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Thread: Arabian nights

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    Arabian nights

    Arabian nights

    The dawn of a new summer day in Persepolis had always been a grand sight. *A hundred shades of red, purple and orange mixed over the horizon to the east, crossed at times by misty streaks of grey.

    Flowers on yellow-brown balconies or hanging from vines and branches lining cold stone walls are the first to stir, turning to meet morning's first light. *Soon the tapping of hooves and lazy creaking of cart wheels can be heard echoing through the empty streets. *Never missing their cue, an army of merchants and peddlers crowd the market, chanting hushed greetings and blessings for a prosperous day. *All manners of goods are quickly put on display before the first of the heavy curtains can be cast aside to let the warmth and radiance of this glorious morning into the homes of the citizens of Persepolis.

    As the incandescent persian sun rose over the desert, melting the dark purple sky into an inspiring blue, one would think peace and prosperity would always reign in the crowding streets below. *But even the most dreadful tales often begin with the smallest of things.

    In this instance, it is the pounding of bare feet on the sandy streets and the rustling of lightly colored garments about a young man as he rushes through the market. *His thoughts focused solely on his pursuers who, contrary to the beliefs of onlookers, did not seek to procure his hands.

    The young man raced past the swarming crowd which now occupied the busy market and sought shelter in the back alleys of the rich city. *Ducking around a desolate corner, he stopped and listened. *The sounds of this city's life seemed so distant now, and his ears could not make out the slightest hint of pursuit.

    He slid against the wall to his knees with a deep sigh of relief, but almost instantly held his breath again and whipped his head around. *He wasn't alone.
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    It was cold. The desert often got that way before the sun rose. But it never bothered her. Not in her many years here or in any place she had visited. She was old. Her bones only ached when she was old. Persepolis was this cities name. It was curiously different than the others... Somehow, and it intrigued her. She had to go here, though no one would see or believe they saw her traveling in the late hours of the pre-dawn era of time. No one could be out and not be shivering. Not just yet. But she was. She always was.

    Her feet brought her here, to this city and only she knew why. She had made a promise long ago... long, long ago and the people of her generation kept promises. They also still prayed daily. Thus she was brought by her own feet to the temple of Persepolis. She had never seen their priests, priestesses nor did she know if they favored the same Gods here. It did not manner. Solitude was needed before her final days and the new to come were over. With the ring of the gong at 5 a.m. she was in a private room, more off to the side than the main hall of prayer. And on her aged knees, she knelt to pay homage to the Gods for her last and first time. Her sandals were discarded to one side and she touched her head to the floor, whispering, several times. It was after the prayer that she hung back in this room and pulled from the depths of her robe, a long sought treasure. Her old hands moved along the well sculpted gold. There was a rush of wind, but there was no relief on this wind. The old woman's eyes looked up and her head bowed humbly.

    "You have called and I have come. It is time, then?"

    "Forgive me... it could not be another way."

    "So this is how it must be?"

    "You know I have asked for nothing more from you."

    "You cannot do this yourself?"

    "It is beyond me. Were it within my power, would I ask this of you now?"

    "What of the promise?"

    "It will not be forgotten. So long as one lives..."

    "So be it. Your final wish."

    There were crowds now and the sun was rising. She wove her way into them, into the people who would never know of who she was or where she'd come from. Her old eyes, an odd, intriguing color of green that was uncommon, searched. Her feet carried her though, without hesitation in her slow crawl, through the markets and further into the city. The temple was behind her, just like life. It was a memory. She held onto it. Cherished it. It would be among the last.

    No one paid her heed. The feeble, little things in life often were now. She was old and walked slowly. Her feet carried her into an alley way. Her sandals carried her in and then stopped. She waited until he came. She was told to expect him. But she knew he would not know to expect her. He hadn't seen her until now. He looked startled, frightened. The wrinkles in her face were shadowed by her hood. Slowly, in a bowing motion, she took a wrapped object from a bulging pocket in her robes. It was wrapped in the darkest dyed cloth and wrapped with thin twine. She handled the delicately hidden object in her two hands with enormous care and placed it upon the ground.

