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Thread: Court Case

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    Vince Quincy & Brandon Wallace

    Andi was a lot nicer to Brandon then Vince was. He'd be fine with locking the kid up and throwing the key away. However, he knew that wasn't how the justice system worked. It wasn't the Middle Ages. He couldn't just say Brandon killed Julie and make it true. He had to prove it. And he had to make sure that a jury believed that version of truth without a shadow of a doubt. That goal would be easier if Angela Malloy wasn't his lawyer. Well, she might not be his lawyer for too long. Vince nodded his head at what Andi said.

    "Yeah, don't skip town."

    "I won't."

    Brandon replied and Vince gave him a look that almost made him shudder. If looks could kill, Brandon was certain that he'd be dead or at least in the ICU. Still, he was free. And that felt good. Even though Brandon could tell that Vince hated letting him go. He turned to Angela and nodded his head.

    "Yes, if you don't mind, and a detour is fine."

    He said with a smile. He liked Angela and the cops had drove him here from Julie's house. If he didn't take her up on the ride, he'd either have to call a taxi or walk. His parents were both at work and couldn't pick up him. Watching the two made Vince feel a little sick. She was getting attached to the kid, like he was another kid to her. Damn...That would make it all much harder if Mad Dog didn't scare her off.

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    Angela Malloy, Sarah and Marissa Malloy

    "I don't mind at all, don't worry", Angela replied to Brandon's words with a smile. She led him to the parking lot and to her car. It was a dark blue popular vehicle, nothing too fancy, but well taken care of. She unlocked the doors and waited for him to get in and get his seatbelt on before starting the car.

    While she drove, Angela would make some small talk, just to help Brandon relax. While her mind was still in gear, she felt that the boy needed a break from everything, at least until she could plan her next step. So, she decided talking about random things would be better now than to worry about the predicament of Julie's death.

    It wouldn't take long for her to stop by the school and pick the two girls - around 10 and 12 - up, getting them to get in the car and get their seat belts on. Once the girls were settled - and looking at Brandon curiously - she decided to skip the questions and just go to the introductions.

    "Brandon, these are Sarah and Marissa, my girls. Girls, this is Brandon Wallace, I'm working for him. Remember your manners", she added, meaning no personal questions.

    When she was about to start the car again, her phone beeped and she pulled it out just to see if it was urgent. Feeling her stomach turn when she saw a picture of her kids and a very serious sounding threat from a secret number, Angela took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. "Stay here", she murmured in a tense voice, feeling like she was about to stop breathing. As she looked around, the woman's fingers pulled up a number on her contacts, and she forwarded the message, adding only a few words. I just got this as I picked up my children, she sent, before going back to the car, still nervous. "Come on, let's go. I need to get Brandon home, and then you girls".

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    Andi Summers

    Andi showed Brandon and Angela the way to the elevator. Angela, of course, knew the way, but it was protocol for an officer to show people out. To make sure no one, especially defense lawyers and their clients, saw any evidence the police were gathering. Granted, Julie had just been found dead. They were just starting to build their case. To Andi, Brandon was still high on the suspect list, but that didn't mean that he should be the only one they should look into. Andi wanted to check out all possibilities before she settled on Brandon being the killer.

    She took a seat at her desk and told her partner.

    "I'm going to dig into Julie's background. See if she had any secrets she was trying to hide."

    The first thing she did was log onto Julie's social media accounts on a secure server. She was searching Julie's online history, looking for anything suspicious, when she received Angela's text and the pictured. She replied.

    We should meet.

    A threat to children, that was serious. Did it have to do with the case they had just got or another one of Angela's cases? She was a lawyer and the nature of the job bright about enemies. Just as being a cop, brought Andi enemies too. This threat, though...It wasn't something to discuss over text messages.

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    Vince Quincy

    Vince watched Andi lead Brandon and Angela out. It would only be a matter of time before the boy would be led away in handcuffs. Vince knew Brandon hadn't killed Brandon, obviously. But even if he wasn't on the take, he wouldn't have found Brandon guilty. The kid's grief and shock, it was too real. If they put him on the stand, it would be easy for him to get a jury to believe his innocence. Which was why Vince had to get enough evidence against that the best option for Brandon would be to take a plea bargain. Something Angela would might make harder to happen. Well, hopefully she'd be gone soon. He nodded his head to Andi and took a seat across from her.

    "Good idea. I'll look over the lab rat reports."

    He said, grabbing the folders of prelim reports that their forensic team had found so far. Things like DNA would take longer to come back, but it was a start. He was hoping to find something that would point towards Brandon being the killer. When Andi got the text, he gave her a curious look.

    "Something important?"

    He asked her.

