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    And, posted. Our honored and honest cops can make their way back on the next round.

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    Will do. It seems about time for them to cut Brandon loose, for now. Since Vince doesn't have enough planted evidence to arrest him yet.

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    Again, I don't have much to add for Andi.

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    I'm sure she'll have something to do on the next round, when Angela calls her about a certain mentally deranged canine. XD

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    I surely hope Brandon listens to Angela. Otherwise I'm not sure he'll have a very pleasant night.

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    I still got nothing for Andi, but no worries. I'm sure Angela will call her once Brandon gets settled into the hotel.

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    She will, she's dying to talk to Andi. Poor lady's about to freak out at the threat to her children.

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    Can't say I blame her.

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    Same, poor woman. And the call has been placed.

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    This time, I have nothing to add. Until Andi and Angela are done talking, I won't have much for Brandon to do.

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