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Thread: Court Case

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    Andi Summers

    Andi was very careful where she stepped. The crime scene was fresh. People from the crime lab were taking pictures and bagging what could be important evidence. Everyone knew they had to take their time and be careful. One mistake could mean a killer walking away scot free. Andi never wanted that to happen, not when someone was murdered. She walked over to Doctor Greer with Detective Asshole. Even for her, someone with no formal medical training, it wasn't hard to see why the good doctor's preliminary finding would be blunt force trauma. Andi bent down and looked at Julie Brown's head and could see the wound. It was brutal and she supposed it was good that at least the girl died quickly.

    Andi looked over at the pyramid ornament that was most likely their murder weapon, they'd have to have the people at the confirm it. She motioned for one of the photographers to photograph the pyramid set. After the picture was taken, she stood up, put on a glove, and felt one of the other two in the set.

    "Feels like bronze. Definitely heavy enough to do some damage."

    Andi commented out loud. Partially to herself and partially to Quincy and the medical examiner. She looked over at Brandon Wallace, sitting on the steps. He looked physically strong enough to be capable of doing some damage with it too. She set it back down and had a feeling Doctor Greer could be right. This was pointing to a crime of passion. Surely a premeditated killer would not have left the murder weapon behind. This looked like someone lost their temper, grab the first thing they could find, and did the deed. No doubt regretting it when they calmed down. Could be another strike against the kid, they definitely had to talk to him. She looked at her partner, to see if he had any questions.

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    Vince Quincy

    'Mad Dog's good,' Vince thought himself as he followed Supergirl into the crime scene. After just a brief talk with Doctor Greer, it was clear the angle the Mafia wanted him to sell. A crime of passion, which made it point to Brandon Wallace. After all, he was the victim's boyfriend. He nodded his head in agreement that the pyramid could be used to cause that amount of damage to someone. He was sure that lab would confirm what the three of them already knew, that bronze pyramid killed the young woman.

    "Bag and tag all three."

    Vince told a CSI after Andi replaced the one pyramid. The CSI nodded and did what she was told. He watched Andi's eyes, she was starting to suspect the boyfriend. Good, he thought. That's who they would arrest when lab results came back to collaborate the story. It was all starting to piece together. Brandon Wallace and Julie Brown had been dating a few years. Young lovers, who were generally happy. However, something happened that last day and they got into a fight. Probably over something stupid. It usually was. They fought, maybe Julie even slapped him. Brandon snapped, grabbed that pyramid and killed her. Now, he regretted it deeply and wished he could take it all back.

    It would be perfect if Brandon's fingerprints were on those pyramids. Vince did wonder what Julie Brown had done to have the Mafia put a hit on her, but he couldn't tell Summers or Doctor Greer that. Instead, he asked.

    "Just one question, Doc, before you take her. Do you have an estimated time of death?"

    Obviously, until the doctor did a full autopsy back in the morgue, it would only be an estimate. Still, knowing about the time she died, would help Vince figure out what questions to ask Brandon Wallace. Questions that would help cast doubt on whatever truth Wallace tried to tell them.

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    Dr. Martin Greer - The Medical Examiner

    Dr. Greer didn’t have much of a doubt about what had happened. The kid was still young enough to be led by his impulses. The girl looked young as well, they seemed to be at that age in which a lover’s spat can escalate pretty quickly. This time, though, it had escalated into something the boy could not take back. Of course, Dr. Greer wasn’t about to give his opinion. That was not what he was there for. He was there as a Medical Examiner, investigative work was someone else’s job.

    The man watched as Vince told a CSI to bag and tag the three pyramids. It was definitely a smart idea. As the girl did her job, Dr. Greer turned his attention back to the two police officers.

    Vince’s question was already to be expected, and Dr. Greer checked his notes. After checking them for the answer Quincy wanted, the doctor finally replied. “She was still pretty warm and not too rigid when we got here. I would estimate no more than two hours”, he replied. It wasn’t a perfectly accurate response, but it was what they could give now. And it would definitely fit into the kid being able to do it.