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    Brandon Wallace

    Brandon was relieved to be walking out of the police station. For someone who had rarely gone to the principal's office, this was something he never wanted to experience again. He was thanking God that he had Angela on his side. He hoped he wouldn't have to talk to the two detectives again.

    "Okay, thank you."

    He told Angela, with a smile of his own, when she replied that she didn't mind. Her car was nice, but not flashy. Not like what lawyers drove in tv shows. He got into the passenger seat and buckled his seat belt. The small talk helped, it got his mind off his morning and Julie. Poor Julie. He told her what his major was and what sports played in school. That he enjoyed music and playing video games in his free time. He talked about his parents, it was clear he was close to them and respected them very much. He was a good boy, having dinner with them every Sunday night.


    He told the two girls with a smile. It seemed so odd to hear Angela say she worked for him. But she did, she was his lawyer. Even though he was only about ten years or so older then her own kids. He frowned at Angela's reaction to her text and asked her quietly.

    "Is everything okay?"

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela felt physically sick with the threat someone had sent her. She had gotten threats before, and heavy ones. Murder, rape, being beat up, she had gotten it all. And, when they were directed at her, Angela would inform police, as it was protocol, and make sure to look over her shoulder. But threats to her kids were a whole other business. They made her feel incredibly helpless.

    And she had to do something about them, now. She wasn't about to call anyone's bluff when her children's safety was at stake.

    Reading Andy's text relaxed Angela a bit. All right. I'll drop them off at home, and call you afterwards. Thank you., she sent back, taking a deep breath and going back to the car.

    Once back at the car and sitting on Brandon's side, Angela nodded. She was still a bit shaken, but letting this get to her that badly just wouldn't do, so she took a deep breath and got her seat belt back on before starting the car. "Sure", she replied, her voice almost back to the normal intonation. "Just work matters", Angela added, before turning the car to the nearest exit, to drop Brandon off at home.

    She didn't ask for his address, as she had it, but she did have another question to ask. "Will you need anything at home?", she asked. "I don't know, anything you need to make your day a bit easier".

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    Andi Summers

    All right. You're welcome.

    Andi texted Angela back, although she was concerned. She had known the lawyer long enough to know that idle threats didn't bother her. After all, in their lines of work, both women were used to that. Whatever happened...It had to be serious.

    She looked up at Vince and pushed the thoughts of Angela out of her mind for now. She gave him a smile and put her phone away.

    "No, just my boyfriend telling me I have to go grocery shopping after work. He ate the last of the food."

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    Vince Quincy

    Vince didn't believe Andi, not at all. He didn't trust her anymore then she trusted him. They worked together but he didn't truly consider her a partner. She was too honest for his tastes. Still, he nodded his head and said.

    "Ah, at least he told you. Let's find enough evidence to nail this kid to the wall for the murder."

    Vince said picking up a file to look through. He made a mental note to follow Andi to see what she was really doing tonight.

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    Brandon Wallace


    Brandon replied to Angela when she claimed she was just dealing with a work matter on her phone. He didn't fully believe her. She had turned a little pale reading it, but it was none of his business. He was her client, not a friend. Plus, her kids were in the car. Whatever it was, she wouldn't want to worry them. He accepted her answer and didn't bring it up anymore as Angela drove him home.

    "I...I don't know."

    He replied, honestly, when she asked if he needed anything. The whole day day felt like a horrible dream. One that he wasn't going to wake up from.

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    Angela Malloy


    Angela took a deep breath and tried to center herself. She couldn't let her concerns become a concern for Brandon. He had enough on his plate right now. And her children really didn't need to know what was going on. Closing her eyes for a second, she focused on the matter at hand, forcing her mind to go back into professional gear. Once she had safely left the kids home, she would work through this mess.

    "It's okay", she replied when he said he didn't know, feeling her maternal side kick in again. "Just take care of yourself. Take a warm shower or bath, order some comfort food, and try to go to bed early". While Angela knew she would be overstepping in any other situation, she felt that Brandon could use some direction right now. "Call your mom", she added after thinking a little. "I think hearing her voice will make you feel a bit better".

    After some hesitation, she carried on. "And... don't open your door if you're not waiting for anyone, okay? Be safe". Letting out a long sigh, Angela made a turn into Brandon's street, taking a look around and wondering if she shouldn't tell him to stay elsewhere for tonight. Her instincts said she should, and she hit the breaks right in front of his building. "Actually. Grab whatever you're gonna need for a night. I'll set you up in a hotel for the night. You'll be safer there". In case whoever got your girlfriend comes after you, her mind added silently. That was something she was not about to say with her kids in the car, but it was in her mind, and in her expression as she looked at Brandon.

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