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    Arabian nights OOC

    Arabian nights OOC

    Hey, everyone!

    Quacky and I wanted to try something a little different with this RP. *And so, we have a few requests (sounds so much better than rules):

    1. *No long-term planning. *This is meant to be a kind of improv RP where one post leads to the next. *So while some discussion is necessary to uphold normal RP etiquette, the idea is to let the story write itself through the collaboration of the different players.

    2. *Sticking to one main plot. *To help maintain this, we ask that all new chars be introduced directly into a currently running scene, and not start with something like, "Meanwhile, 500 miles away..."
    It is very likely that the chars will split to different locations during the SL, but at least they'd have a strong connection to begin with.
    To help with this, I consider everyone I mention in my posts other the main char I'm posting as to be up for grabs (for example, the pursuers or whoever's in the alley in my first post). *And you can always PM other players to ask if someone he/she mentioned is up for grabs.

    3. *The one thing we'd like this RP to have is good pace. *Please keep that in mind when posting. *While we won't be directing the story in any direction, if it seems to taper off we will be throwing new twists in and, as a last resort, fast forward past slow scenes. *Naturally, we would prefer to have all involved move the story along without intervention.

    We hope the above won't keep anyone from joining. *This is meant to be a fun experiment and collaboration is key. *As for the setting, all of the elements commonly found in Arabian Nights type tales are welcome, from character types to magic and a wide range of creatures and magical items (y'know, flying carpets, sorcerers, genies, the works!).

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    So basicly your saying you want this thread to be Shoot/chain style
    Trying to catch M in posts

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    I've got a character idea... I'll pm you adn run it by you, Tink.

    *All excited like*
    |*Just some SILLY little clones*|

    Currently Active: Arion, Ganard, Aramil.

    Currently Inactive: Jolliet, Rhen, Aiza, Zahida, Saira or Nadya, Midori, and Lotus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacen Bell
    So basicly your saying you want this thread to be Shoot/chain style
    Uhm.... a wha?!

    And glad to have you on board, Silly. *Just jump in with whatever idea you have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by "Jacen Bell":3maw680b
    So basicly your saying you want this thread to be Shoot/chain style
    Uhm.... a wha?!


    don't worry about it
    shoot just means nothing planed
    going by the seat of your pants type of thing

    and chain style just means one thing followed by another and so on

    do you want to pm
    or can
    people post here to so of there characters
    or is that a no no

    cause i gots an idea but
    i now not on the series
    well besides seeing
    all three Aladdin movies

    but then again the series you refer to is most likely different
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    I'm not referring to any specific series, the Aladdin films would make a pretty good reference, and you can just go ahead and post.

    I didn't specify who my char was running from or why, or even who/what he is on purpose (except for hinting he wasn't a thief, or at least wasn't being chased because of it), so really, anything goes!
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    cool I'm not basing my character off them i just used them as a reference in my question
    so basically if i create a character i should just go post in the RP/Thread
    fine with me
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    Let me know if my post was okay and not pushing too many boundaries.

    And Jason- if you'd like to combine some history of magic to give our characters a common ground, let me know.
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    A bit of guidance would be handy for me! I don't really know where to go with Rayna right now - it's hard to play your own pursuers. I guess I could just have her take the rug, pick a bottle, and go Unless someone *coughcoughMindycough* happens to come along.

    One for sorrow, two for joy,
    Three for a girl, four for a boy,
    Five for silver, six for gold,
    Seven for a story that's never been told.
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    I hope no one minds my giving the SL a little nudge in the form of a demon, and just as a heads up, he has a friend (mainly to help deliver some info within the IC thread). I don't mind controlling one or both of 'em, but they are up for grabs if anyone wants to be big, strong and born of fire. Just let me know here or via PM's.

    Silly, your posts are excellent as always, so no worries. Contributions to the setting are always welcome.

    Q2, I hope my last post would help tie you in. Btw, I consider the men mentioned at the end of Silly's post to be your pursuers (who are still NPC's).

    Now that several elements have been introduced into the story by different players, I'll sit down to write some background. Based on the different IC posts and some selective reading, I'll set down some info regarding religion, demonology, djinn (spirits, genies), and maybe a word or two about magic. The plan is to give the current players a more clear setting, and be inviting for new players.

    Hopefully, it'd be posted in this thread sometime tonight.
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