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Thread: Arabian nights

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    ::Not seeing anyone following her for the time being and seeing yet another alley to escape down, Rayna was inclined to keep on moving. But the rainbow in the woven rugs and the kaliedescope of colour produced on the wooden table from the sun shining through the bottles arrested her. She lifted the hood back over her head, as though she were shielding herself from the sun. Absently fingering a tassel on one of the rugs, she regarded the merchant with a keen eye.::

    But magic isn't real. How can these rugs fly? Genii don't really exist - you sell empty bottles! They *are* empty, aren't they?

    ::She wasn't a believer in the strange cults of this new land to which she had been brought, yet she was curious as to how these things could do the things he said they could. What sort of trickery was involved? Perhaps she could learn something that would get her out of this place in one piece and on a boat home.::
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quaxo's Quorum

    But magic isn't real. How can these rugs fly? Genii don't really exist - you sell empty bottles! They *are* empty, aren't they?

    Mesoh Nusitu(The bellowing man):in this age magic is less widely used these Items are real and yes some are the bottle's are empty but at one time all these Bottles held Gennie's or powerful magical beings

    Mesoh Nusitu takes the carpet the young Lady was eying and drapes it on the ground and claps his hands and it begins to float in the air

    Mesoh Nusituee all real
    The bellowing manDead
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    The young man's head whipped around quickly as someone bumped into him, knocking him back a bit. *He quickly regained his balance and sighed a deep sigh of relief as he saw it was but a young priestess. *Quite promptly, he held out his hand and addressed the priestess with a most charming smile.

    Oh no, it is I who should apologize. *It is most shameful of me to disrupt the serenity of your excursion. *I do hope I haven't caused you or your friends any harm.
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    ::With a gasp, the girl stepped back. She had just been standing there. What was making it float. She extended a sandalled foot and tapped the carpet with her toe. It moved down with her touch, but floated back up again when she removed her foot. She swept her arm over the carpet to see if there were hidden strings somewhere. This attempt revealing nothing, she pulled up one end of the carpet and looked under it. A stubborn, yet very shocked looking eye peered around the edge of the carpet at Nusitu.::

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    Mesoh Nusitu: magic,there are things in this world that are unexplained or unexplainable,but this time is far less knowing then say 100 or 200 years ago in those times magic was in abundance and a young woman such as yourself would know a few types of magic or spells,my master is a great sorcerer probably one of the only surviving sorcerer's in the world.
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    Zahida looked up. The desirable softness of her palm slid into the young man's as she squeezed it and lifted herself from the ground. She made no move to dust her robes. Instead her dark, beautiful spirited eyes looked at him, studied him without leaving his own gaze... like she was studying something much deeper than his appearance.

    "The world is full of many things, young man. Peace is not one of them... not yet."

    "Especially not when you're around."

    Saira had been helped up. She threw Zahida a loathing look and dusted her robes.

    "Look at my robes! The Elders will make me clean the kitchen for a month!"

    Despite herself, Zahida found a smile had started growing on her lips. It was directed at Saira and lingered as she looked back at the young man whose path had quite literally collided with hers. To him she spoke with kindness and wisdom that seemed fitting and odd for one so youthful.

    "Things happen. And this market is anything but peaceful. No harm has been done."

    Behind her, Saira made a noise much like a huff or scoff. Zahida's smile only deepened. She looked at the young man again and then down at the package he held, wrapped in an odd dark green cloth and twine. her eyes shifted quickly back up to him. She spoke a bit softer, but with no less weight to her voice than before.

    "Yours is a face I have not seen before. Remember that the Temple offers solitude for those who seek it."

    Somehow, without moving her eyes, Zahida hinted to the parcel he carried. Considering the rush he'd been in, and the look he'd given her when they collided, she doubted that the package he held was his. Perhaps he'd stolen it. It was not for her to know. She served the only Master who could know. Like a fire in darkness, she beckoned the lost to her Master's house and shelter. That fire, that kindness and beckoning shelter burned within the spirit that floated behind her dark eyes.
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    The young man's hand held the priestess's very gently, and slid away from her grasp quickly and smoothly - like a wisp of smoke on the wind - as soon as she was up. *He stood tall, almost as a nobleman, but still held an air of humility about him with his attentive nods and the charming smile which never left his face.