    "Speak carefully... for your words will change the world."

    She looked up at the boy, with her green eyes hidden behind a century of wrinkles. Her fingers left the wrapped object her actions seemed to favor holding, and rose. She was slow to rise. She was old, but as always her feet carried her where she needed to be. She walked to the end of the alley without looking back. Away.
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    "Merchandise Merchandise"

    "Get your *Gennie Bottles* *Flying Carpets* *Magic Fezzes*(type of hat)"

    "Merchandise Merchandise"

    "Get your *Gennie Bottles* *Flying Carpets* *Magic Fezzes*"

    A bellowing man standing in front of beautiful Merchandise trying to attract customers
    Trying to catch M in posts

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    The young man stared silently at the odd old woman. As she turned and left, his eyes descended on the parcel she left behind. He was curious, terribly so. But could he ignore the danger he was in only to satisfy that curiosity?

    Apparently he could as he jumped to his feet and sweeped the parcel off the ground. He moved swiftly and quietly through a maze of alleyways in search of the old woman with no luck. As he rounded another corner, he found himself back in the market and cursed himself and his foolish, impulsive nature as he ducked behind one of the many stands. Seated with his back to a stone wall, he studied the parcel. His fingers pressed against the dark cloth but did not dare to loosen the twine.

    His ears, ever attentive to any sign of danger, caught the various chants of the different merchants. He found one particularly interesting and quickly approached its owner, seeming to be quite at ease.

    Good day to you, kind sir. If you've got a carpet that really flies, as you claim, I'll take it.
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    bellowing man "of coarse I do boy take your pick I have a fine selection"

    "however I will make you a deal if you take a Gennie Bottle to I will give you both for free"

    "What do you say"

    "Pick a Gennie Bottle any Bottle all shapes sizes and colors"

    hmm maybe this boy will be the one to pick the correct Bottle the bellowing man wonders
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    The young man raised an eyebrow at the merchant.

    I say I've no time for games and riddles. *Peace be with you, good man.

    With that, the young man rushed across the street to try the alleys he might find there. *From the corner of his eye, he thought he saw someone's head whip around in his direction. *With renewed fear, he hurried out of sight, racing from one alley to the next.
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    "It appears I was wrong what a pity well back to business"

    The bellowing man returns to attracting customers

    "Merchandise Merchandise"

    "Get your *Gennie Bottles* *Flying Carpets* *Magic Fezzes*(type of hat)"

    "Merchandise Merchandise"

    "Get your *Gennie Bottles* *Flying Carpets* *Magic Fezzes*"

    The bellowing man standing in front of beautiful Merchandise trying to attract customers
    The bellowing manDead
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    Some sand falls of the bellowing man

    "Shoot my time is running out I must find some one and fast"

    The bellowing man looks around for a customer

    "my Master is losing power,this is not good"

    "Merchandise Merchandise"

    "Get your *Flying Carpets* *Magic Fezzes* free if you get a **Gennie Bottle* "

    "Merchandise Merchandise"

    "*Flying Carpets* *Magic Fezzes* all free if you get a free *Gennie Bottle*"

    "I will give you both for free but you must get a *Gennie Bottle* to get a free *Flying Carpet* or *Magic Fez*"
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    ::As the aforementioned young man runs through the marketplace, a hunched-over figure in a dark robe that looked somewhat like the old woman would catch his eye. She was moving at good pace for one of her years and she seemed to have picked up a cane along the way, for now she used it to help her along. However, the thoughts tumbling around inside the hood didn't belong to the old woman, but to another.::

    This was a really stupid idea, Rayna. Really stupid. They won't take your hands, no no, they won't take your legs, no no - they'll take every bit of your worthless, meaningless life and if you're lucky, they'll feed you to the lions in front of a crowd. Oh yes, those stinking heathens will cheer for your blood like it mattered. As if they knew you and hated you so completely that they were HAPPY to see you die such a vicious death. But you've started now, so you better keep going and pray they don't catch you. PRAY with everything you've got that they don't. PRAY that one day you will see the sun rise over your homeland once more.
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