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Thread: Court Case

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    Vince Quincy

    Confident that Mad Dog would be able to handle Ms Malloy, Vince decided to finish his smoke break before heading back in. Once Angela was off the case, then it would be easy to put an end to the investigation. Vince knew the name of a few public defenders that were on the mob's call. He'd just get one of them appointed to Brandon and that new lawyer would be able to convince the kid to take a plea bargain. Hell, they'd be half way to that end already if Brandon hadn't gotten his own lawyer.

    Oh, well, Vince thought as he put out the butt, Angela surely wouldn't be on the kid's case much longer. Vince headed back and gave Andi a look when he rejoined her.

    "Everything cool?"

    He didn't trust his partner, she was too honest for his taste. And he certainly didn't like her talking to Wallace's lawyer without him.

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    Angela Malloy

    "You're welcome", Angela replied sincerely to Andi's words. She knew how the police force worked, and felt empathy for the policewoman. They were both inserted in boy's clubs, and both wanted to do things right by those they served. But Andi's boy's club was a lot more risky than Angela's. She had seen what happened to cops that didn't let the system corrupt them, and that was something she didn't want to see happen to Andi. Still,that wasn't up to her, and she really did hope Andi would hold her ground and keep herself safe.

    "All right", she replied when Andi told her to go first. It was for the best anyway, as she would have a minute to talk to Brandon before the cops came back.

    Stepping into the interrogation room, Angela took her place by Brandon's side, and, after some hesitation, got an arm around his shoulders. He seemed to need something warmer than a police officer questioning him.

    "How are you holding up?", she asked softly, letting her arm go back to its place after giving the boy's - she couldn't help but think of him as a scared little boy - shoulder a friendly squeeze.

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    Andi Summers

    Andi nodded her head to Angela and watched her head into the interview room. Angela was right about Vince, he couldn't be trusted. It was a sad thing to think about. Partners were supposed to have each other's backs but Andi honestly believed that Vince would happily stab her in the back if he served his own interests. He hadn't become a police officer for the same reasons she had. She truly didn't think that Vince cared about justice at all.

    Still, she could never let him know how much she distrusted him. It would be dangerous. Not just for her career either. Andi was sure her partner was dirty but she didn't have anything to go off but her gut. And her gut wasn't enough to bring to Internal Affairs to investigate. When Vince rejoined her, she nodded her head.

    "Of course."

    Knowing that he'd want more, she said quietly.

    "Malloy already cares about the kid. We need to tread carefully. If we don't, she'll get him off on a technicality."

    Which, if Brandon did kill Julie, Andi wasn't ready to say yes or no on that yet, she didn't want Julie's killer to escape justice because of something that could cause the whole case to be thrown out of court. Andi sighed and said.

    "We have nothing to hold him on. We'll have to let him go soon."

    Brandon had come on his own free will and was being cooperative. They couldn't keep him here forever and they weren't ready yet to charge him with any crime.

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    Vince didn't like Angela and he certainly did not like his partner talking to her. Although, Andi was smart. She knew better then to raise his suspicions. He nodded his head to her.

    "You're right. We do have to let him go soon. Although tell him to not leave town."

    Vince said as he looked at the door to the interview room. Brandon would be Vince's fall guy but he had to follow the rules to get a jury to convince him. They couldn't have any mistrials in this case. Brandon Wallace would be going before a jury, who would find him guilty of his the murder of his girlfriend.

    Brandon, meanwhile, was scared. He had never been in trouble before. He liked watching crime shows on TV, hell, he and Julie used to watch them together. He never thought he'd actually be living one. It was so scary. Knowing his whole life could be taken away from him. He hadn't killed her, he had loved her. But he knew the cops, especially the male one, didn't believe him. Thank God his father had hired Angela Malloy to represent him. Brandon wouldn't be able to do this on his own.

    He looked up when Angela came back and sighed to her.

    "I'm okay...I guess. I'm scared. Do you think they're going to arrest me?"

    He asked, sounding more like a little boy then a young man.
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    Angela Malloy

    Angela let out a deep sigh as she parted ways with Andrea. She was seriously worried about the whole case. She had been in this business long enough to know a crooked cop when she saw one. If it looks like fish and smells like fish, it's probably fish. That's what her father - also a lawyer - used to tell her when it came to trusting her gut instincts. And her instincts told her Officer Quincy was not the kind of person she would like to see involved in this case.

    Shaking her head, Angela sat by Brandon again. Poor kid, Quincy would eat him alive if she couldn't do anything about it.

    And by God, she would.

    When Brandon asked if she thought the cops would arrest me, Angela shook her head on a negative. "They can't. They have nothing to hold you on. For now, you're a suspect, but simply because you were there and blood stained. They don't have any actual evidence against you", she explained.

    "They will probably ask you not to leave town, as you can be called in for questioning at any time. But you'll probably be home soon, and I'll be by your side every step of the way".