    Indeed, I am a stranger in these parts. *You may call me Farouk, most kind lady. *And while I would generally prefer to be out than in, and pleasant, or perhaps even any company over solitude, I would be most interested in seeing your Temple. *I am sure I will find it most enlightening, and I find it my duty to speak to your elders on your friend's behalf. *It would be a crime if she were chastened on account of my clumsiness.

    Farouk was proud of how, while neglecting to mention certain facts, he managed to speak only truth. *He turned to the angry priestess who was still occupied with her robes and held out his hand with a slight bow. *In his upturned hand lay a beautiful white flower, dotted near its center with spots of light blue reminiscent of the morning dew. *Its delicate petals were unmarred and shone brightly in the morning sun, contrasted by the young man's tanned skin.
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    |*Zahida and Saira*|

    [font=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]"I bumped into a man of elegance it seems. Yet so humble."

    Zahida bowed her head to him, curling two fingers palm-ward, pressing her hands together until her fingertips touched. The gem on her forehead fell forward.

    "I am called Zahida."

    "He thinks our Temple a prison."

    Hearing them, Saira looked up. Her eyes were dark, though not as dark as Zahida's. Tiny, light freckles dotted her cheeks, just below her eyes, giving her an eternally youthful appearance. Her eyes were almond-shaped and her skin was a creamy blend of olive and dark desert sand, marking her for not being from this land either. From a mere glance, it appeared as if she and Zahida were polar opposites. At least her face was more expressionate than her friend's. Pink lips pouted softly at the thought of punishment topped with her Temple, her home being thought of as a prison. But when her eyes met Farouk's, Saira stood still. She was still crouched, a bit of robes bunched in her hand as she had been dusting them off. As if in a trace, Saira's eyes blinked rapidly at the appearance of a white flower. Now she rose slowly, reaching forth to take the blossom delicately between two fingers. Zahida watched her with intent interest.

    "Your words are not necessary... Farouk."

    Saira did not cradle the flower near, as most flattered women would. It took her a long moment before she even retracted her hand. Behind them, some of the priests, dressed in their robes of blue, watched out of the corners of their eye, clearly listening in while avidly displaying an interests in the markets about them. There was a light moment of silence that passed between them. Zahida hummed softly... a tune she and Saira had once sung when they were younger in the gardens of the Temple. Words that Saira would know: How I know you.... She heard them, and Saira looked up sharply, almost painfully at Zahida. The look caused the slightly older woman to lift an eyebrow as Saira's turned away and walked briskly into the crowd of people, back toward the direction of the looming Temple in the distance. Several Priests watched her go, watching the devout women as they were asked to do in the market. None followed, or were seen following. As if nothing happened, Zahida turned to Farouk and smiled. Clearly, she noticed, he did not have that same look that Saira had in her eyes.

    "The Temple is always open to the Wayward who seek peace. There is never solitude. Life is all around you, no matter where you go."

    As if her words stirred the wind, a ruckus began growing down an alleyway. Dark men came and looked suspiciously into the crowd. Zahida looked from them to Farouk and to the tiny wrapped parcel he held. The intensive yet calm look in her eyes relayed her suspicion that that parcel was not his, possibly stolen. She motioned with a slight movement of her hand in the direction of the Temple, as if showing him the way.

    "The afternoon bells will toll. I must return for prayer."
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    ::So much of what the man said sounded so strange to her. The bottles caught her eye again. She was drawn to a tall, twisted one the same golden shade as her eyes. Thoughtfully, she picked it up as she listened to him speak of magic and sorcerers. Part of her was frightened - and part of her was very, very curious.::
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    Farouk did not turn to see who/what was coming. The noises behind him and the look in Zahida's eyes told him all he needed to know. He also knew, from the way she eyed the parcel he held a second time, what she must have thought of him. Though slightly offended, he hid it well, just as he did the fear in his gut.
    With the same casual facade, he smiled at the priestess.

    Lead the way, then, fair Zahida. I wouldn't dream of det--

    His words were abruptly cut off as an unusually large man, garbed from head to toe in the darkest of reds, came running his way from an alley to his left. Farouk turned and instinctively raised an upturned palm to the approaching hulk's face, hoping to use his momentum against him. His effort, however, only barely managed to displace the fabric on his attacker's face as a huge, widely swung arm sent the young man flying off his feet and rolling into a nearby stall.
    As the attacker turned to cover his face once again, his eyes caught Zahida's. In them she would see no eyeballs, but raging flames burning red and orange. Even though this creature which stood before her quickly covered its face with the dark red fabric, she would see the cloth covered a deformed jaw and two protruding lower fangs.
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