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    Optimus Prime

    Hades was very pleased with how the discussion was going with his great nephews. He was quiet but did nod his head that he would help confront Zeus and Phobos' harlot.

    Meanwhile, Optimus agreed that the best way to reach the fortress was to quickly use the portals. Hopefully, they'd be able to avoid the guards and the competitors on this planet. He told his uncle telepathically.

    ~You know I will.~

    He also understood that Nicolai probably wasn't too thrilled with the idea of leaving Gossamer behind once they reached the fortress. He told the former guard quietly.

    "I'll protect her."

    Optimus would protect Gossamer just as much as he'd protect Sojourn. He agreed that they should get going on. He followed his friends through the first portal and shivered when they suddenly arrived on the top of the mountain. The winds were brutal and cut through his clothes. He hoped it wouldn't take too long to find the next portal.

    "Lead the-"

    He was about to tell Nicolai to lead the way to the next portal, when he heard the scream and Sojourn said they weren't alone. Optimus drew out his sword and said.

    "We should check it out."

    Someone could be in danger.

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    "Thank you," Nicolai told Optimus quietly.

    Of course, Nicolai was fully aware that Gossamer was capable of protecting herself. He was not embarrassed to admit that between the two of them, Gossamer was an even better fighter than he himself was. It wasn't that he thought she needed him - or anyone - to survive a fight. She'd been raised for combat. The point was that he loved her. His fear for her safety was because he cared, not because he doubted her. He'd feel a lot better, knowing she had backup.

    Gossamer nodded that they should go check out the source of the sound. She hefted her throwing spear, and ensured that her own sword was accessible as they moved forward slowly and silently. Nicolai quietly notched a bolt in his crossbow.

    The stranger was well over six feet tall. He hadn't shaved in many days, so he was growing a fairly impressive beard, nor did he appear to have washed. He was gloating over what he apparently assumed was another competitor - a slender teenager in a bloodied white dress, who he was dangling by her arm, obviously causing her great pain.

    Gossamer knew exactly what the stranger saw. It was the same thing her brother Slate would have seen, finding a weaker person in the Arena. He saw an easy kill. Not a person whose life was of equal value to his own, but an easy one to snuff out to increase his score and his favor with the gods.

    "Put her down!" Gossamer said harshly.

    "Who's gonna make me?" the stranger asked with amusement, holding his knife mere inches from the flesh of the young woman's neck as she cried out again in fear and pain.
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    Phobos and Deimos

    "We'll have to locate them first, of course," Deimos pointed out practically.

    "It shouldn't be too hard," Phobos replied dismissively. "We have mirrors and seeing stones all over this planet."

    "Too many," Deimos countered quietly. "We can't watch all of them all the time. Not even the guards can. It's one thing when we have a Game going on, and we know where to aim. When they could be anywhere on the planet..."

    "We'll find them," Phobos insisted impatiently. "It can't be that hard."

    Leaning back in his chair, Phobos motioned to the guard captain. "Get the scribes working on it. In the meantime, I could use some entertainment. Bring my serving girl to me."

    But for the second time that day, Phobos would face disappointment at the hands of a woman. The guard captain returned to report that the servant was nowhere to be found.

    "WHAT?!" Phobos thundered.

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    Sojourn & Cid

    Sojourn and Cid both had no doubt that Gossamer could take care of herself. However, it surely had to ease Nicolai's mind that when he would have to leave with Cid, that his wife would be looked after. Sojourn could smell the competitor before they even found him and the girl. They had to help her and Cid knew he'd be taking her to the Saber Vortex too. Although he had no idea that his grandson was responsible for the blood on her dress. He assumed the man had attacked her before he decided to try and slit her throat. Sojourn grabbed an arrow and aimed it towards his head.

    "We will."

    She said, ready to take a shot at him. Cid frowned and told the man.

    "There is five of us and one of you. I suggest you let her go."

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime didn't think that Gossamer was not capable of protecting herself. Honestly, she was probably the most capable fighter here. He offered to protect her to ease Nicolai's mind about having to leave her behind eventually. If the situation was reversed and he'd have to leave Sojourn behind, he'd want reassurance that his friends would look after her. When the group found the competitor and the girl, Optimus couldn't resist making a face at the smell of him. He could definitely have benefited from taking a bath. They had to stop him and help the girl. Although, he assumed, like his uncle, that the man had beaten the young woman.

    A flame started to appear around the blade of his sword as Optimus said.

    "Let the girl go, we won't tell you again."

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    Hades calmly finished his wine as he listened to his great-nephews. He set down the goblet as Phobos lost his temper to find out his servant girl was missing. He pulled out the crystal eye that once belonged to the Fates and said.

    "You won't need to search through your mirrors to find them. This belonged to the Fates and it can find anyone, anywhere. We can find your dear grandfather, the whore, or that stupid girl. Actually, let's find her first. She did try to ruin our reunion."

