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Thread: Court Case

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    Vince didn't like the idea of his partner talking to Brandon's lawyer. The kid was the perfect fall guy and he wasn't going to let these two ruin it for him. Both women believed in following the law to a 't', which made a job like his harder. Still, he knew he had to play his cards right. If he could enough evidence to point to Brandon, then the D.A.'s office would want to pursue a murder charge on him. And convince a jury he was guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Vince stepped back from the table didn't say anything as he left the room. Brandon was glad to see Vince leave and nodded his head to Angela.

    "I won't."

    He replied. He was too scared to say anything the cops might use against him without Angela with him.

    Vince pulled out his cigarettes as he stepped outside and pulled out his cell phone. He texted Mad Dog as he smoked one.

    I'm going to go with a pepperoni pizza tonight.

    Which was his code for saying he found his fall guy and it was the victim's significant other.

    I just have to make sure I don't get heartburn.

    Which was code for saying the kid had a good lawyer.

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    Andi Summers

    Andi didn't like her partner's reaction. In fact, her lips pursed together in a sign of displeasure. While she wasn't ready to make a judgment if the kid was guilty or not, there wasn't enough evidence to make that call, she could tell Vince thought he was guilty. And when Vince thought someone was guilty, he went with that. It was good for Brandon he had gotten Angela.

    She nodded her head and waited outside for the lawyer. When Angela joined her, she asked.

    "What is it that you wanted to talk about?"

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    Angela Malloy & Mad Dog

    Angela relaxed a little when Brandon said he wouldn't say anything while she was gone. She had been a lawyer for a while, and knew full well how a scared suspect could say something that would be used against them in court and screw themselves over beyond repair. That was something Angela wasn't willing to see happen to Brandon. If he was guilty, he should pay for it. If he wasn't, she wouldn't see him pay for a crime he hadn't committed.

    Once she was sure she could leave the boy alone for a moment, Angela stepped outside and looked at Andi. "Sorry to say that, but I don't trust your partner. So, I would like to count on you", she started, her voice firm. "If I find out he is guilty, I will personally hand you whatever evidence I find. On the other hand, if he's not, I will need your cooperation, as your partner seems more interested in locking the kid up than in finding out who actually did", she completed, looking into Andi's eyes.

    "Do we have a deal?".

    Mad Dog was relaxing and smoking after spending time with his current girl, when Vince messaged him. He read the text and smiled when the second part reached his phone. He could see himself having some fun with the kid's laywer. But he would have to get it cleared with Vince first.

    I can refer you to a doctor for that, he texted, meaning he was willing to 'take care' of the lawyer. It would be a quick scare first, but it could definitely escalate if the lawyer didn't start playing nice.

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    Andi Summers

    Andrea sighed at Angela.

    "You're putting me in a tight spot, Angela. He's my partner."

    And anyone in the police force should have their partner's back. It was just some partnerships were easier then others. Andi, honestly, didn't like Vince very much. And she didn't truly trust him. But she didn't admit that out loud. Only Keith, her boyfriend, knew how she really felt about Vince. That she suspected he might be dirty. But she didn't have enough proof to back that up. She couldn't go to Internal Affairs without proof. Because, if she did, then the old boy's club would come after her. They looked out for their own and Vince was considered that. If she took her suspicions to IA, she had to undeniable proof.

    "However, I do think you're right, he's ready to lock your client up and throw away the key. Unlike him, I like for the evidence to tell me what the truth is."

    Not manipulate the evidence to be the truth she wanted. Andi wasn't sure yet if Brandon killed his girlfriend or not. She needed to wait for the more evidence to come back before she made her judgment.

    "You have my word that I will find out who killed Julie Brown."
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    Vince Quincy

    While Brandon was waiting in the room, Vince was texting Mad Dog. Not that anyone would know what the texts meant. All they ever talked about, at a glance, was food.

    That might be best. Heartburn is a bitch.

    He texted back. Angela Malloy was a problem. Not just for this case but other ones he had. He was getting tired of the lawyer in general. He was fine with Mad Dog doing what he thought needed to be done.

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    Angela Malloy & Mad Dog

    Angela sighed at Andrea’s words. She knew she was putting the police officer in a tight spot. Still, her gut was telling her that conversation needed to be had, and she had learned to trust it in her years working with criminal law. While she couldn’t convince anyone to believe her, Angela knew that she could at least try.

    “I know, and I’m sorry”, she replied quietly, after thinking for a moment or two.

    Sadly, Angela couldn’t just ignore the fact that she didn’t trust Andrea’s partner. She had seen what a bad partner could do, and a part of her wanted to tell Andi not to turn her back on Vince - either literally or metaphorically.

    “Yeah”, she replied to Andi’s words when she mentioned that Vince was ready to lock Brandon up and throw away the key. “Trust me, I hate what happened to that poor girl too. But we all need to think with our heads and let truth come out”, she continued, feeling bad for the boy.

    When Andi said she would find out who killed Julie Brown, Angela nodded. “That’s enough for me. And my promise about handing you whatever I find that can help with the investigation. You know how some people’s minds just go blank when they see a badge”, she remarked.

