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    Hell hath no fury general info and discussion

    Hell hath no fury general info and discussion

    Plot: A man has a wife and a mistress, and neither of them knows about the other. At least up until our story starts. Once they meet and start talking, both women start ticking some boxes and end up finding out they share the same man. Instead of going against each other, they decided to join forces and punish the man who has been deceiving them both.

    The character information will be pretty simple:

    Misc (anything else you would like to include about the character).

    A thread will be opened for the character sheets, for easy access to them.

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    I feel really sorry for my husband character already.

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    ...I don't. lol

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    Yeah, I don't either. He should have behaved himself. Like you do, dear, in real life.

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    Exactly. Good hubbies have nothing to worry about. Bad hubbies get what's coming to them. LOL

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    LMAO, you're both going to be very cruel to him.

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    LOL Can you blame us, BIL?

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    No, husbands like him give husbands like me bad names.

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    Yes, my husband is a good husband, not like this character will be.

    Finally got a chance to re-post Abby's bio.

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