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Thread: Court Case

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    Vince cursed in his head. So much for tricking the kid into saying he killed the girl. Now, Brandon would have a lawyer, which meant Vince would have to take some extra hard looks at the reports that would come back from the lab to make sure things pointed towards the kid. Maybe the old neighbor would testify against him. Vince had a feeling she would. He shrugged his shoulders at Andi.

    "My gut says the stars are pointing that way."

    He knew what he had to do, what he was paid to do. Mad Dog told him that the Mafia wanted Brandon Wallace to be the fall guy and that's what was going to happen. Hopefully he had a lawyer that would play ball. That dream was crushed when he and Summers were told who the lawyer was. F*ck, he thought. Not her. Angela Mallory was the last person in the whole damn country Vince wanted representing that kid.

    Brandon, meanwhile, was scared as hell. He had always tried to be a good growing up, not getting in much trouble at all. He had never been in trouble with the police before and he had only gotten one detention in his whole life. And that was for punching a bully who had been picking on a younger kid. He had always tried to be a good kid, make his parents proud. Being in a police station and accused of killing Julie...He felt like he was in a nightmare. He looked up when Angela was brought in for him.

    "Are you the lawyer my dad said he'd call?"

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela was a bit nervous. She didn't really like taking this kind of case, where she was expected to get a not guilty verdict from a judge, instead of the right one. She had made up her mind already, though, and decided that she would get the truth out of her client and work with it, nothing more.

    Meeting with Andi relaxed Angela a little. Andi Summers was a good and honest officer, and Angela trusted that she had as much respect for the law as she herself did.

    "Hello, Officer Summers", she greeted. "Good to see you working this case", Angela completed, sincerely.

    As she was taken to see her client, Angela let out a soft sigh. Thank God she had gotten to him before some cop decided to have a closer conversation with the boy, and he was forced to tell her he had slipped and fallen with his nose on a table. She wouldn't put Andi's partner above pulling something like that.

    Taking another look, she shook her head. It was a child, for Christ's sake. What was the world coming to?

    "Yes, Mr. wallace. I am Angela Malloy. You may cal me Mrs. Malloy, or Angela, as you prefer", she replied, taking a seat across the table from Brandon. "Look. I want to help you, and for that, you need to tell me everything exactly as it happened, to the best of your ability. I want nothing but the truth, no matter how bad it can look. Is that understood?"

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    Brandon Wallace

    Brandon Wallace was trying to act like an adult, but he felt like a scared little boy. He didn't feel twenty two years old, he felt twelve. He wanted this all to be a horrible dream, and that when he woke up, Julie would tell him he had too much to drink. He missed her....Who the hell would want to kill her? She had never hurt anyone...Brandon realized the cops were thinking the same thing. Although they were already thinking he killed his girlfriend. At least the male detective did. He was so screwed. Especially if the lawyer his dad called didn't want to help him either. So much for innocent until proven guilty, he thought.

    "Okay...You can call me Brandon."

    Brandon replied to Angela when she introduced herself. He nodded his head. He took a deep breath and started.

    "Yeah, I can. I went over to Julie's house morning to apologize to her. You see, we were supposed to go on a date last night but...We had a stupid fight and...Julie took a taxi home and I went back to my apartment alone. Anyway, I decided that I should apologize and try to make things right. She didn't answer her door and then I realized it wasn't locked....I walked in and I...."

    Brandon teared up a little as he thought about what he had found. He'd probably never forget it. He took a deep breath and continued on.

    "I saw blood....Lots of blood....I followed it and I found her....Just laying there.....I called the cops and now I'm here."

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela nodded when Brandon said she could call him by his first name. Once again, she felt like she was standing in front of one of her own children. She almost expected the boy to ask her for a glass of milk, or something. Of course, Angela knew she wasn't old enough to be Brandon's mother. It was just the impression of being so much younger he was giving her.

    When he started speaking, Angela started making notes. Hearing a fresh statement was always important, and she made her best to short hand as much as she could to remember it later and make more detailed notes once she got back home.

    As Brandon started tearing up, Angela sighed. She couldn't feel bad for the kid yet, but she was starting to.

    "Let's go back a little, Brandon, please", the woman requested, her voice calm. "What was this stupid fight about?".

    Before Brandon could say anything, Angela added an explanation. "I need to ask you many, many questions, until we get every possible detail, so I will ask you to be patient. I want to give you the best possible defense, and for that, I need information", the woman stated, before falling silence so Brandon could answer her question.

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    Brandon Wallace

    Brandon wondered if Angela was a mother, he thought she could be. She was easy to talk to. Much easier to talk to then the cops had been. She didn't so quick to say he was guilty and leave it at that. She was the only person to ask him about the fight. He took a deep breath and said.

    "Another girl. Mandy, Mandy Winters, she's a girl from my biology class, saw us at the restaurant and started hitting on me. She hits on me all the time and doesn't take no for answer."

