Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

Andi was a lot nicer to Brandon then Vince was. He'd be fine with locking the kid up and throwing the key away. However, he knew that wasn't how the justice system worked. It wasn't the Middle Ages. He couldn't just say Brandon killed Julie and make it true. He had to prove it. And he had to make sure that a jury believed that version of truth without a shadow of a doubt. That goal would be easier if Angela Malloy wasn't his lawyer. Well, she might not be his lawyer for too long. Vince nodded his head at what Andi said.

"Yeah, don't skip town."

"I won't."

Brandon replied and Vince gave him a look that almost made him shudder. If looks could kill, Brandon was certain that he'd be dead or at least in the ICU. Still, he was free. And that felt good. Even though Brandon could tell that Vince hated letting him go. He turned to Angela and nodded his head.

"Yes, if you don't mind, and a detour is fine."

He said with a smile. He liked Angela and the cops had drove him here from Julie's house. If he didn't take her up on the ride, he'd either have to call a taxi or walk. His parents were both at work and couldn't pick up him. Watching the two made Vince feel a little sick. She was getting attached to the kid, like he was another kid to her. Damn...That would make it all much harder if Mad Dog didn't scare her off.