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    Sorry it took me this long, everyone.
    Posted only with Maggie, and Grandpa is busy with his window downstairs.

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    Another one down, with Grandpa doing some eavesdropping, lol
    I bet the family will forgive him for that, though. XD

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    Oh, crap, this totally escaped my radar!
    Is everyone still on board, or should we let this one rest? (I'm cool with either option, since we have others going on as well!)

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    I figured you were just busy. I'm happy to keep on keeping on.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    I'm fine with keeping it going. Slow pace doesn't bother me.

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    I'm still here. Just a little slow in replies lately myself.

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    Awesome, I'll have a reply up later this week. I completely forgot about this. '-'

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    No worries, it happens.

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    Finally got one up. Will get the others I owe done later in the week. Thanks for being so patient, everyone!

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    Michaela's not going to be to the only one thinking there are ghosts there. Sojourn and I plan for Ross to see one too. But he's so little, he can't really explain it.

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