    That idiot had annoyingly clinked those goblets together. Hades waved his hand over the eye. It showed the girl being threatened by one of the game's competitors and Cid, Gossamer, Nicolai, Sojourn, and Optimus trying to stop him from killing her on top of the mountain.

    "Well, would you look at that. They are all together. Makes it much easier for us."

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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    The competitor surveyed the group for an instant, calculating the odds, and decided he didn't like his chances. Killing the girl would have been easy, but it had been a mere convenience - ending her life wasn't worth risking his own. He abruptly released her and shoved her away, giving her no chance to regain her footing, pushing her in the general direction of Gossamer. Gossamer managed to catch the girl before she hit the ground... and the competitor took off at a run, eager to put as much distance as possible between himself and the well-armed interlopers.

    "Are you alright?" Gossamer asked the girl, but the answer was painfully clear. The blood and bruises said she wasn't.

    Nicolai, meanwhile, was looking at her with recognition. "Sanjela?" he said in disbelief. "How did you get here?" He told the others, "She's my brother's daughter."

    Then Nicolai realized the girl didn't recognize him in return. He hadn't changed that much in the two years since he'd seen his family. The real Sanjela would have known who he was.

    "You aren't her, are you?" Nicolai said softly. "You just look like her. Identical, even."

    The girl shook her head, but when she tried to speak, no sound came out of her mouth.

    "Let's get out of here," Gossamer said, glancing around. "We've probably drawn attention here. Once we get more out of the way, we can figure out what's going on."

    Nicolai directed them through another portal he opened... this time to a dense forest, where they would be more easily hidden, at least for a time.

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    Phobos and Deimos

    Phobos grinned. "Well, that's that a good trick!" he said appreciatively. "Excellent. We'll fetch a few guards and go intercept them."

    "We'll have to use the portal," Deimos told Hera and Hades. "Normal teleportation is blocked on the planet's surface."

    Teleportation within the competition area of Arena sometimes worked, but strong magic hampered it. Where would they be, after all, if competitors with teleportation powers could simply whisk themselves away and wait out the competition? Teleportation attempts here were much more likely to fail than normal, and sometimes the directional sense of the person attempting to use their power became confused by the magically cultivated terrain.

    "They're standing right by it," Phobos said. "That'll make it easy."

    But of course, it wasn't as simple as they intended. The brothers led their grandmother and great-uncle to the portal room and through the magical gate to the top of the mountain, but when they got there, the group had already departed.

    Phobos cursed, but Deimos smiled.

    "What?" Phobos demanded.

    "They took the girl," Deimos replied. Phobos was about to protest this injustice, but Deimos stopped him. "She's badly injured," the God of Dread said. "She'll slow them down if they keep her with them. We'll be able to get to them in no time."

    "Then they'll just dump her somewhere," Phobos said sulkily.

    "Perhaps. But perhaps not," Deimos said with the same enigmatic smile still on his face.
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    Sojourn & Cid


    Sojourn yelled at the competitor as he turned tail and ran from them. She shot her arrow off but she was sure it would miss its mark. She didn't even look to see if it hit the man or not. Instead, she turned her attention to the girl. She looked horrible and both she and Cid thought that it wasn't just the coward who had harmed her.

    They were also shocked when Nicolai thought he recognized her. Cid and Sojourn nodded their heads when he said the girl was his niece. Well, he thought she had been his niece. She wasn't speaking but clearly she did not know Nicolai. Cid frowned when the girl tried to speak but couldn't. Obviously if she was a mute, she'd have learned another way to communicate. It seemed that this girl's problems were very recent. Sojourn and Cid agreed they should go, before anyone else came for them.

    Sojourn told the girl.

    "Don't worry, we'll keep you safe."

    Cid nodded his head but also rubbed his chin. There something very odd about her condition. He wasn't sure what it was, though. After they walked through the portal to the forest area, he said to their new friend.

    "When Nicolai and I have to leave, you will come with us. I'll take you somewhere safe. Where you can get treatment and not have to be afraid. I'm Cid, by the way. The girl you ran into is Gossamer. Nicolai is her husband. This man is my nephew, Optimus and the other girl is his girlfriend, Sojourn."

    He said girlfriend with a smirk to Sojourn and Optimus. Sojourn's cheeks turned a little red at the comment.

    ~So, we're officially a couple now?~

    Sojourn asked Optimus telepathically. They had went on a few dates but she hadn't labeled what they were yet. Although, she honestly, did not mind the idea at all.

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    "Yes, it is. Makes life much easier."

    Hera replied to her grandchildren when Phobos liked Hades' trick with the Fates' eye. It did make things much easier when you could easily find who you were looking for. Especially on a world were you couldn't teleport normally. She nodded her head to Deimos when he explained why they had to use the portals. It made sense to her, they couldn't have competitors trying to teleport away.

    Although nothing was as ever easy as it seemed. By the time they arrived, Zeus and his group had left, with the girl. She knew Zeus, he'd protect her. He'd probably want to get in her pants eventually.

    "Knowing your grandfather, he'll keep the girl with them. Even if she is liability. He always has to play the hero."

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