    With a look at the kid, the Medical Examiner shook his head. This world was going to hell in a handbasket, he thought, not for the first time.
    “If you guys excuse me… I will send you the preliminary autopsy report as soon as we have it”, the man murmured before stepping away. There was a lot of work to be done on their part… and on the part of Quincy and Summers as well.

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    Andi Summers

    Things were starting to point towards Brandon Wallace. He was definitely physically strong enough to wield that pyramid as a deadly weapon. He also was young and she could see him acting on his emotions. However, Andi was a firm believer in letting the evidence speak for the victim. She didn't make assumptions. For now, Brandon Wallace was a person of interest. He'd be interviewed but not charged. Not until findings came back that pointed to him. He would be advised to not leave town, though. When Doctor Greer said that Julie Brown had not been dead long, that didn't look for Brandon.

    "Thank you, Doctor. Call us once you know more."

    Andi told the medical examiner and let him take the body away. He'd have to take her back to lab for a full autopsy. Which might unveil more clues. She said to Vince.

    "We need to get him downtown and also interview the neighbors. Someone might have seen or heard something."

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    "Thanks, Doc."

    Vince told Doctor Greer and moved out of the way so he could take the body. So Julie Brown hadn't been dead too long before Brandon Wallace showed up. That worked in his favor. He nodded his head to Summers.

    "You're right. Let's convince him to chat downtown and then see if the neighbors have anything to say."

    Currently they had nothing to hold Brandon on. If he went to the police station, it had to be under his own free will. Soon, though, Vince was sure they'd have enough to arrest him.

    "Brandon Wallace?"

    Vince asked as he and Andi approached the young man. He looked up and nodded his head. The kid looked like shit. He was covered in blood and had been crying. It was obvious he was very upset about Julie being dead. Vince would have to convince a jury eventually those tears were from guilt.


    "I'm Detective Quincy and this is Detective Summers. We have some questions for you."


    "You found the body, correct?"

    "Yes...I already told the other officer that."

    Brandon said, he had given a statement already to one of the first responding officers. Vince's jaw tightened.

    "Well, we need to hear it again. You cared about her, right?"

    Brandon got a little angry at Vince.

    "She was my girlfriend, I loved her!"

    Vince almost smirked, it was easy to set the boy off. That would help his case.

    "Of course you did. Well, then you'd want to make sure the person who did this is put away, right?"


    "Then we need for you to tell us exactly what happened. Again. Downtown."

    "Why downtown? Why can't we just talk here?"

    Brandon asked, suddenly worried. Maybe they thought he killed his girlfriend! Everyone did keep looking at him.

    "You don't think I-"

    "We just your statement to be in writing. For the record. When we find who did this to Julie, we don't want them getting off on a technicality. Plus, kid, I'm sure you'd like to clean up."

    Vince said and Brandon looked down at his hands. He forgot he was covered in Julie's blood.

    "Yeah, I guess so."

    "Great, we'll even get you some breakfast. Officer McDaniel will drive you."

    Vince said, happy Brandon agreed to go. He motioned for a younger officer to come over. First, though, Brandon had to be photographed. When he asked why, he was told it was to explain where the blood on the stairs came from. Just to dot their i's and cross their t's. Brandon let them take their pictures and was told they'd collect his clothes and give him a tee shirt and sweatpants to wear. They would have to be held on to, to establish a timeline of what happened. Vince and Andi would let Brandon stew a little bit in one of the interview rooms while they hit the next door neighbors for a few questions.

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    The Crime Scene

    Dr. Greer nodded when Andi asked him to call once he knew more. The case seemed pretty clear cut, and the man didn’t think an autopsy would bring too much more in matters of something the Police could would. Still, he would do as usual and send the report as soon as it was done. It was common practice, after all. “Will do”, the man replied, motioning for the body to be taken away. The sooner they started work, the better, and it would probably make for a less terrifying environment to have the body gone from the scene.