    After a while, the woman sighed. “Just be careful, okay?”.

    Mad Dog, at home, smiled when he received Vince’s text. He loved messing with people who didn’t fall in line with what should be done. And that lawyer was definitely one of those. She would be much better staying home with her children. Or much richer if she decided to be a good girl and play ball.

    Shrugging, the man prepared to leave the house. It was time to start working. And a visit to the school yard - he already knew which school he needed to go to - would be a good way to start getting Mrs. Malloy’s attention.

    For now, all he wanted was to scare her - but he could, and would, escalate if needed.

    All right. I’ll text you later, the man sent, before leaving and taking a leisurely drive. No need to rush, after all.

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    Vince Quincy


    Vince texted back to Mad Dog. He knew what Mad Dog would do. He would get rid of the problem of Angela Malloy. One way or another. Once she was gone, then Brandon would have to get another lawyer. Hopefully one that was easier to control. Like a few of the public defenders that worked in the city. One that would tell Brandon that he should just say he was guilty and take a plea deal. End it all before a trial. That do the time and get in enough time to still move on with his life.

    Angela would not do that. She believed in fighting for the truth. For her client. She would fight them to the bitter end and he couldn't have that. Nor could he have her in his partner's ear. It made him miss Old Louie even more. Louie knew how to play ball. He had taught Vince the game. If Louie was still here, then Brandon would have already been in a jail cell. Waiting for his arraignment. He'd have to make sure Andi knew they were a team. Cops were supposed to have each other's backs. Not that Vince would have hers if she crossed the mob, though. He didn't like her that much.

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    Andi Summers

    "I know and it's okay."

    Andi replied to Angela, accepting her apology. Andi had to thread carefully. No matter what thought of Vince, she didn't say it out loud. She couldn't. The station was an old boys club. And Vince was a part of that club. Their fellow officers loved him. Many of them hung out together. They hadn't really accepted her. If she said anything negative about her partner, especially to a defense attorney, the other cops would make her life a living hell. She couldn't have that. It would be impossible to do her job. Impossible to help Brandon Wallace if he was truly innocent. Impossible to find Julie Brown's killer.

    She nodded her head to Angela and said.

    "I agree we do. We need to let the evidence speak for itself and not jump to conclusions."

    Which she was sure that Vince would do. And she knew he was good on the stand. He could convince a jury that Brandon did it. He could put on the charm when needed and probably sell ice to an Eskimo.

    "That I do."

    She replied when Angela commented some people mind's just went blank when they saw a badge. She did believe Angela wanted to find out what happened to Julie, but she also didn't want Brandon to locked away if he didn't do it either. Andi wasn't ready to make a judgment call on him. Not yet, it was too soon to say if she thought he had done it or not.

    "I will be, you be careful too."

    Andi said, knowing that being a defense lawyer wasn't a safe job. Lots of people, especially cops, didn't like defense lawyers.

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    Angela Malloy and Mad Dog

    Angela sighed in relief when she noticed that Andi wasn't mad at her. If she was, Angela was pretty sure her job would be made a lot harder, as she needed to be in good terms with at least one half of the duo of investigating officers. She would sooner be friends with a rabid dog than with Vince, but Andrea was a good girl, and a clean cop. It was sad, the lawyer thought, that this is what the force was coming to.

    "That's all I hope for", Angela said when Andi mentioned that they shouldn't jump to conclusions. While she would love to believe her client was innocent, and see evidence back it up, Angela knew she had to go the other way around, believing what the evidence told her, and seeing the conclusions to which it pointed. Which meant, for now, that she had some research work to do.

    "I will", she replied to Andi's comment on being careful. "This is not exactly my first rodeo", she completed with a smile. It wasn't, and, no matter how tempting taking risks was, Angela knew how to play it safe enough to keep herself out of harm's way. "Maybe we should go back in?".

    While Angela finished her conversation with Andi, Mad Dog had finally reached the school both her girls went to. It was a good private school, not too far from home, and it looked like a nice and safe place. Mad Dog knew he wouldn't be able to touch the girls there. But it wasn't his intention for now.

    Parking not too close to the school yard - he didn't want anyone to be suspicious -, Mad Dog waited patiently for recess. As the kids started pouring out of the classrooms, he watched them. Deciding to be generic for now, he just snapped a few pictures of the kids and left. Mrs. Malloy would get them later, when she was away from the cops. Patience always paid off, after all.

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    Andi Summers

    "Thank you for understanding."

    Andi replied to Angela, glad the other woman understood why she couldn't just turn her back on Vince. No matter what she thought of her partner, he was still her partner. She had to work with him, not against him. Even if he was more ready then she was to just call Brandon guilty. Andi wasn't sure yet, but she could see him doing it. Not premeditated, his grief was real. He appeared to be showing remorse...It could have been a crime of passion.

    "We should. Go first, though, I'll wait for Vince."

    If she went back in without him, he'd have her head. He was the senior detective on the case, she had to follow his lead. She didn't want him to think she was against him.

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