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Thread: Court Case

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    Court Case

    Court Case

    It seemed like a morning like any other in Chicago. The sun was shining, birds were starting to chirp before their melody could be drowned out by the sounds of the city, and the smell of coffee started making itself felt in the apartment buildings. People were getting ready to start their days. Workers were ready to either take their cars or the bus. Mothers prepared their children for a new school day. Kids thought about the day they would have ahead of them.

    A man apparently in his early 40s was in a well furnished office, speaking to another man, a few years older. "I am sure she is dead. She will never cross any of us again. Her debt has been paid. And nothing in the house can ever link me to the deed. I have made sure of it, and I'm sure our man will take care of the details".

    In another place, a house where a family lived, a woman in her mid-30s was busy with setting breakfast for the family - herself, her husband and the three children they had at home - before sitting down. As the family held hands for a quick morning prayer, none of them imagined that they would all soon be involved in something they had not asked for.
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    Brandon Wallace

    Brandon Wallace had no idea what was going to happen to him that day when he knocked on the door of his girlfriend's house. They had been dating for three years and he and Julie were relatively happy. Of course they fought, all couples did at some point. But the twenty two year old, college senior, loved his girlfriend. He actually felt bad for their fight last night. They had being on a date and he wasn't even sure how it started. They began to argue over something that seemed stupid now. Julie demanded to go home and Brandon had went back to his own apartment that night. They had yelled they were broken up, it had been in public, and quite the screaming match...But after a morning chat on the phone with his dad about Julie, Brandon realized he didn't want it to be over. He loved Julie and he wanted things to work out with them.

    So, that's why Brandon was here. He had flowers with him and he hoped to work things out.

    "Julie! It's me, Brandon! Come on, open the door! I know you're probably still pissed at me but-"

    Brandon knocked again, harder this time. That's when he realized her door wasn't locked.

    "Julie, I-"

    He stopped short when he saw the blood.


    Brandon stepped inside and was shocked at what he saw.

    "No! Julie!"

    He yelled, dropping the flowers as he ran over to his girlfriend. She was covered in blood and he got covered in blood trying to feel for her pulse.

    "No...no...no...Please, be okay...."

    He muttered but he realized that she was gone. His hands was shaking when he called 911.

    "911, what's your emergency?"

    A calm woman's voice said as she came on the line. Brandon was not calm at all.

    "It's my girlfriend, oh God, I think she's dead! Please, you gotta send help!"

    "Sir, calm down. What's your name and where are you?"

    "Brandon Wallace, I'm at her house. It's 121 South Main Street. Please, hurry!"

    "Okay, Brandon, I'm sending help right now, stay on the line with me, okay?"

    The woman replied as she sent out EMTs to the address.


    Brandon replied, not realizing in that moment his life was going to be changed forever.
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    Andi Summers

    As the day began, two women in Chicago had no idea who Brandon Wallace was, but it wouldn't be long before they did. While the older woman fed her two teenage daughters breakfast, the younger one grumbled to her boyfriend as she heard the alarm clock ring.

    "Umm....Don't want to wake up...."

    Andrea 'Andi' Summers said, trying to roll back over and go back to sleep. Her boyfriend laughed and pulled the blanket off her of, which caused Andi to throw a pillow at his head. He dodged it with another laugh.

    "Come on, beautiful, you've had enough sleep. We got to get breakfast and head to the station."

    "No, you do. I'm calling in sick. I don't want to deal with Detective Asshole today."

    Andi complained, referring to her partner. She did not like him at all. She had recently been promoted from Vice to Homicide and while she certainly liked not pretending to be prostitute anymore to pick up johns, she did not care for the partner she assigned to. She did not trust him. Her boyfriend, another police officer but on the SWAT team, replied.

    "Andi, you never do."

    "You blame me, Keith? He's a jerk and a sexist."

    "You can't control who the captain assigned you to."

    "I wish he'd taking a flying leap."

    "Lots do, babe. Come on, I'll make you pancakes."

    Keith replied to her, holding out his hand. Andi sighed and grabbed it.

    "These had better be the best damn pancakes in the world."

    "You know it."

    Keith replied with a grin and Andi helped him prepare breakfast.

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    "Mad Dog" Leone

    While Brandon was finding his girlfriend dead and Andy was home having breakfast, Mad Dog Leone was in a good mood. He had gotten to do something he really enjoyed, and to top it off, he had gotten paid for it. And he wouldn't have to worry about the cops, as he had a friendly cop on the Mafia's payroll. Life was good.