    Mandy Winters had a big crush on him but Brandon had always rejected her advances. He wasn't interested in her and he was with Julie. Brandon was a nice kid, though, and he was never rude to Mandy but maybe he should have been. He used Julie as an excuse to not go out with her, instead of hurting her feelings and saying he just didn't like Mandy that way.

    "Anyway, it got Julie mad and it didn't help that Mandy tried to imply that she and I..."

    He shook his head.

    "Mandy, I'm sure, was trying to break us up. Telling Julie that I cheated on her. Anyway, I paid and we left Mandy there. We walked to the movie theater. I tried to explain to Julie that Mandy was lying but...A lot of angry words were and we both said we were over. I went home and she called a taxi."

    Brandon looked up Angela, with watery eyes.

    "That was the last time I saw her alive. I told her to 'kiss my ass'....I should have said 'I love you', instead."

    Now, he could never tell Julie again. The last words he said were in heated anger...He'd regret that for the rest of his life.

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela started taking notes of Brandon's words. She wrote Mandy Winters in all capitals to make sure that she would remember to find the girl and talk to her in the near future. It would be important to hear the girl out. Hopefully, she would be able to get the truth out of this Mandy girl.

    For now, though, she waited for Brandon to finish speaking. She didn't want to interrupt him, after all, he could get confused and miss something important.

    Once Brandon had finished, Angela nodded and sighed softly. "It's part of life, kid", she commented, her intonation very close to the one she used with her own children. "When we are young, we think everyone will be here forever - including ourselves".

    After this comment, she turned a page on her notepad. "Do you have this Mandy girl's address, or phone number?", Angela asked, trying to get her mind back to the professional track.

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    Brandon Wallace

    Brandon noticed Angela taking notes of what he told her. He wondered if she believed him. He was certain the cops wouldn't believe his story. Especially not Detective Quincy. He could see in the older man's eyes that he had already deemed Brandon guilty. That the detective believed that all the evidence would show Brandon had killed his girlfriend. He pressed his lips together when Angela told him it was a part of life to think things lasted forever. Yeah, he had thought he and Julie would be together for a long time. He believed he would die an old man. And he thought that he would grow old with Julie by his side.

    Brandon shook his head at Angela's question.

    "I don't know them. I think she lives near the university, because she's told me it wouldn't take long to get to her apartment but I've never went there. She's tried to give me her number but I've always thrown it away."

    Although it probably wouldn't take much work for Angela to get Mandy's information from the school.

    "Do you think I killed Julie?"

    He asked her, nervous to hear what she would say. He knew enough about the justice system to know that the defendant's lawyer had to defend his or her client and their own personal believes should not be a factor. But Brandon really had to know if his lawyer thought he was guilty or not.

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela was still torn. She wasn't sure Brandon was innocent. At the same time, she was sure that, even if he had killed the girl, he wouldn't have done it on purpose. That could be an angle, Angela thought, making a note.

    The woman nodded when he said he didn't know Mandy's phone number or address. She could get this piece of information easily, but it was always good to make sure that he didn't have it. It could work to their advantage, as they could tell the jury the fact that he had not kept Mandy's information meant that he had no interest in her.

    She was finishing a note on that idea when Brandon asked her if she thought he had killed Julie. The woman thought for a long moment before answering the question.

    "No, I don't. But I don't think you didn't, yet. I'm willing to believe that you didn't, though, if the evidence corroborates it".

    Feeling that she might have sounded cold, Angela decided to explain herself. Leaning forward - it was something she always did when she was being honest -, she explained her answer.

    "You see, as your lawyer, I have to work so that a judge will declare you not guilty. As a person, though, I need to be sure that you did not kill your girlfriend, so I can actually defend you. As of now, I would say that I'm sure you had no intention of hurting her, but that is all".

    After explaining herself, Angela fell silent, waiting to see if Brandon had any questions to ask her before they could move on.

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    Andi Summers

    As Andi waited with her partner for Brandon to be done talking with Angela, she thought over what they knew so far. Julie Brown was dead, most likely killed by one of those brass pyramids. Brandon had found her dead. Claiming that he went to her house this morning to apologize for a fight they had the night before. Andi and Vince didn't know yet the fight was over a girl. Brandon Wallace was most likely the last person to see their victim alive. And he was physically strong enough to have beaten her to death with that trinket.

    Andi got herself a coffee and asked Vince, as she stirred in sugar and creamer.

    "So, partner, do you think the kid did it?"

    Brandon seemed truly upset about Julie's death. Either because he was innocent or he was very guilty. Andi hadn't decided which one yet. She wanted to let the evidence speak before she made that call.

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    Brandon Wallace

    Brandon watched Angela take her notes and nodded his head to her. Appreciating her honestly at his question. He didn't kill Julie but he was smart enough to realize that others might believe he did. People who had the power over what would happen to him. It was such a scary thought. While Angela was willing to withhold her judgment, Brandon knew the male detective wasn't. From interacting with the older man, Brandon was sure he had already decided he was guilty and was ready to throw away the key.

    "I think the one detective, Quincy...I think he called himself, thinks I killed her. I can tell from his attitude. What am I supposed to do?"

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