    While the body was removed from the scene, work on it continued. Everything had to be accounted for. Every stain, every object, anything had to be photographed and written down. Nothing was too unimportant in a murder case, after all.

    When Vince motioned for an officer to come over, a young man came up right away, and did as he was told, shooting a couple pictures of Brandon and the place he had been sitting on for reference. Once his work was done there, the man resumed what he had been doing before, giving one of the CSI some directions here and there to get the most out of the scene.

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    Andi Summers

    While Officer McDaniel took Brandon to the police station, Andi and Vince went to talk to the neighbors. They learned that Julie's house actually was owned by her grandparents, who now lived in Florida. They had let their granddaughter live there while she was in school. The neighbors knew Brandon and thought he was a nice enough kid. He and Julie seemed pretty happy together. No one really remembered seeing anything odd last night or this morning. But they also kept to themselves.

    That was, except on neighbor. There was one neighbor was very helpful. Her name was Mrs. Ritzler, a woman that was in her seventies and seemed to know everything about everyone in the neighborhood. She was a nosy woman and made it her business to know everyone else's business. While she did confirm who actually owned the house and that that Julie and Brandon had seemed have a good relationship, she also had something other stuff to add.

    "...I let Teeny out-"

    Referring to her little yipping Chihuahua at her side.

    "-And then I saw Julie come home in a taxi. Which was odd. Because you see, whenever Brandon takes her out, he picks her up and takes her home in his car."

    "But not last night?"

    Andi asked and Mrs. Ritzler nodded her head.

    "No, Teeny was doing his business and I asked her how the movie was. She told me she didn't see it. Before I could ask why, her phone rang. I suppose it was Brandon, because she called him some rather nasty names. Things that if she was my granddaughter, I'd wash her mouth out with soap for saying. Anyway, she cursed up a storm and apologized to me. She was a nice girl, after all. Then she headed inside."

    "And that was the last you saw her?"

    Mrs. Ritzler nodded her head.

    "Yes, her house was all quiet. Well, until Brandon came by pounding on the door this morning. His loud knocking woke up my Teeny."

    "And you're absolutely sure that no one else was at the house before Brandon came by?"

    Andi asked and Mrs. Ritlzer nodded her head again.

    "Positive. Teeny has a small bladder, so I gotta let him out a lot. Since my yard borders that house, I can always see who comes and goes. Plus, Teeny barks at everyone. If anyone else had been there, he would have barked when he was out. Or even if he saw them walking by. He loves to look out the window."

    Andi nodded her head and handed the woman her card.

    "Well, thank you for your help. If you think of anything else, please give us a call."

    Mrs. Ritzler said she would and Andi looked to Vince.

    "Well, I think we should see how Wallace is doing and ask him about last night."

    Things weren't looking good for the kid. After all, a fight the night before....That would help support the crime of passion theory.

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    Brandon quietly did what the police told him to do. Let himself get photographed and escorted downtown. He was still in shock, Julie was dead and he had no idea how much trouble he was in. Until they arrived at Mrs. Ritzler's house, Vince was worried that he wouldn't be able to have some witnesses to support his theory about Brandon being the killer. Then woman was very helpful. Not only saying that Julie and Brandon had an argument but also she only knew of him being at her house. He'd have to give that little dog some treats.

    "Yes, thank you, ma'am. We'll be in touch."

    Vince told her. He'd be calling her to the witness stand if this went to trial. And he was sure she'd gladly testify in court. He nodded his head to his partner.

    "Yes, you're right."

    Maybe the fight also started at the movie theater and there would be people who remembered it. Brandon was given a change of clothes, a white tee shirt and grey sweatpants and a sandwich and soda as he waited. Of course, the can would be collected for DNA and fingerprints. Vince and Andi found him waiting in one of the interrogation rooms. They took their seats and Vince told him.

    "All right, let's go through this again. What happened this morning?"

    "Do I have to? I mean I did tell the officers at the scene-"

    Vince cut the boy off and said.