    Speaking of which, Leone remembered that he needed to make his "good friend" a phone call. Vince had, after all, to be informed, so he could make sure the investigation followed the right tracks. The results had to be what the Mafia wanted, and they already had the perfect criminal, waiting only to be accused.

    There would be time to get home, to a safe phone, though, as it would take a while for the entire process to start rolling.

    Once Leone got home, he kicked off his shoes and growled for the blonde thing who was staring at him to go back to bed. He didn't want to deal with women right now.

    Going to his phone, Anthony dialed a number he had by heart. He would wait for the person on the other side and speak quickly.

    "121 South Main Street. The fall guy's name is Brandon Wallace. He should be there now".

    Without waiting for an answer, Leone hung up the phone and yelled for the woman to take care of breakfast. Now, he was really hungry.

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    Vince Quincy

    Vincent "Vince" Quincy was sleeping nice and soundly when his phone rang. The Chicago police detective was not an early raiser. He was more of the type who stayed up all night long and survived off of coffee and energy drinks if he had to wake up early. The red head in his bed grumbled at him when the phone rang. Vince didn't remember her name. He had picked her up at a bar late last night and he wouldn't be spending another night with her, he thought. She had looked much better last night with make up on and a few beers in him. He sat up and saw it was Mad Dog on the phone.


    Vince said and mentally took a note of the fall guy's name and address.

    "Got it. Two dozen donuts."

    Vince said, his code for understanding what was expected of him, and hung up the phone. He looked over at the woman and realized he'd need to buy her a cheap breakfast and a taxi ride. He pulled his pants on and thought to himself he definitely would not be calling her again. In the morning light, she was definitely not his type.

    "Sorry, babe, I gotta head into work."

    Vince told her, not that the station had called him yet. They would, though, and he'd be fashionably late. Because that's what people always expected of him. His co-workers knew he was a late night party boy. To show up first to a crime scene, that would be totally out of character. Plus, it would piss of Summers. He loved pissing her off. She was too straight laced and goody goody for his own tastes. Why he got assigned to Supergirl, he didn't know but he didn't like it. He missed Old Louie, he thought as he got dressed. That had been his first partner, the one who had taught him that life was better with connections. When Vince had first joined the police academy, he had tried to be an honest cop. Old Louie got him in with the Mafia. Telling him if you were going to risk getting killed everyday, you might as well make some good money on the side. And when Old Louie retired, he had made enough money on the side, his pension from the force was a joke.

    There were times that Vince did follow the law and do what he was taught to do. Let the evidence speak for itself and arrest and convict the right person. But that's when the Mad Dog wasn't calling him. Brandon Wallace was the fall guy and that's what it had to be. It sucked to be that guy, Vince thought. He gave the girl some money and told he'd call her sometime. Not that it was going to happen. It wasn't long before the station called to him the scene of a possible homicide at 121 South Main Street. He waited another twenty minutes to even leave his apartment for the crime scene.

    When Vince arrived everyone was waiting for him, including Supergirl. He told Andi.

    "Sorry, Summers, traffic's a bitch in the morning. What we got?"

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    Andi Summers

    Andi and her boyfriend were about half way through their breakfast when Andi got the call to head to 121 South Main Street. Andi felt bad she couldn't help Keith clean up but he understood. He was a cop too and got called away in the middle of stuff. Andi ate the rest of her breakfast as she got dressed. Oh joy, she thought as she did her hair back in a neat bun. She'd get to see her partner bright and early today. Quincy was always late and she was sure his ass would be late to the crime scene. Andi kissed Keith bye and headed to the crime scene.

    Vince did not disappoint her. She looked at him annoyed when he finally showed up. She had not been able to enter the house until her partner was with her. All she could do was take notes from the uniformed cop that was guarding the scene. Vince looked like had just gotten out of bed and smell of some woman's cheap perfume. Why she was assigned him, she had no idea and didn't like it. However, she was professional and kept her dislike of him to herself. She only told Keith her real thoughts about Vince. The station was a boys' club and Vince was a jackass, but some liked him. People who had been there longer then her. She was constantly having to prove herself and she didn't any more drama.

    Andi told Vince as she glanced at her notes.

    "Possible homicide, the medical examiner just arrived. Victim's a twenty one year old female, named Julie Brown. This is her house. Victim's boyfriend, Brandon Wallace, found her and called it in. Her purse and id were found inside and confirmed the identity."

