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    I like that idea. My officer could be an honest cop but partnered with the corrupt officer, who is her superior. Thus she didn't question too much about the evidence, trusting the other officer's judgment and not realizing he's on the mafia's payroll.

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    Nice, so, updating, we have:

    Defendant - Optimus Prime
    Corrupt Police Officer - Optimus Prime
    Honest Police Officer - Sojourn
    Prosecutor - Sojourn
    Defendant's lawyer - Shades
    Actual criminal - Shades

    And everyone else around as NPCs, right?

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    Sounds like this will be a lot of fun

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    If would be interesting to see the corrupt police officer's mafia contact, too. That would be the fellow charged with leaning on the corrupt police officer as necessary to get full cooperation from him

    (Hi. Even when I'm not playing, I may kibbitz. )
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    It probably won't be just one specific person, or we may NPC him (unless someone wants to take this one over as another main), as it will probably be cool to have them be more flexible and able to be used by more than one, but definitely gonna have to see the contact/contacts, thanks!

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    I think we can NPC the contact or contacts. Because I'd think the mafia would definitely use more then one, especially when trying to make sure an innocent guy goes to jail and a criminal goes free.

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    Yup, I'm betting on the same, and NPC'ing them would give us more freedom of movement. =)

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    NPCing them works for me too.

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    I'll work on a draft for the In character thread over the week. Is everyone okay with a moderately slow pace?

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    Slower pace is fine. That works well with work and football practices.

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