    "Yes, you do. We have to make sure everything lines up. You do want to know what happened to Julie, don't you?"

    Brandon nodded his head and repeated his story. He had came to Julie's house this morning to talk to her and found the door unlocked. When he walked in, he found her already dead.

    "So, you and Julie had an argument last night?"

    Vince asked and Brandon frowned.

    "Well, yeah....but how do...Mrs. Ritzler. She told you that, didn't she?"

    Brandon, that old woman was very nosy.

    "I ask the questions here, not you. Is it true you had an argument?"

    "Yeah...I mean people do fight. But-"

    "What was it about?"


    Brandon looked at Vince and his partner and it hit him. They thought he had something to do with Julie's death. That's why they wanted him here.

    "You think I killed her, don't you?!"

    Brandon exclaimed.

    "Mister Wallace, calm down."

    Vince replied and Brandon shook his head.

    "No! I know my rights. I want a lawyer and I want to make a phone call."

    Vince's jaw tightened at him.

    "Very well."

    He left the room to get Brandon a wireless phone and Brandon called his father once he and Summers left him alone.

    "Dad, I'm in trouble..."

    Brandon told his father what had happened to Julie. Who replied for him to hang on and called the family's lawyer.

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela was relieved that the day didn't seem to bring any big events so far. She really wasn't in the mood for anything other than office work today. There wasn't really too much to do, as she hadn't finished any case recently. So, she was basically studying past cases and making notes for her personal file.

    It was boring, but still better than being in cou...

    Ring. Ring. Ring.
    "Oh, no", Angela murmured to herself.

    The woman picked up the phone, hoping it wasn't anything that would require her to leave the office.
    "Angela Malloy speaking, how may I help you?", she spoke, as usual. Angela had always made a point of picking up her own phone. It made things run faster this way.

    And, of course, it was exactly what she didn't want. A new case. A murder case, no less. Did she really have to deal with that today?
    "All right, Mr. Wallace, please, just tell me where Brandon is and I will be right there", she tried to reassure the man.

    Making a not of the station where Brandon was being held, Angela sighed - she really didn't want to handle a murder case - and prepared to leave, asking her secretary to take notes in case anyone else called and leave them on her desk. It would be a long day. While walking out for a cab, Angela called her husband and let him know that she would be away from the office for, probably, the rest of the day, and that she would explain better later when they both were home.

    Finding a cab, she gave the driver the address and took a few notes on her way. She really, really hoped Brandon Wallace had not killed his girlfriend. Otherwise, she would personally make sure he would be locked up for the rest of his days.

    As soon as she reached the station, Angela introduced herself as Brandon Wallace's lawyer, and waited to be taken to her client.

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    Andi Summers

    In hindsight, Andi realized it was a mistake to let Vince take the lead on questioning Brandon Wallace. Yes, he was the senior detective but he got the kid to lawyer up. She pressed her lips together in displeasure. Once someone lawyered up, it was harder to question them or get the truth. Making it harder for them to find out what happened to Julie Brown. Although, Andi had the feeling her partner believed the young man was already guilty. They had only preliminary results back from the lab, Andi wasn't ready to just throw the book at Brandon and not suspect anyone else. She believed in the letting the evidence speak for the victim. Not enough had come back to charge for the young woman's murder yet.

    Andi stood up with Vince and followed him out of the room.

    "You think he did it? Don't you?"

    Andi said but before she could discuss it more, an officer came over and said Brandon Wallace's lawyer was here. Angela Mallory. She was a good lawyer, Andi thought. Although they were on opposite sides of the court room, Andi respected the other woman. She might be a defense lawyer but she wasn't like some other defense lawyers. The ones that were slime balls and knew their client was guilty but tried to get them off on technicalities. Andi could tell Angela had a respect the justice system.

    "I'll take her to him."

    Andi said and went over to meet Angela.

    "Hello, Ms Mallory. We have Brandon Wallace in Interview 1."

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