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    “Mad Dog” Leone

    After finishing his call, Anthony went to have his breakfast. He was in a good mood. He had gotten to sate his most primal instincts by pulling the trigger, and someone else would take the blame. Life was good. All he had to do now was wait for the next call, for the next job. And, of course, he was sure he would have to work a little more if someone decided not to believe the correct version.

    And by God, Anthony hoped someone did.

    Angela Malloy

    “Where are you going to be today, honey?”, Mr. Malloy asked his wife, as he did every day, while they cleared the table. There were two practical reasons for the question. One was that the family needed to know whether or not she would be available during the day - office meant yes, court meant no. And the other one was that Angela’s office was in her husband’s way to work, so he would often give her a ride, thus spending a little more time with her every morning.

    “Office, baby. Not going to court unless something fucked up happens during the day”. The woman looked at her youngest child, who was staring at her with wide eyes. “That’s one of those expressions you can’t use”, she added, drying her hands after washing the last cup.

    “What’s up, honey?”, Angela’s husband murmured. It wasn’t like her to use bad language, let alone anywhere near the children. Angela shrugged. “Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Come on, gotta go, before we run late”.

    Without addressing why she felt stressed any further, Angela called for her kids and checked if they all had their coats on. Once she was sure, the woman pushed everyone out the door and locked up. ‘Please, God, make this a peaceful day’, she prayed silently before everyone got on their way.

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    Vince Quincy

    Vince could tell that Andi was angry at him for being late. It made him pleased. Any time he pissed off Supergirl, the better. He listened to what she had to say about the victim. Twenty one years old...He wondered what this Julie Brown had done to piss of the Mafia enough that Mad Dog had to take her out. Well, he wasn't paid to ask why they took someone out, just to make sure the right person got put away for it. Brandon Wallace, the victim's boyfriend, was to be the fall guy. At least he was already here. Vince told Andi.

    "Let's head in. Talk to the ME and then hear that this Wallace has to say."

    He said and saw that the crime scene investigators were already at work. The boyfriend was sitting on the bottom step of the staircase, looking like he was in total shock. The kid had blood on him, obviously the girl's. Too bad for Brandon, Vince thought. He looked like a nice kid and the girl had been pretty as well. Judging from the pictures on the walls. Well, Brandon Wallace's life was about to be ruined. Mad Dog was good, though. No signs of forced entry that Vince could see. Would help him direct the investigation to Brandon, since the boy would have access to the house. Maybe even his own key.

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    Andi Summers

    Andi had learned a while to control her anger around Vince. She could see the asshole enjoyed pissing her off and she wouldn't give him that satisfaction. Plus, they had a job to do. Julie Brown was most likely murdered and they needed to find out who and why. Brandon Wallace might very well be the last person to have seen her alive. He had found the body and given his relationship to the victim, he would very important to their investigation. She nodded her head to Vince.

    "Good plan."

    Andi and Vince flashed their badges and headed into the crime scene. Brandon Wallace looked like he was in shock. Andi figured they'd have to take him downtown. Being so close to Julie's body...They wouldn't get much out of him here. Like Vince, she also noticed that, at least in the front entrance, there was no sign of forced entry. Julie very well knew her killer or the person let themselves in.

    "What do you think, doc?"

    Andi asked as she and Vince approached the medical examiner. For now, all the doctor could give them was a preliminary report. A full autopsy would be done back at his office.

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    The Medical Examiner

    The crime scene was still fresh. The body was still there, and nobody had moved anything but the strictly necessary for the examination. And, naturally, everything had been photographed before anything was moved. And everyone was being very careful not to mess any piece of evidence up.

    The Medical Examiner, a middle-aged man with a full head of prematurely grey hair and calm green eyes, looked up. Dr. Martin Greer had seen too much to be impressed by anything, but it was still unpleasant to examine such a young victim. And the possible killer seemed to be very young too. What the hell was wrong with this generation?, he thought to himself.

    Shaking his head, the man focused on the moment and stood up - he had been on one knee close to the body, checking it out. "Not much to think about. Poor girl was killed by blunt force to the head. Looks like she died pretty fast, the brain damage was severe. Whoever did this to her was really angry".

    Pointing to the dent on the woman's head, he pointed to another item - a pyramid-shaped ornament, apparently made out of bronze. It had some blood, hair and what looked like bone on it. "It seems to be a part of that set", the man completed, showing a set of two other pyramids. "Seems to me that our killer took the first available item. I'll leave the conclusions for you guys", the man completed. "Do you want to take a look, or can I get her removed?", the ME asked, waiting for the answer he needed to proceed.

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