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    The OOC discussion thread

    The OOC discussion thread

    First of all, thanks for setting this up!

    Second, just for safekeeping, I'll paste the important part of the original post here so we can start plotting fun times!

    Theme: Real life, maybe noir, maybe current time.
    Plot: A court/criminal case from the beginning to end. Maybe with the defendant being falsely accused of some crime. (Update: the defendant will definitely have been falsely accused, and the true criminal will probably be involved with the Mafia, just to make things more interesting)

    Possible Characters: the defendant, the actual criminal (who may or may not be involved in the case), police investigators, lawyer/prosecutor (I would probably PC one of these, more inclined towards the defendant's lawyer). Others may be added. Members of the juri and judge will probably be NPCs.

    So, I guess that's it. I'm very inclined to have a juicy murder case with lots of publicity and all the media frenzy a big case can bring.

    As for how many characters each participant can take, I would say, as many as they can keep track of?

    Let the plotting begin!

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    I'm leaning towards being a police detective. And you know I can definitely handle more then one character.

    What kind of crime where you thinking it would be?

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    Can you really? I'm not too sure about you >.> XD
    And I'm leaning strongly towards something pretty serious, such as murder, and someone powerful enough to twist the evidence being behind it.

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    I have no problem controlling more then one person too.

    I'm leaning more towards being the falsely accused defendant.

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    I suspect you won't like me too much after some time in this roleplay. lol
    That's awesome. So this is what we have for now:

    Defendant - Optimus Prime
    Police Officer - Sojourn
    Defendant's lawyer - Shades

    I think we should then define who else we need to make a solid case?

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    Probably not. LOL

    I'm cool with it being a murder case and the mafia link. Perhaps my character did something to piss off the real criminal to cause him to frame him. Also, we'd need the prosecutor.

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    @Sojourn: Nice, that works. I think with this set up, we can either take two as main characters, and leave the rest as NPCs that can be used either by all of us or by specific writers, depending on their relevance.

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    I could take on the prosecutor too, since the police officer would be more of a minor role in the actual trial.

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    Wait, what? >.>

    And I agree. I guess we need the prosecutor, the actual criminal (though I can NPC this one or have him as my second PC) and maybe a corrupt police officer to help in the process of tampering with the evidence?

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    I agree with the doubling up. I could take on the corrupt police officer too, who is actually on the mafia's payroll and tampers with the evidence to make my main guy the fall guy.

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