Vince Quincy

Confident that Mad Dog would be able to handle Ms Malloy, Vince decided to finish his smoke break before heading back in. Once Angela was off the case, then it would be easy to put an end to the investigation. Vince knew the name of a few public defenders that were on the mob's call. He'd just get one of them appointed to Brandon and that new lawyer would be able to convince the kid to take a plea bargain. Hell, they'd be half way to that end already if Brandon hadn't gotten his own lawyer.

Oh, well, Vince thought as he put out the butt, Angela surely wouldn't be on the kid's case much longer. Vince headed back and gave Andi a look when he rejoined her.

"Everything cool?"

He didn't trust his partner, she was too honest for his taste. And he certainly didn't like her talking to Wallace's lawyer without him.