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    Character information

    Character information

    Character template:

    Picture (optional)
    Description (optional if a picture is provided)
    Position in the family:
    Reasons for moving into the house:
    Brief bio:
    Misc: Anything else you'd like to add about your character.

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    Grandpa Jonah.jpg
    PB: Tom Wilkinson
    Name: Jonah Allerton (Grandpa)
    Age: 67 years old
    Position in the family: Grandfather
    Reasons for moving into the house: None, already lived there and opened his house up for the family.
    Brief bio: Jonah Allerton was born into a farming family and never really wanted anything more than to be a farmer and a family man. The life he planned was that, and he had no further ambitions. As he grew up, Jonah completed his regular studies and went on to work in the family's farm. When he married Grandma Violet, he took her to the farm, and they raised their children there. It pained the man that none of his children wanted to take over, but he carried on working, even after his beloved wife passed away, and hoped that the next generation would like to stay there.
    Misc: Despite feeling bad for the grandkids who fell into hard times, Grandpa is thrilled to have them right there, where he can keep an eye on them. Despite being at an age in which people feel that they need to care for their elders, Jonah still feels he needs to take care of the family.
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    PB: La Seydoux
    Name: Margareth Allerton Blake
    Age: 26 years old
    Position in the family: Jonah's granddaughter
    Reasons for moving into the house: She has lost her husband, and with a small child to take care of and another one on the way, Maggie really doesn't feel like she should be on her own.
    Brief bio: Margareth is one of Jonah's grandchildren, and has grown up in the city with her parents and sister. She would go to the farm on vacation, and always loved the open space and fresh air. Up until she got married, Maggie would spend any and all time off in the farm with Grandpa and Grandma. She married a taxi driver named Keith Blake, and lived a modest, but happy life with him, up until he was killed by a robber, which left her lost and traumatized.
    Misc: Maggie is a very easy going woman, and deeply grateful for any kindness sent her way. She has moved in with her son Nick, and is glad he will have another child his age to play with, even though she would hope her sister hadn't fallen o hard times as well.
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    Name: Ivy Allerton

    Age: 16

    Position in the family: Granddaughter. Twin sister of Michaela.

    Reasons for moving into the house: Ivy and Michaela were living with their father, Pete Allerton, who has been a single parent since their mother died when they were little. Pete has always done his best to be a good dad, but has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for a long time. Recently Pete had a really bad relapse and stole money from the store where he was working. He was caught, took a plea deal, and is currently serving time in jail. Ivy and Michaela will be staying with their relatives until he gets out.

    Brief bio: Ivy has always seems to have it together. She has excellent grades at school and was very popular before changing schools recently when she came to live with her relatives. She had a lot of friends and got a lot of attention from boys back at her old school. She played on the varsity soccer team, was co-captain for track and field, and ran the school newspaper. People often wondered how she had time to sleep. All of Ivy's success masks a lot of anxiety, though. In particular, Ivy has worried about her dad for a long time, and is very nervous about living in a new place.
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    Name: Michaela Allerton

    Age: 16

    Position in the family: Granddaughter. Twin sister of Ivy.

    Reasons for moving into the house: Same as above.

    Brief bio: Michaela has felt like she has been in her twin sister's shadow since before she was even born, since she is seventeen minutes younger than Ivy. Things just don't seem to come as easily to Michaela. She is a solid B student but has to study hard for her grades. She has a few close friends but gets teased at school by the jock crowd. Recently Michaela has started to realize that she likes girls rather than boys, and she's still trying to figure out what this romantic stuff is all about; she sometimes feels like the only person in the world who doesn't just automatically understand relationships. Michaela has conflicted feelings about Ivy, being both jealous of her sister but also more aware than most people of Ivy's vulnerabilities, which makes Michaela protective of her twin at times.
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    Name: Justin Sanders
    Age: 30
    Position in the family: Grandson-in law, married to Marissa
    Reasons for moving into the house: After losing his well paying factory job, he eventually had to move in with his in-laws.
    Brief bio: Justin is married Marissa, one of Jonah's granddaughters. He loves his wife and two sons, Randal and Ross, very much and tries to do what is best for them. He had a great paying job and was able to give Marissa and the boys a good life. But two years ago, the factory was shut down because the corporation moved it overseas. After that, he struggled to find a good job and to maintain their standard of living. Which ruined their credit since they used credit cards for a while to get by. He was unable to find anything other then low paying part time jobs. Eventually, he and Marissa lost their home and ruined their credit. They had no choice but to move in with Marissa's grandfather until they could get back on their feet.
    Misc: Justin feels like a loser for not being able to provide for his family on his own.

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    Name: Marissa Sanders, ne Allerton
    Age: 28
    Position in the family: Granddaughter, older sister of Margareth
    Reasons for moving into the house: After her husband lost his job, eventually Justin and Marissa were unable to keep their home and forced to move in with her grandfather to start over.
    Brief bio: Marissa is the wife of Justin and mother of two young sons, named Randal and Ross. Randal is six and was born right after Marissa graduated college. Life was not that easy at first for the two newlyweds having a newborn. Childcare is expensive and the couple decided it was best for Marissa to only work part time, so she could take care of Randal. It worked out until two years ago, because Justin had a great paying job. Not long after their second son, Ross, was born, Justin was laid off and the couple struggled. With two small children, Marissa could not full time and the economy was weak and Justin had trouble finding a good job. They tried to make it work, but they went further into debt. They lost their house and moved in with Marissa's grandfather to start their lives over.
    Misc: Marissa sometimes blames herself for her and Justin's failure. Marissa would not admit until things got really bad how far into debt she and Justin was and did not want to ask for help. She also wonders if she should have worked full time but she also realizes she'd hate to not be there for her sons as much as possible.

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