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    All righty, IC is up. Go crazy, everyone!
    (no rush at all, as usual!)

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    I'm sure this is obvious, but the twins are very protective of their father and will not be happy if anyone speaks badly of him.

    Unfortunately their social worker kind of has it in for Pete a bit. She's convinced he's a bad father and is looking for faults.
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    Jonah definitely wouldn't say anything bad, he just wants everyone to be happy. lol

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    Posted, sorry it took me a while, everyone!
    I didn't consider that Justin and Marissa had gotten to the house yet, let me know if you want me to, and I'll edit!

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    I think they would arrive last. So, you're good.

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    Justin, Marissa, and the boys arriving last sounds good to me. Feel free to play out Jonah's scene with the twins before we post again. Mostly because we don't have much to add until the family gets there.

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    All right, works for me

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    Can't wait to see what you two come up with for the scene and Marissa wouldn't bad mouth the father either.

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