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    Aw, poor abandoned dad. lol
    It's on my list, the IC should be up in a few days.

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    Yeah, being "neglected" is such a valid excuse.

    And no rush.
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    Yes, you should feel bad for him. Perhaps if he had been abandoned and neglected, he wouldn't have done all of this. He needed to make himself feel better. Or maybe he's just a dog.

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    All right, IC is up. And I believe the dog theory.

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    Jake's at the point where he stays for the kid.

    And once football is over, Sojourn and I are thinking of doing a prequel of how the whole affair started.

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    Love the idea that Karen and Angie are friends. It'll make Abby even more upset to find out the truth.

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    Good thing the kid is adorable, even though she doesn't care about what he likes. I hope he's far away from home when Angie learns of his behavior. Or at least that they're both away from the kitchen knives.

    And I agree, Jake is gonna be in hot water when his ladies figure out what he's doing.

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    Another post's up, mah pretties! Again, thanks for the patience!

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    Two weeks of female bonding before that game.

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    Two weeks before Jake gets a part of his anatomy cut off and handed to him on a plate.

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