    The woman sighed again.

    "This won't be easy. Up until they have another suspect, they will be focusing on you. But if you didn't do it, you didn't do it. They can't create evidence where there's none".

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    Brandon Wallace

    It all felt like a nightmare for Brandon. One that he wanted so desperately to wake up from. Julie was dead and the last words he had ever said to her were so awful. He hadn't meant any of it. He'd give anything for her to be alive and he could tell he was sorry. He missed her so much already. Thank God for Angela Malloy, though. His father had hired him a good lawyer. There was no way Brandon could have made it through this interview with out her. He needed someone on his side.

    He nodded his head, feeling a little better that Quincy couldn't arrest him. He could tell that the male cop wanted to. He looked at Brandon like he was a bug he wanted to squash with the heel of his boot.

    "Yeah, I guess I would suspect me too."

    But he didn't do it and he hoped that they would find out who did it. Hopefully the other cop, Summers, would try to look for the real murderer. Brandon believed she was more honest then her partner.

    "Thank you for helping me."

    He knew it was her job but he was truly grateful for having Angela on his side.

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela felt really bad for Brandon. She felt that he was not lying. A part of being a defense attorney was, after all, to meet a lot of people who tried to lie to you. After a few years, you became trained in body language. And she was paying close attention to Brandon’s. He was nervous and scared, which was just to be expected. But she could bet that he wasn’t lying. Of course she had to get the facts, but feeling that her client was being honest already helped - a lot.

    “I would suspect you too, if I wasn’t looking at you”, she replied in a kindly intonation. “I don’t know why Officer Quincy wants to lock you up before digging deeper, but I will make sure you and Julie get justice”. The hell I don’t know, she thought to herself. Angela had her very strong suspicions of Quincy, but she wasn’t about to share them with Brandon. Those were better kept to herself.

    When Brandon thanked her, Angela sighed and placed an arm around the boy’s shoulders. “You’re welcome, kid. Believe me, I’ll fight tooth and nail for you - mama bear style”, she promise, part serious, part wanting to lighten the mood a little. “Ready to face them again?”.

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    Brandon was so grateful for his father for calling Angela to represent him. He didn't know what he would do without her. He felt he could trust her, that she would do everything in her power to keep him out of jail and make sure justice was served. Brandon didn't kill Julie, but he could see why others thought he had. Detective Quincy clearly thought so, in the old times, before trials existed, Brandon would have already been in jail. Thank God he lived in the century that he did. It would take a lot more of just wanting Brandon to be guilty, to make him so. He was entitled to a trial of his peers. And he would have to be convicted without a shadow of a doubt. If Quincy had enough to arrest him on anyway. Which he didn't, not yet.

    Brandon also appreciated Angela's honestly. It helped to know she was truthful, it made it easier for him to trust her. He was trusting her with his life.

    "I believe you and yeah. I am."

    He told her with a smile and heard the door open. Vince and Andi were back. Vince told Brandon.

    "You're free to go, for now."

    "I am?"

    He asked, suddenly confused. He had thought he'd be here all day and now, suddenly, Vince was letting him go. It almost made no sense, since Vince seemed very certain he was guilty.

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    Andi Summers

    "Yes. We appreciate you coming in to talk to us."

    Andi told Brandon. While he was definitely a suspect, they had nothing to hold Brandon on. He had came here on his own accord. And there wasn't enough evidence to arrest him either. No matter how badly her partner wanted to say that Brandon killed his girlfriend and close the case.

    "We all want the same thing here, we want to find out what happened to Julie. My partner and I have things to follow up on and in the process of the investigation, we may need to call you in again. To answer some more questions. So, please, stay available to us and not leave town."

    Skipping town would make Brandon even more suspicious then he already was. After all, the first suspect was often the victim's significant other.

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela was concerned about Brandon. While she knew the kid hadn't done anything, she also knew it wouldn't be easy to make sure he wouldn't go to jail - or death row - for this murder. Still, she was willing to do anything in her power to keep him out of jail and clear his name. Figuring out who had done it was a work for the police, not her. But hopefully they would do what they had to. Once she had finished clearing Brandon's name, her work would be done. But she had to admit she was curious about whoever had killed the girl.

    When the officers returned to the room, Angela expected them to ask more questions. When Officer Quincy said Brandon was free to go, the woman's eyes widened a little. That was... surprising, and a part of smelled fishy.

    Hearing Andi's words, Angela nodded and stood up, collecting her items. "Very well. Thank you, officers, I will make sure Mr. Wallace will remain available", she replied to them both before turning to Brandon. "Would you like me to give you a ride?", she asked, looking at her wrist watch. This had taken less time than she had anticipated, and she would have time to drop Brandon off and pick up her girls from school, or maybe the other way around. "And if so, would you mind a quick detour? I'd like to pick my children up from school, if you don't mind".

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