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Thread: Court Case

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    Brandon Wallace

    Brandon didn't believe Angela that she was okay. She seemed worried but she probably didn't want to say anything. Not in front of her kids, anyway. He didn't blame her. Why worry the kids? He nodded his head to her at her advice.

    "I will."

    Actually a shower and food sounded good. He couldn't remember the last time he had even eaten. Eaten something good that was. The police station had given him a cheap sandwich and chips that had come out of their vending machine. He should call his mom, he thought. The last time he had talked to his parents, was this morning. When he was taken to the station. His father had called Angela. Which Brandon was glad he had. He had no idea what was going to happen but he felt a little better knowing she would do everything in her power to help him. Unlike that one detective, Detective Quincy, who had wanted to arrest him already.

    "I'll be careful."

    He told her and realized why she said it. He hadn't killed Julie, he knew that. But someone did. Why, he didn't know. He just knew his girlfriend had not died of an accident or natural causes. Which meant the killer was out there. A killer that could come for him...The realization made his blood run cold.

    "Okay, I think a hotel would be best after all."

    He said, agreeing with her. He got out of the car and said.

    "Umm....Did you want to come in?"

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela was glad Brandon hadn't asked any questions. She really didn't want to talk about this with him. This pointed out to some really concerning possibilities, and she didn't want to bring them up to the kid. He might freak out. Hell, she was about to freak out herself. She had been threatened before. Murder, torture, all kinds of assault. It was uncomfortable, but it came with the territory, and she was an adult. When someone threatens a child... well, that's not the kind of thing you'd want to happen.

    Still, she had to wait and talk to Andi about it later. For now, all she wanted was to make sure Brandon would be safe. She could worry about everything else later.

    When Brandon agreed to go to a hotel, Angela sighed in relief. "Good, I'll get you settled before I go home."

    She thought for a moment and looked over her shoulder. With the threat she had received, it would be better to stay off the streets with the children. "If you don't mind... I can help you pack some things if you need, and I'd like to take a moment to make a call to my husband, if you don't mind."

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    Brandon Wallace

    Everything felt over his head. Brandon had no idea what to do, he felt like a lost child, and he was grateful his father had hired Angela for him. He hadn't known her long, but he was trusting her judgment. If she said he should stay in a hotel for the night, he believed her.

    "Yeah, that's fine."

    Brandon replied to her and had her and her children follow him inside. He didn't expect Angela to leave her kids in the car while he packed.

    "I won't take long."

    He said, grabbing a duffel bag from the closet and going to his bedroom. He sighed as he saw a picture of him and Julie on the nightstand. It was taken at the fair. He picked it up and touched her face. He missed her so much and he couldn't even imagine why someone would have killed her.

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    Angela Malloy

    Angela was happy to help Brandon figure out what he was going to do, and also happy to be there for him and help him stay safe. For now, safe was a public place rather than his house. She wasn't sure that whoever had killed his girlfriend wouldn't come for him, after all. And the brutal way the girl had been killed was making Angela's skin crawl.

    "Thank you." Angela took a deep breath. "Come in, girls, and don't touch anything. Wipe your feet too, please."

    She waited for the children to get in and asked them to wait while she made a few phone calls. The first one was for her husband, letting him know he would need to pick up their youngest from daycare and that the two older ones were with her.

    She then considered calling Andi right away, at least to set up a place and time. Deciding that it would be better to do it right away indeed, she dialed the officer's number and waited, pacing back and forth somewhat impatiently.

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    Andi Summers

    Andi was surfing through Julie Brown's social media accounts when Angela called. While her partner was ready to arrest Brandon Wallace and throw away the key, Andi wanted to be sure. She didn't want to arrest an innocent person. However, she had to admit, things were looking like Brandon might have done it. His grief seemed real, but that could be his guilt. Nothing that Andi could see on Julie's accounts appeared out of the ordinary. It seemed that Julie had lived a pretty normal life, no enemies. She would post things that most people her age would post. Nothing pointed to a secret life or a secret lover. Andi would know more once her warrant granting her access to Julie's private messages and email account went through. Andi knew that people generally liked to post positive things about themselves online, unless they lived for drama. It didn't seem Julie did. If she had any secrets, she had made sure her friends and family couldn't see it online.

    She was eating take out Chinese food when her phone rang. When Andi was in work mode, she didn't like to leave and often ate at her desk. She took a drink and answered the phone.

    "Detective Summers."
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    Angela Malloy

    Angela was relieved when Andi picked up her phone. She took a deep breath before speaking. "Hello, Detective, it's Angela Malloy." Another deep breath, as this situation was really stressing her out. "Sorry for not calling sooner, I had to see that my client won't do anything stupid." She didn't think Brandon was guilty. And she didn't think he was going to try and get out of town. But she did worry that he might harm himself, as he had been through a pretty traumatic event, and also that someone - whoever killed his girlfriend - might come for him.

    "I have the kids in the picture I sent you with me as well. I thought it would be better to make sure they're with me or their father at all times until we figure out whether not this was just someone trying to scare me."

    She looked at the two girls, sitting quietly as they waited patiently for Brandon, and then turned her attention back to the phone. "But I would still like to discuss this situation in person, maybe with them present. They might have seen something or someone I haven't, and... you know, I'm their mother."

    Another glance at the girls had Angela sigh. "Off the record, this whole situation feels very, very off," she confessed quietly. "Anyhow, I'm moving Mr. Wallace into a hotel for the night. Would it be okay to meet as soon as he's settled?"

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