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Thread: Court Case

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela was really worried about Brandon. The kid was so distressed, he hadn’t had the time to collect his thoughts yet. That was why she was there, though. To make sure he wouldn’t get tricked into saying something that would wrongly incriminate him. If he was guilty, she would make sure he would pay. But, for now, all of her instincts pointed at the kid being innocent. Of course she couldn’t act on those instincts alone for now, but they had rarely led them to the wrong conclusion, so Angela had every intention of keeping an eye out for new developments and adjusting her perception as she got new information.

    When Andi started speaking to her client, Angela paid close attention to every word, but didn’t interrupt the other woman. She trusted Andi to want to get to the truth, and not just want to lock Brandon up and call it a day. Andi’s partner, not so much, though.

    As soon as Andi finished speaking, asking Brandon to tell her everything that had happened last night for Julie, Angela nodded in agreement. She patted the boy’s hand in a soothing way. “It’s okay, Brandon. Just tell them the truth. I’m here with you”, the woman tried to assure him, in an almost mother-like intonation.

    When Brandon retold the story he had told her already, Angela made a note of it. She knew liars had a hard time keeping their story straight, and she also knew that she would have to ask him to tell it yet again once he had gotten the chance to collect himself. While it did feel a bit cruel, Angela knew it was necessary if they wanted to be sure they had the entire truth about what had happened.

    When Vince asked whether or not Brandon was more than friends with the other girl, Angela raised an eyebrow, but didn’t interrupt the man just yet. While she knew Brandon’s words could hurt her case, she was interested in learning the truth, and that often required asking unpopular questions. For now, she would let her client answer.

    The knock on the door made Angela sigh softly. Whatever it was that the person outside wanted, it would give them time to breathe and collect their thoughts.

    When Vince showed Brandon the pictures and responded that way to his words, Angela could feel what he was trying to do. When she spoke, her voice was soft, but her eyes had a slightly predatory expression.

    “That is not even circumstantial evidence, officer”, she stated calmly. “Anyone who knew Julie or had been to her house would have known the set was there. With today’s social media culture, anyone who was a contact in any of the many venues would have known as well”, she continued, giving Brandon a look that seemed to say ‘I’ve got your back’.

    Once she had finished her statement, Angela looked to Andi. “Would you be able to spare five or ten minutes after we finish here?”, she requested. Angela felt they were working towards the same goals, but not Vincent, and she felt it would be good to have a private chat with the female officer before things got out of control.

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    Andi Summers

    Andi observed Brandon, taking mental notes of his voice and body language. He seemed seemed but that was to be expected. After all, he said he had loved Julie and she was dead. Andi believed that he had loved Julie. Although, she wasn't sure if he was innocent yet. It could have been a crime of passion. The pyramids being a weapon of opportunity. Perhaps their fight over the Mandy girl went too far. Words turned into fists and...Andi knew they would have to talk to witnesses and girl. Piece together what truly happened the night before.

    Andi looked at the report and saw that the lab had confirmed the pyramid was used to murder Julie Brown.

    "That is is true, counselor. People these days show so much of their lives online. Post pics of vacations and birthday gifts. Some people think others care what they eat for dinner...."

    Andi replied to Angela about the pyramids. She wasn't ready yet to tell Brandon why the pyramids were so important. Not until they were ready to charge him with the murder.

    "Did you and Julie post a lot about your lives on social media, Brandon?"

    When Angela asked if she would spare a few minutes of her time, Andi nodded.

    "Yes, of course. After all, we all want the same thing. To know what happened to Julie Brown."

    Well, she believed that Angela did. Vince, though...She didn't fully trust her partner. He was ready to lock the kid in a cell and throw away the key.

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    "Perhaps, counselor."

    Vince replied to Angela. He hated Angela's guts. She had to be the only honest defense lawyer in town! The kid's parents had some money, he thought. After all, a lot of the public defenders were on the mob's payroll. If Brandon had gotten on of them, this would have been so much easier. But no, he had Angela Mallory, a woman who made his job more difficult. And he certainly did not like that she wanted to talk to his partner alone. It was bad enough Supergirl was his partner on the case, Andi would make sure the law was followed to a 't'. But if she talked with Angela...They might things harder for him. And he couldn't have that.

    While Vince hated that Brandon had Angela on his side, Brandon didn't. He was very thankful he did. After talking to her, he felt he could trust. That she would do her very best to prevent him from going to jail for Julie's murder. He nodded his head to her when she said to tell him the officers the truth. Which is what he did. His story didn't change, because the truth never changed.

    When the female detective asked about his and Julie's use of social media, Brandon replied.

    "Yeah, I guess so. About the much as other people our age. Although, she posted a lot more then I do. I usually just like a few things here or there. Maybe share a pic or two....Julie posted a lot more. She'd post if we were going places and such. Update people on her day. She was on Facebook a lot."

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela was relieved that Andi seemed to have a good head above her shoulders, and her heart on the right place. She wanted justice, and so did Angela.

