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    The Darkess Corners...
    EM whats open to play and remember im real slow so someone might have to talk me through this alittle... plus i have a massive hangover...
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    Serves you right, hamster-killer * *

    As for what's open... umm... ask Tink?
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    Silly - I think that's something we could leave up to the ppl playing the demons. *While your demon could be vulnerable to water, another might bathe regularly. *With some demons, water could only have an effect when it comes in contact with their eyes or an open wound. *Whatever.

    Night - Have a look at the scene currently playing out. *You could throw any kind of character you want into the mix.
    If you're looking for someone who was mentioned in previous posts, here's what I can think of:
    The demon I'm currently controlling.
    One of the priests who might've ran after Saira/Zahida.
    One or two of the men chasing Rayna.
    Or you could play a 50 year old parsley-toting woman who just passed out on her balcony. *

    Get on AIM if you want a walk-through. *And what hamster did you kill?! *(And does Mr. Puddles know about it?!)
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    I'm waiting on Tink's post with the Head Priest before I post as Zahida and (maybe since Q2 is away- I wanted to offer you the role since Tink and I already have head Priestestt/Priest) the Healer lady.

    So.... will Tink be posting anytime soon? Or should I just throw in a Zahida/Healer post?
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    somebody wanna give me the run down of whats happened since I'v been gone?
    Trying to catch M in posts

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    Silly - You can go ahead and move everyone to the council hall or what not. *I don't think there's anything meaningful for me to post as head priest at this time.
    Btw, there might be an old PM from when you were away lurking about which you might not have read yet.

    Jacen - Basically, everyone's been running from demons and ended up at the temple. *The bottle Quacky's char took from your vendor got smashed on a demon's head. *I think that's the gist of it.
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    cool once I figure out where I stand I'll post In Arabian nights
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    Jacen... I Pmmed you.
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