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    OOC info for the Haunted House family plot

    OOC info for the Haunted House family plot

    Plot: An extended family (grandparents, their grandchildren and their families) decides to live together in the same house (an old Victorian home owned by the grandparents in a small town) when members of the family start falling into hard times due to what seems to be a wave of bad luck touching the family.

    Unfortunately, living together will not improve their luck. It seems like something is after the family - and it follows them into the house.


    Grandpa Jonah Allerton - Shades
    Margaret Allerton Blake, widow with a child and expecting her second - Shades
    (NPC) Nicholas, 2 - Margaret's son - Shades
    Ivy and Michaela Allerton, 16 - Monkey Kitty
    Marissa Sanders - Sojourn
    Justin Sanders - Optimus Prime
    (NPCs) Randal, 6 and Ross, 2 - Sojourn & Optimus

    (I'll add more characters here as people have an idea of what they want to write. Will work on a basic template later!)
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    Ivy and Michaela Allerton: Sixteen-year-old fraternal twin girls. Their father has been a single parent since their mother died when they were little. He did his best to be a good dad, but has struggled with addiction issues on and off for a long time. He recently had a very severe relapse and was caught stealing money from the store where he worked. He was sentenced to some jail time, and his daughters have been sent to live with their relatives until he gets out.
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    Added to the list!

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    My main character is Marissa Sanders. Sister to Margaret, like we talked about Shades.

    She's married to Optimus' character. They have two children sons together, which he and I will share NPCing. The boys names are Randal (6) and Ross (2).

    Also, they had to move back home because Optimus' character lost his very good paying job. Marissa was only working part time, so she could be home more with the boys. However, her husband could not find a better paying job, all that was hiring was minimum wage restaurant and retails jobs. They fell too far behind on bills and lost their house and have a lot of debt they are trying to get out of.

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    My main character is Justin Sanders.

    Married to Marissa, father of Randal and Ross, in-law to Jonah, Margaret, Nicholas, Ivy, and Michaela.

    Justin had a very high paying job at a factory. Life was good and Marissa only had to work for them to have play money and to get out of the house. Then the company decided to move all its operations overseas where they could get cheaper labor. Justin was laid off and after his severance pay ran out, he had trouble finding a job that he felt paid him what he was worth or allowed them to keep their home. He ended up in a retail store and hates it. Especially since his family had to move back in with Marissa's.

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    Nice, everyone is added to the list!
    I should have the more detailed info for my characters up later this week!

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    I realized belatedly that we should maybe have decided what the family looks like before I chose pictures. If Ivy and Michaela look really different from everyone else, we can just assume they were adopted or look like their dead mom or something.

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    Nah, no problem at all, since they're mostly extended family (in case, cousins), apart from those who are siblings, it wouldn't be too strange that they don't look alike. XD
    Not to mention that even within family, appearance varies a lot lol. Case in point, my family: my brother (same mother and father) looks basically nothing like me to the point unless you know our parents, you can't tell we're siblings.

    P.S.: I love the girls!

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    All right, my characters are up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shades View Post
    P.S.: I love the girls!
    Thanks! I enjoyed reading about your characters too!

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