    As for Andi's partner... well... Angela would reserve judgement for now, but she didn't really trust him. Still... nothing she could do about it now. Vince was already in the case, and it would take work and time to get him out. Maybe, Angela thought, she should just work around him.

    When Andi agreed to talk to her, Angela showed a polite smile. "Thank you, officer, I appreciate it", she replied before falling silent again, so she wouldn't be in the way of the work that had to be done.

    Hearing Brandon say that Julie posted much more than him made Angela sigh. Those kids posted way too much of their lives for everyone to see. Everyone knew where they were, what they were doing... and if someone wanted to harm them... Angela shook her head and sighed. Who would have hated such a young girl this much? What could she have done to deserve such a brutal death?

    Storing the questions in her mind for later - away from Vince -, Angela looked at Brandon. "Would you by any chance have each other's social media passwords?", she asked, the wheels turning in her mind.

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    Andi Summers

    "You're welcome."

    Andi replied to Angela. Unlike Vince, Andi had become a police officer because she wanted to make the world a better place. Protect the innocent and punish criminals. Although things were pointing towards Brandon killing his girlfriend. It was all circumstantial evidence right now. They needed real evidence to present to a jury. Which Brandon did deserve. The law said he was entitled to a trial by jury. Andi wasn't ready to lock the kid up and throw away the key. Not until she learned more.

    Andi took notes of what Brandon said. Her thoughts about social media were similar to Angela's. She didn't care for it much and thought people posted way too much. How many homes were robbed because someone had to tell everyone they knew and didn't know they were on vacation?

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    Vince shot Andi a dirty look. He didn't want his partner having a private conversation with Angela Mallory. She was the enemy. The one who was trying to make his job more difficult. Brandon Wallace needed to be put away for murder. There was no other option.

    "Umm....no, but...."

    Brandon said if he knew Julie's passwords.

    "But what?"

    Vince asked. Brandon sighed.

    "She never logged out of her phone. And on her computer, she always had her password saved for sites. All she had to do was quick log in to get on them. I guess anyone could access them."

    "That's a safe guess."

    Vince replied. Which did mean anyone go in her accounts and do whatever they wanted. Like delete messages they didn't want others to see.

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela sighed when Brandon said Julie never logged out of her phone and had her password saved for sites on her computer. Kids these days. They had so much information right there on their fingertips, and didn’t bother thinking about security of their personal information.

    “Oh, well. I suppose such are the times”, Angela commented with a slightly tired intonation.

    While she was willing to defend her client tooth and nail, something in the woman told her this would be a very long and hard case. Making a shorthand note to talk to Andi about securing the victim’s phone and laptop, she turned her attention back to Brandon.

    “Thank you, Brandon. I believe this is all I need to ask you for now”, she added, as she would need to study the case and talk to people before she could have more questions for her young client.

    Despite the fact that she didn’t want to leave Brandon alone with Quincy, Angela still felt that talking to Andi was very important and urgent. Before Quincy had the time to have ideas of his own.

    Without speaking, she waited to catch the other woman’s eyes, and then gestured discreetly toward the door, indicating she would like that private moment as soon as possible.

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    Andi Summers

    Andi thought the same things Angela did when Brandon told them that Julie never logged out of her accounts. Kids gave up so much information online these days. She remembered when the Internet was new and people never gave out of their full names or their hometowns. Now, people posted where they were going on vacation or what they were eating for dinner every night. There was so much sharing...It made it so easy for people to bad things to others.

    Andi sadly sighed in agreement with Angela. She caught Angela's look and said.

    "I think we should all take a break."

    She stood up to not give Vince a chance to argue with her.

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    Brandon personally did not understand Julie's obsession with social media. He found it boring, preferring to talk to people in person. But he had always thought to each their own. He never would have considered Julie's posting could get her into trouble...He nodded his head to Angela.

    "You're welcome."

    He was relieved when Andi said they should take a break. He wanted a break. He wanted to go home. Wake up from this terrible nightmare.

    Vince didn't think that they needed a break. He wasn't even close to breaking Brandon Wallace yet. But he would. He'd get the kid to confess to murder he didn't commit. Even if they were here all day and night. Although, Andi made the decision for him. He stood up and said.

    "I could use a smoke."

    He said and then slapped the table and glared into Brandon's face.

    "We're not done yet."

    "Got it."

    Brandon replied back with a grim expression on his face.

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela nodded when Andi said she thought they needed a break. She surely did. Not only because she wanted to take a moment to breath and collect her ideas, but also because she really needed to talk to Andi. A sense of urgency was lurking in her mind, and, despite the fact she wasn't sure about the reasons why, Angela knew enough about her profession to trust her gut feeling.

    When Vince slapped the table and glared into Brandon's face, Angela moved to stand behind her client. The expression in her eyes when she looked at the cop wasn't friendly at all. The woman's left hand squeezed the boy's shoulder softly, silently letting him know she had his back.

    After a second or two, she let her hand move away and looked at Andi. "If you would give me a minute or two, officer", she requested politely, turning her gaze to Brandon for a moment. "I will be right back. Don't say a word to anyone while I'm gone. Deal?", she asked, her gaze to Vince making it clear she was talking about him.

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