled even as she tried to draw her energy together.

    Apparently a lot of followers were eager to abandon the Family of War, and Enyo felt the power of their worship slip away. She gave a wordless cry of anger and disgust, and fled down the hall.

    Nicolai turned to Gossamer, shaking and still deeply unsettled by his ordeal - and very aware that his bride had just witnessed another woman kissing him. "Gossamer, I'm so sorry..."

    "Stop!" Gossamer said. As the word came out of her mouth, she realized she sounded angry... but it wasn't Nicolai she was angry at. "Don't you dare apologize for what she did. They think they can do anything to us. Well, they won't be able to anymore. Just don't apologize. It wasn't your fault."

    She stopped short, catching sight of the little girl who looked so much like her. She drew in her breath. How could this be?

    "Is that...?" Gossamer began, but she didn't even know how to finish the sentence, didn't quite know what she needed to ask.
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    Sojourn & Cid

    Sojourn and Cid left Hera ranting and raving in the other room. And they arrived in time to see Enyo fleeing down the hall.


    Cid said quietly, a child of his he had not seen in many years. He had failed so many as a father. Look at this world and what Gossamer and Nicolai had told him his children and twin grandsons had done. The horrible things they had done.....Maybe if he had been a better husband and father none of this would have happened. It was so easy to blame oneself. Even if he had no control over any else's actions but his own.

    Sojourn was happy that Zarra was safe but was surprised to see the girl with them. She looked so much Gossamer. She could have passed for her daughter.


    She was lost for words herself. Cid looked at the child and said.

    "How about we figure it all out back home?"

    Cid was ready to head back to the safety of the Saber Vortex.
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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    "Yes," Gossamer said after a moment's pause. "Yes, that's a good idea. We should get back."

    She was unsettled. And although she couldn't be sure, she had some inkling what happened. The child looked like her, and seemed to belong to Phobos. But how was that possible? She had never slept with Phobos, and she had never been pregnant prior to conceiving with Nicolai. Yet how else could a child come to be?

    Nicolai squeezed Gossamer's hand briefly, then picked up the child, leaving her to help Zarra. Gossamer gave him a smile of gratitude for that. Nicolai knew her well enough to understand that she wasn't ready to deal with interacting with the child yet. That carrying around an unconscious young woman - which only required physical strength - would be a much easier task for her.

    "Let's go home," Gossamer said.

    Nicolai nodded agreement. Arena was not his home anymore, and he was glad of that. It would be good to be back where they belonged.

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus wondered how his uncle felt about what was happening to the Family of War. After all, they were still Cid's blood, even if he didn't agree with their choices. When Cid suggested they give out who the girl was, Optimus agreed as well.

    "I'm ready to go home."

    He said. He was definitely curious about who the young girl was. She looked like a perfect combination of Gossamer and Phobos. When everyone was ready to head home, Optimus took the talisman.

    "I wish for us to return to the Saber Vortex."

    "Wish granted."

    Myst replied and sent the group back home to the Saber Vortex's palace.

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    They had lost. Not only did Zeus escape once again but he had taken the wish granting talisman with him. Arena was starting to crumble. With Gossamer's wish, the gods of this world were losing their power. And the world was going to be fallen kingdom, like Olympus. There was nothing left for Hades and Hera here. He told Hera.

    "This place is lost. Let's go home and regroup."

    He wasn't about to give up. He wanted the talisman his brother had taken. Hades could use it he thought. He could wish for Persephone to love him again. Persephone...He hadn't checked on her in a while. He should return to his castle and do that. She was still in coma, had been since he and Hera had acted out their coup.

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    The Ancient Goddess' fury knew no bounds. To see what Gossamer's wish had done to her beloved children and grandchildren, it made her so angry. She would make the First pay for it! As would her friends and Zeus. Because her estranged husband had sided with the newer gods instead of his own flesh and blood. For doing that, Hera would make him truly pay. Of all his crimes, that was by far the worst one he had ever committed. She nodded her head to Hades.

    "Yes, you're right."

    There was nothing she could do for her children or grandchildren. It was best to return home and regroup.

    "My darlings, I will make that that lesser goddess and Zeus pay for this. I swear on my love for you."

    She said, hoping the Family of War would hear her promise as she and Hades used their own talisman to return to Olympus.

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